Is Andy Pettitte Coming Back to the Yankees? Yes Or No?

Well, he’s not getting five more years or even four, so I won’t read anything into the number of fingers he’s holding up in that photo. But is he coming back for one more season? Or is the marriage over? Finished? Kaput? One day the media says his return to the Yanks is “inevitable” and the next they say it’s “doubtful.” What’s a fan supposed to believe?
Will he take a pay cut and once again frolic with his pinstriped pals?
Or will he feel slighted and go west for a reunion with his old manager?
Or will he do the unthinkable and sign with the Dark Side?
Or will he come to the conclusion that it’s time to hang it up?
When will it all be revealed?
I decided to go back to Susan Miller, the astrologer who correctly predicted Mark Teixeira’s future, and take a look at Andy’s horoscope for December. He was born on June 15th, which makes him a Gemini.
Since December is just about over, I’ll focus on the last part of her forecast.
A new lucrative agreement will surface in one of your financial houses on December 27.”
Really? So either Brian Cashman upped the ante or some other team made an offer?
“Talks will continue into the first half of January.”
And this new lucrative agreement won’t be announced until after the first of the year?
“Even when the talks are all said and done, it could take weeks or even months to see your profits, but make no mistake; you will be richer for it.”
Which could simply mean that Andy needs to pass a physical and that he’s not getting a signing bonus.
I’m still not clear, so I’m going straight to the video. Maybe I’ll find a clue somewhere.
O.K. I found a clip of Andy telling Michael Kay he wants to come back to the Yankees in ’09, wants to pitch in the new Stadium, wants to set up housekeeping again in beautiful Westchester County, where my mother will be waiting eagerly for his return.
But then I found another clip, and now the answer is clear: Andy wants a career as a pitch man, not a pitcher. Good luck with that. We’ll miss you.


  1. Jane Heller

    Lol. Do they still make those magic 8 balls? I always got “ask again later.” So frustrating. Just like this dance with Pettitte.

  2. levelboss

    the Yankees haven’t taken the offer off of the table yet.. i’d think that if Cashman and Hal weren’t going with Pettitte they would have recinded the offer already.. i think they’re making Andy choose sides – that if there’s a rumor that the Yankees have spent a lot already and can’t afford Andy any more, then Andy might be forced to take the 10/1 already without asking for more

  3. Jane Heller

    I think they’ll turn to Hughes too, Babu. And Aceves looked very promising in September. But Giese? I’d use him strictly as a long reliever – something the Yanks really didn’t have last year.

  4. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, I think when Cashman went to Houston for that meeting with Pettitte, he was basically saying, “Take the 10/1 or leave it.” Don’t you? There’s a lot of good will toward Andy from the Steinbrenners though, so maybe they’re leaving the offer on the table for awhile. Seems like everyone in the organization wants him to come back.

    Do you think Pettitte deserves an extra $2-3 million, Babu? He didn’t have a great year in ’08. He had elbow problems. And he’s not the ace of the staff anymore. Nobody wants to take a pay cut, but I hope he does.

  5. Jane Heller

    I think that’s exactly what the Yankees are figuring, Joey. We’re talking about the #5 slot and one of the “kids” could step in. Pettitte would be preferable, in my opinion, because he’s a veteran presence and knows the territory and can eat innings – plus you can never have too many lefties.

  6. raysrenegade

    I think that Pettitte finally has the choices he dreamed of the last time he thought of leaving New York. He could go play for his favorite manager, Joe Torre and help a young, but very talented staff, or he could play for $10 million on a team that still might not win the A L East.

    Not that I think New York is a bad team, but I think the pressure on that pitching staff will be so intense it will be murder to even hit the mound if they get off to a bad start in 2009. Would he want to be in on that when he could be in L A and know that a late rally can still get you the prize in the weak NL West race.

    I am throwing the dices and seeing a West Coast jump to be a winner, and also have a huge reduction in New York stress. Maybe Joe will get him hooked on wheatgrass too!

    Rays Renegade

  7. steve_t

    The Yanks should throw $8 million at Pettitte and see what he does. Nothing wrong with having an extra starter with fragile Mr. Burnett in the rotation.

    Hmmmm, are you implying the Red Sox are the Dark Side? I almost choked on my oatmeal when I read that. There’s only one team that has earned that moniker, among others…

    Steve T.

  8. Jane Heller

    Hey, renegade. Andy could go to the Dodgers if they made him an offer (not clear that they have). I’m sure he’d love to play for Joe. But he seems to have issues about staying on the east coast and being close to his family.

    The Yanks threw $10 million at Pettitte a few months ago and the offer is still on the table, as far as I know. I agree it would be nice insurance to have him with “fragile Mr. Burnett in the rotation.” Speaking of which, Brad Penny, Steve? Will he pass the physical?

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane … I hope you had a great Christmas !!!

    Well, Andy Pettitte is still trying to make up his mind about returning to the Yankees; but, I just don’t understand why this decision is taking so long !!! … Andy has stated many times, he “wants to pitch [for the Yankees] in the new Yankee Stadium” … With the improvements the Yankees have made, Pettitte would have a great chance of receiving his 5th World Series “ring”, in 2009 !!! … And, as the 5th starter in the rotation, if Andy is healthy, he can start about 30 games; pitch 175-200 innings, and win at least 13-17 games … All great reasons for Pettitte to return to the Yankees; and, also, great reasons for the Yankees to re-sign Andy, plus the fact that Pettitte is a lefthanded starter !!! … From newspaper reports, we know the Yanks have offered Pettitte a one year deal for $10 Million … I still think, it would be a wise move for the Yankees to increase their offer [to Pettitte] another $2M – $3 Million; and, maybe, even, offer Andy an option year in the deal !!! … I just think, having Andy Pettitte as the 5th starter in the Yankees rotation, is much more important to the Yankees in 2009, then taking a hard line stance about adding another another $2M – $3 Million to their payroll !!! … Anyway, I hope it’s “in the stars” for Andy Pettitte to return to the Yankees; but, if not, than, I would say, Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves should be the two starters who get a chance to “battle it out” to be the Yankees 5th starter in 2009 !!! … Take care, Jane !!! … Go Yankees !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  10. Jane Heller

    I’m not sure the Yankees are interested in increasing their offer to Pettitte, Jimmy. But I agree he should come back for all the reasons you mention. If he and the Yankees can’t come to terms, it’ll be sad to see him go, but I’m all for giving Hughes, Aceves and even Kennedy a shot at the #5 slot.

  11. steve_t

    I think Penny will be a slightly better version of last year’s Bartolo Colon. If he can get 8 wins, he was worth he investment. Any more is icing on the cake. Remember that Buchholz is patiently waiting his return and Michael Bowden is right behind him.

    Steve T



    We MUST bring back Andy Pettitte.

    I think Yankee fans are willing to collect bottles, bake cookies, donate canned food… whatever it takes.

    Who else opens the new stadium?

    el duque


    The new stadium will be opened by Sabathia followed by Burnett or Wang. Pettitte won’t even be close to pitching game one, and if he is, then we are screwed since it would mean our front 3 are down with injuries.

    Pettitte should take it. Its not me, and its not my decision, but I understand it from both sides. The Yankees are thinking, this is what we paid Mussina last season, and he pitched his tail off while Pettitte made $16 million and pitched horribly. Pettitte is thinking, I could definetely make $13 million on the open market, and the Yankees just dished out half a billion on three players, so they can definetely cough up the extra dough for me. Therein lies the divide.

  14. Jane Heller

    I’d be willing to collect bottles and donate canned goods, duque, but bake cookies? I’m not Martha Stewart. I’d be zero help in that department.

    You’ve presented the arguments for both sides very well, gangster. Your point about Mussina’s salary is a strong one from the Yankees’ perspective. I guess Andy has to decide if he wants to pitch in the new stadium or not. I’m thinking the answer is: he does.

    Maybe there’s some other incentive or bonus they can work out in the negotiations, but I doubt the base salary will change much, neal. I think the proverbial ball is in Andy’s court.

    I caught it, Tom. But I still want Pettitte back!

    No pix of HGH, Jeff. (Welcome back, btw.) Maybe I’ll find some if I do a search for Mark McGwire?

  15. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Thanks Jane,
    I’d love to write a book someday, about baseball of course… I don’t have the patience or passion to write about anything else. I can’t wait to read yours though.. only a month and a few days left!!
    Interesting gemini horoscope (I’m one myself)… it’s sort of true for me, but a bit unclear. And by the dark side, if you’re referring to the Red Sox, we “reportedly” have a pending deal with Brad Penny so it’s highly unlikely that we’d sign Petite or Lowe (grr, I wanted him!!!) for that matter.

  16. Jane Heller

    Sorry you didn’t get Lowe, Elizabeth. I thought for sure he would be going to Boston. I didn’t really expect Pettitte to sign with the RS, but as we’ve seen in the past between our two teams, you never know!

  17. Jane Heller

    I just read your post, Giuseppi, and couldn’t agree more about Pettitte. (Loved your recap of the game and the Newman character.) I know that money = respect to the players. But pay cut or not, we’re still talking about several million dollars. I hope Pettitte and the Yankees can get this deal worked out.

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