About Jane Heller

My real job is writing books – 13 novels of
romantic comedy (“Name Dropping,” “An Ex to Grind” and “Some
Nerve,” to list a few). But my passion is the Yankees and
always has been. During the first half of the 2007 season I
was so upset when they landed in last place that I wrote an
article for the New York Times announcing that I was
divorcing the team. I was trying to put a humorous spin on my
frustration, but I got tons of mail from people who accused
me of being a bandwagon fan. To prove them wrong, I got on a
plane and followed the Yanks to every game in every city for
the second half of the season, only to discover that I had
become obsessed with winning and had lost the joy of
baseball. The result of all the lessons learned is my first
nonfiction book, “Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of
True Love with the New York Yankees.” The trip was the
experience of a lifetime (my husband came along with me and
the book is also about balancing my love for him with my love
for 25 men in pinstripes). I’m really excited to have this
blog where I can talk about the Yankees with anybody who will
listen. I grew up in NY but live in CA now. It’s beautiful
out here, but it’s no fun being surrounded by Dodgers and
Angels fans, trust me.


Writing, watching Yankees games, going to
movies, reading books, walking on the beach, laughing a