The MLB Network – Life Will Never Be The Same


After I read the most recent article by our own Mark Newman about the January 1st launch of the MLB Network, I started counting the hours. Blogging day and night about baseball is fun, but watching baseball 24/7 is huge. Seriously. It’s frightening how excited I am.
For starters, I’m in love with two of their on-air analysts.
Sorry. I exaggerate. I like Harold Reynolds. He’s fair and balanced, as they say on another network.
And I like Al Leiter. He’s good at explaining the difference between a circle change and a knuckle curve. Or whatever.
And how about the Opening Night of programming on the MLB Network? They’re showing this for the first time in 52 years.
Yep, Don Larsen’s perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1956 World Series. Yankee fan or no Yankee fan, I’m not about to miss that.
And now for the bad news.
It’s clear that MLB will ruin my life with this cable channel of theirs, because I’ll get hooked on it and lose the capacity to function responsibly in society.
I’ll turn into one of these.
I’ll never get any work done.
papers01.jpgI’ll become a complete slacker around the house.
I won’t even bother to make the bed
or clean the windows
cobwebs.jpgor water the lawn.
My husband will divorce me.
My friends will forget about me.
I’ll gain an incredible amount of weight.
And my mean next-door neighbor will pound on my door and yell this at me.
Will I still tune in for the debut of the MLB Network on January 1st, knowing the consequences?
Yes. I. Will.


  1. Jane Heller

    You are so right, Bern. They need to have us in the studio, blogging in person. Their ratings will go through the roof.

    Bummer that the network isn’t available in Canada, Iceman. Didn’t realize that. I think you should stage a protest!

    Am not familiar with Hazel Mae since I’m not a NESN watcher, Juila. I’m sure she’s very capable though.

    No cable, Neal? You are definitely saved. You’ll be able to have a life – no small thing!

  2. The Iceman

    I guess it’s ok…wouldn’t look too good on the ol’ black and white anyways. I think we are going to be getting some sort of Canadian version from what I’ve read on some message boards, but not in January.

  3. Joey

    I thoroughly enjoy the NFL Network’s exclusive “inside looks” at what goes on around the league, so if that’s any indication as to what the MLBN will be like, count me in.

    Being as the MLB draft isn’t as glamorous as the NFL draft, meaning there might not be as much offseason material to broadcast as in football, I’m hoping the MLBN will cover a lot of Minor League news and stuff like that.

  4. Jane Heller

    I bet you’ll get a version of the network, Iceman. As you point out, you DO have a major league team and there are plenty of fans who’ll want coverage of them.

    I think this off-season is proof that there’s always something to cover in baseball, Joey. You’re right about the draft not being glamorous, but the hot stove is entertaining. Minor League news would be great too.

  5. rosehof14

    Use some of that amazing power of yours and get MLB and ATT Uverse to work together so I can have this @#$@#$ MLB network too! As of right now, I’m with out this great gift from the baseball gods, and it’s making this Reds fan very, very sad!


  6. Jane Heller

    Awesome power? LOL, Chris. All I can say is it nearly drove me nuts when Cox, my cable company here in CA, lost out on the MLB Extra Innings package in ’07 because MLB gave exclusive rights to DirecTV. It was only after loud protests from fans (and Sen John Kerry) that they worked out a deal for cable subscribers too. I bet you’ll get the network eventually. But I feel your pain right now.

  7. rockymountainway

    I’ll wait to see how good their programming is before I jump on this bandwagon. It seems like a good idea but I can see the downside of a bunch of talking heads going over the same topics again and again but I can see the upside with re-televised games. Wait and see!

  8. Jane Heller

    Didn’t know Vasgersian was a former Padres broadcaster, Kaybee. Sorry you don’t have cable, but think how many bad shows you miss every day. I have channels I wouldn’t watch in a million years but they come with the “package.”

  9. Elizabeth D

    Don Larsen’s perfect game? I cannot wait! I’m ridiculously excited as well, I definitely will get very little homework done now. I mean, I try to do it while watching the games, but well… it doesn’t always work out. Can’t wait to watch some baseball games before the actual season! It will definitely salvage my sanity.

  10. welikeroywelikeroy

    I can’t wait for this as well. If it is anywhere near as good as the NFL network, I will love it. However, like Iceman said, I hope it becomes quickly available in Canada. We only got HBO like last month, lol. Bill Mahr’s show is pretty entertaining. Never had the chance to see it before.

  11. Jane Heller

    This new network will interfere with our lives, Elizabeth. But we can’t wait, right? I just want to see games and more games. Let the season begin.

    I hope it’ll be available in Canada soon, Jeremy. So you just got HBO? I love Bill Maher, but what about “The Sopranos?” I watched that show faithfully every Sunday night and now I’m lost without it. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is great too.

  12. welikeroywelikeroy

    We have this thing in Canada called TMN, The Movie Network, it is pretty good. They collaborate with HBO sometimes, and run only the very popular HBO shows, like ‘The Soprano’s’ or ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ We get the occasional HBO series, but never the boxing, movies or less popular shows. Now, HBO is offically here, meaning I have a channel called HBO. We have a government body in Canada called the CRTC that makes sure we don’t become too Americanized. HBO is a one step. If we were to get ESPN, then that would be another drastic step. We have our own sports networks, and don’t get ESPN either.

  13. ladybomber212

    I finally did it!!! I can leave a comment on someone else’s blog. 😀 My issue is I can’t sit in front of the idiot box for long periods of time. I’d go mad. Even with the MLB Network launch!

    …and I love sports especially baseball.

    I guess I’m just an active person by nature. I highly doubt that you’ll be a couch potato but then again I wouldn’t put it passed you. LOL

    I’m glad that baseball will finally have it’s own network especially for the die hards. As of January 1st, nothing else in the world will matter. That’s scary….but in a good way.

  14. Jane Heller

    Interesting that there’s an official governing body to keep Canadians from being too Americanized, Jeremy. Do Canadians living near the U.S. borders get television from the States? Just curious. LOL about ESPN. Getting that would definitely take you to the Dark Side.

    Speaking of YES, duque, I wonder if Al Leiter is forsaking his gig there or if he’ll be doing double duty.

    Hey, Ladybomber. Glad you worked out the technical glitches! Sadly, I have no trouble sitting in front of the idiot box for long periods of time watching baseball. I’m such a slug! I must reform!

  15. mlbmark

    Personally I just think it’s cool to be tagged by Jane Heller. 🙂

    Somewhere in the course of the first year hopefully there will be an involvement by the established best and biggest baseball blogging network! I’ll keep working on that.


  16. welikeroywelikeroy

    They don’t officially block Canadians from being Americanized. They just regulate television in Canada, so there is a certain amount of Canadian content on Canadian channels. When you live close to the border, you do get the feeds from local channels. Like the Fox, CBS, NBC affiliates in Buffalo, for those people from my area. Still no ESPN, or some other American cable channels. Vince Carter’s second complaint about playing in Toronto when were force to trade him to the Nets, was that he couldn’t watch ESPN, or other American channels. Suffice to say, Canada does not like Vince Carter. He is booed literally everytime he touches the ball at a Raptors game.

  17. Jane Heller

    Thanks for clarifying, Jeremy. Funny about Carter not being able to get ESPN and the ruckus it caused. Of course he gets booed!

  18. raysrenegade

    If you get a chance to check out any broadcast or even show with former Rays announcer, Joe Magrane, you have to TIVO it. He is always throwing inside jokes and comments to the audience, and I have loved listening to him for the past 10 years.

    But he is now with MLB Network, and they have not set his job title yet………..but he is a very colorful analyst. I am hoping my local cable provider has it on the box on Thursday. So far they are not giving us any information on it……bummer

    Rays Renegade

  19. Jane Heller

    I’ll definitely watch for Joe Magrane, now that you’ve pointed him out, renegade. Sounds like he was a good pick for MLB. I hope your cable company has the network. Ours does and we don’t always get all the channels, so there’s hope!

  20. kingofcali

    I’m excited to be able to watch this. I love baseball and just knowing I can flip it to the baseball network and get my baseball fix everyday. =)

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