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Is Andy Pettitte Coming Back to the Yankees? Yes Or No?

Well, he’s not getting five more years or even four, so I won’t read anything into the number of fingers he’s holding up in that photo. But is he coming back for one more season? Or is the marriage over? Finished? Kaput? One day the media says his return to the Yanks is “inevitable” and the next they say it’s “doubtful.” What’s a fan supposed to believe?
Will he take a pay cut and once again frolic with his pinstriped pals?
Or will he feel slighted and go west for a reunion with his old manager?
Or will he do the unthinkable and sign with the Dark Side?
Or will he come to the conclusion that it’s time to hang it up?
When will it all be revealed?
I decided to go back to Susan Miller, the astrologer who correctly predicted Mark Teixeira’s future, and take a look at Andy’s horoscope for December. He was born on June 15th, which makes him a Gemini.
Since December is just about over, I’ll focus on the last part of her forecast.
A new lucrative agreement will surface in one of your financial houses on December 27.”
Really? So either Brian Cashman upped the ante or some other team made an offer?
“Talks will continue into the first half of January.”
And this new lucrative agreement won’t be announced until after the first of the year?
“Even when the talks are all said and done, it could take weeks or even months to see your profits, but make no mistake; you will be richer for it.”
Which could simply mean that Andy needs to pass a physical and that he’s not getting a signing bonus.
I’m still not clear, so I’m going straight to the video. Maybe I’ll find a clue somewhere.
O.K. I found a clip of Andy telling Michael Kay he wants to come back to the Yankees in ’09, wants to pitch in the new Stadium, wants to set up housekeeping again in beautiful Westchester County, where my mother will be waiting eagerly for his return.
But then I found another clip, and now the answer is clear: Andy wants a career as a pitch man, not a pitcher. Good luck with that. We’ll miss you.