For My Final Post Here…

…I thought I’d bring on Husband Michael for his thoughts about the 2011 Yankees. I recently upgraded my She-Fan Cam from the Flip Mino to the Ultra, so Michael is its first victim. He was about to head outside to put some burgers on the grill for dinner, but I snagged him before he got away.
(Dinner was delicious, btw. Michael may or may not be much of a forecaster when it comes to the Yanks, but he does make a mean burger.)
Now, onto the business of my move from MLBlogs and the info regarding where to find me from here on out. You have choices.
You can access the “Confessions” blog via the drop-down menu on my newly redesigned web site at:
Or you can go directly to “Confessions” with this URL:
And for those who may be interested in the “Mainly Jane” blog, which will cover lots of non-baseball topics, you’ll find it, too, on the home page of the web site or more directly at:
As I’ve said in previous posts, it’s been a blast writing here and being part of this community. To those who won’t be following me to my new home, I wish you the very best. To those who’ve been kind enough to list “Confessions” on your blogroll, I hope you’ll update the link. And to those who plan on hanging out with me at, I’ll see you soon!
Thanks for reading and xxoo to all.


  1. raysrenegade

    You might have already noticed,but I made sureto be one of the first to post a comment on your “Mainly Jane” blog. Going to feel a bit weird in the coming days bot seeingyour name splashed upon the “Recent Blog Activity” side bar on the home page,but I know you are warm and cozy in your new web “home”.
    I have said it before, and Iwill one last time….I can not repay the debt of the confidence and optimism you have shared with myself and the rest of this motley crew for so long.
    It is almost like we are losing the matriarch of the cyber family. But as you soelegantly stated, “you are not going far”. All we have to donow is take the first step and entry you new world.
    I promise Iwill wipe my feet on the Welcome mat.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Jane Heller

    Bye, Mike. (So cute.)

    You’re not losing me, Renegade. And just think – you and RSBS can battle it out for #1 on the leaders list now. Hurray!

    Bartolo showed up at the house, Paul. We were just finishing dinner and he said, “Any burgers left?” We sent him to Tampa.

  3. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Michael didn’t seem bowled over by the Kotchman signing, Jeff. Last time over here, so see you at the new place.


    Jane thanks for providing so many funny and informative blogs during your tenure here. I haven’t posted as much as I wanted but I finally found myself a job! Granted it’s only part time for now but it’s better than nothing of course. Anyway I may not have posted comments that long but I have been reading your blogs for quite awhile before I began commenting. I wish you the best of luck with your new blog address and I will continue following you to read and comment and I hope the rest of your fans do the same. I’ll see you soon there!

  5. maria

    You’re so funny! I love read everything you write…
    Greetings from Sonora, México, city of baseball 🙂

  6. wetfeet

    Jane you went away just as my RANGERS play in 2 WS and I never got to poke you about that. I know the RANGERS did not win, but there is always this year!! Wishing you all the best!!! LATER!!

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