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Random Thoughts On Soriano’s Press Conference

Have a peek at this excerpt if you haven’t seen the whole thing already.
Here are my take-aways:
1) Cashman: Did he gain some weight this off-season? Or was it just those pancakes he ate at the breakfast yesterday? Also, I loved how he called Soriano “Rafi” and Mo “Mr. Mariano Rivera.”
2) Girardi: “Now we have two closers.” Works for me, Joe. It’s not my money.
3) Soriano needed a translator? Or maybe Boras was just afraid his client would blurt out, “Hey, Cash, I know you didn’t want me here but everybody else did so stuff it.”
4) I really liked Soriano’s suit. No undertaker look for him in that taupe or whatever color it was.
5) I don’t want to be done with these press conferences. There needs to be another one before spring training – and I’m not talking about Pettitte, despite reports today that he’s been “throwing” just in case he decides to join the party. I’m talking about an as-yet-to-be-named starter who will put on the pinstripes for the first time. The Tigers DFA-ed Armando Galarraga. He pitched a perfect game, for God’s sake, and he’s only 29. Could he really be that bad?

If the Yankees Can’t Get Cliff Lee, Then…

Who? I mean it’s possible that Lee will sign somewhere else, it really is. So if not him, then who else? That’s what everybody seems to be asking today so I’ll join the discussion – only I warn you: I won’t make any sense. Why should reality get in the way of a good blog post? The truth is, Lee isn’t the best non-Yankees pitcher in baseball; he’s just the best free agent non-Yankees pitcher in baseball. Which means that we have to look at those who aren’t free agents and would, therefore, require a miraculous, impossible-to-pull-off trade. Here are those I covet, regardless of availability or practicality.
1) The Freak
So what if he just won a World Series for the Giants? Maybe he’s tired of the West Coast, not to mention the color orange.
2) Doc
Yeah, he’s got some mileage on him, but I’ve made no secret of my affection for him and maybe he misses the American League East.
3) King Felix
It’s true that his team hasn’t been a contender and he’s looked out of sorts on occasion, but he’s only 24 – plenty of time for him to mature into the game’s best pitcher.
4) The Zackster
He’s already said he won’t come to New York, but that doesn’t mean he means it. And maybe CC and Amber will find him an historic old house in rural New Jersey with a barn and horses and it’ll feel just like Kansas, as in Missouri.
5) Justy
That’s what Girardi would call Justin Verlander if he migrated to the Bronx. Sure, he’s the ace of the Tigers’ staff, but wouldn’t it be less pressure to be a #2 pitcher?
Those are my top five choices in case Cliff Lee doesn’t work out. Did I miss somebody? (This is why I don’t play fantasy baseball. I always miss somebody.)

Nine-Run Innings Work For Me

I was hoping to go to the Stadium for today’s finale against the Tigers, but my husband Michael said he was “too tired.” So what did he do about an hour before the Yankees took the field? This.
At first, it looked like he wouldn’t make it out of the dock area, but off he went.
I walked inside the house and turned on the game. He was back by the third inning and got to see all the fun. And what fun it was. I really do love it when the boys are spanking opposing pitchers.
Nine runs in the sixth? Sweet. Huuughes? Another win. Tex? A couple of amazing defensive plays. Cano? Just plain sick at the plate. The only sour note was Mitre’s ineffectiveness. Well, and the fact that Granderson and Gardner could have had a horrible collision (scary moment). But mostly, I was just thrilled that we won a series. It’s been awhile.

I Like How This One Turned Out

When Austin Jackson hit that homer in the first and Curtis Granderson had to run down those two bombs in center, I thought……Oh, nooooo! 
CC looked like he didn’t have it. But then a miracle: he did have it, and went on to win his 16th game, leading the AL. As they said on YES, the definition of an “ace” is to keep your team in it even when you don’t have your best stuff. That’s CC. On the offensive side, it was a pleasure to see the bats come alive against Verlander. What’s worrying me is the news about Pettitte. Will he be able to pitch in September? This season? And in the meantime, are the Yankees okay with Moseley for the long term? And what about A-Rod’s calf?
I’d better stop with the what if’s or I’ll never get to sleep tonight.

And The Slump Continues…

The Tigers tried to hand the Yankees the win. Valverde couldn’t find the plate and was basically saying, “Take the game. It’s yours.” But with the bases loaded and one out, Jeter hit into a DP, ended the threat and avoided getting tagged with pie.
Aside from Granderson’s three hits, what was there to like about this one? We lost the division lead. A-Rod and Swisher left with injuries. And Vazquez’s dead arm is getting on my nerves. Why keep him in the rotation? I couldn’t stand watching, and the experience was made worse by images of Damon not being a Yankee. Ugh. Just ugh.

So Let Me Get This Straight…

I took a day off from baseball and it turns out the Yankees took one too?????
Yeah, I know. They actually showed up at Kauffman Stadium, but apparently AJ was the only one with a pulse.
I mean, the guy pitched a gem and nobody hit? Against a pitcher who, granted, was a new face, but so what? Yesterday Kevin Long was a genius and today the bats were silent? I always say that any team can beat any other team on any given day, but the Yankees need to win series, not split them.
splitting log.JPG
I plan to watch tomorrow night’s game against Detroit, so I’d really appreciate it if we beat the Tigers, like, 20-2.

Rocky Road

I wish I meant the ice cream. What a putrid trip to Detroit. Except for the outing by Hughes and Vazquez’s improved performance, what’s a Yankee fan to talk about? The boys looked flat and tired and just-plain eager to get home and sleep in their own beds.
CC labored today and the bottom of the order was overmatched (I actually laughed watching Golson’s knees buckle on those swings and misses at Verlander’s curve balls). And I won’t be sorry not to see Miguel Cabrera for awhile. Total Yankee Killer.
Bad trip aside, here’s the truth of the matter – the Yanks continued to win series for over a month, even with all the injuries piling up, and the party had to end sometime.
So let’s look on the bright side. Mo is fine now. Posada’s back. Swisher’s injury doesn’t sound serious. Chan Ho is getting ready to return to the team. Gardner and Cervelli have been revelations. Joba is where he belongs in the pen. Tex is coming around. And, of course, Cano is off to his best start in, like, ever. What I really, really want is for Granderson and Aceves to get healthy. Nick Johnson too, although I haven’t heard a word about him since he left the Yanks in Boston. Is he still breathing? Anyone?

Yanks Split Twin Bill With Tigers

OK, technically it wasn’t a twin bill. It was two games – a day/night doubleheader – but who cares. What the Yankees got today was really good pitching. I guess our group meditation for Javy yesterday worked, because he was waaaaaay better than in his previous starts, and he should have/could have won his start. Instead, it seemed as if the Bombers’ bats flew away.
Ramiro Pena killed us at the plate today, and Jeter continued to look out of sorts.
Getting back to the pitching, how amazing was Huuuuuughes in the second game? I mean, there was actually a debate about whether he’d work out as the #5 starter. Hello? The guy’s 5-0 with a miniscule ERA. He’s no rookie anymore, and he’s certainly proven he has heart.
I was worried the bats would still be AWOL, but thanks to a couple of steals and timely hits, the Yanks got on the board early. Then our old friend Phil Coke helped by serving up some meatballs (with an assist from a reliever named Figaro, who had no clue where the ball was going), and we ended up with my favorite of all things: a blowout.
What’s more, Joba pitched a strong eighth and Mo – yes, our closer who’s been on the shelf for an eternity – came in for the ninth and picked up right where he left off. And speaking of the God of Closers, I hope everyone got to watch the piece about him on ESPN’s E:60. If not…
Maybe I should just move to Panama. He might need someone to oversee his various charitable activities or work at his house, cleaning his pool, washing his car…
Never mind. So. The losing streak is over. Done. Goodbye. Of course, as always seems to be the case this season, every win comes with another injury. This time it’s Swisher. Seriously. Sore biceps? Don’t even start.

Since We Face Rick Porcello First…

…in tomorrow’s doubleheader against the Tigers, I thought I’d do a little due diligence on the kid. I remembered his fight with Youkilis, of course.

Clearly, he’s not shy about plunking guys. But given our mounting injuries (Aceves! No! Who’s next?), I really hope he keeps the ball away from the Yanks or I’ll charge the mound myself.
(Tell me I’m not the only one old enough to remember Morganna, the kissing bandit?)
Anyhow, what I didn’t remember about Porcello was this.
Yeah, he was a phenom before he hit the big time. But here’s the good news. He’s 2-and-3 this season with a 7.50 ERA. We can do this…if Vazquez gets it together. So let’s all think positive thoughts about our Javy. Right now. Come on, people. 
sri karunamayi 1... peace 6_06.jpg

Top Ten Reasons Why The Yankees Didn’t Winn Tonight

Yeah, he’s Reason #1:

Winn may look a little like Bernie Williams but he sure doesn’t hit like him. I was hoping he’d step up when Granderson went down and make something of his opportunity. Not so far and definitely not tonight.
Reason #2:
“Boone Logan” is a cool name for a pitcher, but that’s not enough. Sometimes you actually have to get hitters out.
Reason #3:
Mitre wasn’t bad, and I’d be fine with him making another spot start if necessary, but when he served up that solo shot to Damon I felt sick.
Reason #4
A-Rod made a throwing error and Gardner lost a ball in center, and the defense looked flat in general – well, except for a terrific play by Cano and some nice picks by Tex.
Reason #5:
Jeter’s in a slump. He looks uncomfortable when he swings…and misses.
Reason #6:
Dontrelle was scratched at the last minute, so the Yankees had to face an Aussie with no discernible talent or experience. They don’t do well against pitchers like that.
Reason #7
Ordonez cut his hair. Now that it’s short, he has less weight to carry around. He made a web gem-y diving catch in right field.
Reason #8:
The Yankees always lay down after they finish up a series against the Red Sox. The poor things were just spent.
Reason #9:
The Bombers’ plane got into Detroit really late after the Boston game Sunday night, plus their pilots were too busy fondling the championship trophy to avoid turbulence.
Reason #10:
When Valverde came in to close, with the Yankees only down a run, they were forced to watch him jump around on the mound and couldn’t stop laughing. I know I couldn’t. We’re not talking about a guy who pumps his fist at the end of an inning. This character puts on a show after every pitch. And apparently, it’s been going on awhile.
Jose Valverde.jpg
Well? Wouldn’t you be a little distracted by the Little Richard routine?