Breaking News: Lee Will Sign But With A New Demand

Leave it to Suzyn Waldman to go down to Arkansas and get an exclusive with Cliff Lee. I thought he was a laid-back, aw-shucks type, but apparently he’s really full of himself. Take a look. 



    Ha ha…my blackberry died,just after you put this on twitter…you got me for a minute! nice video…good night! masonfyks

  2. Jane Heller

    Thanks, A.J. Lots of personal matters on the Yankees this year, aren’t there?

    Sorry about your BlackBerry, masonzone3. Hope it’s powered up now.

    Haven’t you noticed that all the men sound the same, Paul? They give you a choice of three “American male” voices and they all sound like Stephen Hawking!

    I know you love Suzyn, Jeff. But at least she doesn’t sound like Stephen Hawking. LOL.

  3. abby1306

    Hahaha! Fantastic! My favorite line is: “Does anyone on the Yankees talk about anything? Or is it all one big secret?” “Nick Swisher talks…like all the time!”
    It’s a personal matter…right…so many secrets this year…lol! Thanks for this, I just love it!

    – Nadine


    Ooo yeah…that’s a GOOD one, Jane!
    Robot voices or not, you captured the whole essence of Yankee “Brain”(?) Trust these days, at least as viewed by all of us’ns out yonder from da Bronx…now I’ll know, if Mister Lee doesn’t decide to join Mister Thames, and CC, and the Core Four More or Less, why he decided against it.
    To say the least, things seem to be just a tad muddled right now.
    Looking at yesterday’s posting…am I just getting waaay too old, or is Miz Lee looking like she’s just about 18 by now? Okay, 21 maybe…but great gosh a’mighty, no WONDER she’s offended by those Rude Boyz in NYC!! So, if Big Daddy decides to mosey on up New York way, those Pinstriped Wives had best be sure to take right good care of that sweet young thang…
    In the meantime, let’s see if our Brain Trust can do some serious Ree-Search and find out what Pitchin’ Coach(es) are most appealing to Mr. Cliff — and for that matter, CC and the Restofstaff (which is what they seem like right now) — so our Bomberz can offer a reasonable rotation next year. Maybe they need a catchy slogan…something like “Let’s Go Seven in 2011”? That can be interpreted all kinds o’ways, you know…seven starters…seven innings per start (save our bullpen — PLEASE!)…seven-game series…Roll, Seven (you know, like a crapshoot…symbolic)!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Happy to entertain you in these dull baseball times, Nadine. And it does seem like the Yankees have a lot of secrets lately.

    What makes you think the Yankees will hang onto Mister Thames, Dave? I’m not so sure. Mrs. Lee did look young in those pics from yesterday’s post, but I think they were taken quite a few years ago, especially the first one. As for our new pitching coach, it sounds like they’ve already interviewed Gil Patterson and Mike Harkey is being considered, plus someone else (can’t remember). I would hope they’d make a decision soon.

  6. blithescribe

    “Nick Swisher talks, like all the time.” Love it! Hmmm…your movie gave me a thought. Cliff Lee should hold out on signing until they tell everyone how A.J. got that black eye. I bet the Yankees would spill in a heartbeat. Then the mystery would be solved, you’d have Cliff Lee and we would probably all have a laugh. Win, win.

  7. Jane Heller

    Blithescribe, you hit on a good idea. Cliff Lee demands that the Yankees reveal the secret of the black eye and any others that are lurking, and that will be the end of that! A definite win-win.


    OMG Jane! You are special! I’ve been AWOL the last week or so and I have so missed commenting. It is personal, no one is talking! Ha Ha Ha!
    I was just on the Yankee web site – no new info. The guys on XM radio’s MLB station this morning had a funny twist on the Cliff Lee situation. They compared it to the Vatican and the vote for a new Pope – as they said, “there is no white smoke coming from Yankee Stadium yet!” So appropriate! As an aside, what ever happened to the talk of getting Carl Crawford?
    November and Thanksgiving is coming. Will we have Cliff to be thankful for?

  9. Jane Heller

    Love the comparison to the Pope, Kathleen! lol. I think the Yankees want to see what happens with Lee before making a big push for Crawford. As good as he is, we need Lee more than we need an outfielder. But who knows?

  10. Jane Heller

    Didn’t mean to give you a heart attack, tracyfarr. LOL. I think we’re a long way from the finish line with Mr. Lee.

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