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In The Booth With John, Suzyn And….Ted Williams?

By now everyone’s seen the story about “the homeless guy with the golden voice,” right? He’s been making the rounds and been offered all sorts of broadcasting jobs. What I don’t think anybody’s asked him is: “Are you a baseball fan?” And, more specifically: “Are you a Yankee fan?” He’s from New York with the accent to prove it, so why not hire him for occasional announcing duties during Yankees games or maybe for some of the programming on YES?
Well, there is one problem. He might have to change his name.

Top Ten Reasons Why Andy Pettitte Should Pitch Another Year

He’s doing the dance again….He told Brian Cashman he wants to spend more time with his kids but he loves being a Yankee. He can’t make a decision yet. He won’t. We’re left to watch and wait and wonder. I’m not a patient person, so I think he needs some help with his plans. Here are the reasons I think he should put the pinstripes back on and give it one more go. Listen up, Andy:
#10) Hanging out with ballplayers is way more fun than making the bed, loading the dishwasher and taking out the garbage.
#9) Mrs. Pettitte won’t let you spit sunflower seeds in the house.
#8) Throwing over to first and picking off runners is still a kick – admit it.
#7) You’ll gain a lot of weight if you retire.
#6) You’ll be an “Old Timer” instead of an “active player” if you retire.
#5) All you’ll have to look forward to is testifying at Clemens’ trial if you retire.
#4) You won’t be invited to Jeter’s wedding if you retire – or his new house in Tampa.
#3) You won’t get that nice big check if you retire.
#2) You won’t be interviewed by Kim Jones, Suzyn Waldman, Jack Curry or anyone else if you retire.
#1) You’ll miss Cliff Lee’s debut as a Yankee if you retire.
What have I forgotten? We have to send Andy a list. And soon.

No “Moneyball” Info to Report But….

…I really, really liked “The Social Network.” I know the film has been in theaters for over a month, but I waited to see it today because I knew writer Aaron Sorkin and the cast of the movie would be at our screening for a Q&A afterwards. I admit I was skeptical about it; how do you tell a visually entertaining story about a social networking site and the anti-social kid who invented it? But leave it to the creator of “The West Wing” and “A Few Good Men” to come up with words that grab you and don’t let go. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet, GO. Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t begin to do the movie justice.
The acting is incredible from top to bottom (even Justin Timberlake is good!), and the pace of the film is so fast you can’t blink or you’ll miss something. Anyhow, I highly recommend it.
I was invited to the post-screening reception for Sorkin and the actors. That’s where I planned to ask him about “Moneyball.” Bad news. I arrived just as he was leaving – like five minutes into the party. “He had to be back in LA,” I was told when I asked why he had disappeared. Maybe he did have to drive back; traffic can be brutal on the 101 freeway on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But maybe the problem was Sorkin himself. He admitted during the Q&A that he was as socially awkward as the movie’s geeky protagonist and always felt as if he walked around with a sign on his forehead that said, “I don’t belong.” Whether that was just posturing or he really is uncomfortable around people in social settings I couldn’t tell you. I was just disappointed I didn’t get to talk to him. I did spend a few minutes with Andrew Garfield, the actor who plays the co-founder of Facebook. 
Me: “Andrew, I just have to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance.”
Andrew: “Oh, that’s really nice of you. Thanks.”
Me: “You’re British and yet you played the part of the Harvard grad with a flawless American accent.”
Andrew: “Well, my father is American so I grew up familiar with those familiar sounds. But thank you. I appreciate it.”
Me: “I really think you’re going to have a big career ahead of you. Do you have any new movie projects lined up?”
Andrew: “Um, yeah.”
Me: “Good. Good. Anything I’ll be hearing about?”
Andrew: (laughs shyly): “Um, I’m the new Spiderman.”
Me: “Oh, right!”
I walked away feeling like a total dork. I had just asked the hottest actor in Hollywood if he had any future jobs. Next time I’ll do my homework.
Back to baseball, the GM meetings get underway tomorrow. I know we’ve been told not to expect any major signings or deals while they’re going on, but Cashman always surprises us. (Raise your hand if you thought Curtis Granderson for Austin Jackson would come out of last year’s meeting.) I might have to send “Suzyn Waldman” down to Orlando to file a video for us. Stay tuned.

Breaking News: Lee Will Sign But With A New Demand

Leave it to Suzyn Waldman to go down to Arkansas and get an exclusive with Cliff Lee. I thought he was a laid-back, aw-shucks type, but apparently he’s really full of himself. Take a look. 

She-Fan Exclusive: Cliff Lee Is NOT A God!

On the heels of Suzyn Waldman’s groundbreaking interview with Nolan Ryan, which preceded the Yankees’ win over the Rangers on Friday night and could only be seen here, I happened to be milling around the Rangers’ Manhattan hotel today, stumbled across Suzyn entering Cliff Lee’s suite, and shot the following footage of them with the She-Fan Cam. I think Yankee fans will all breathe a sigh of relief that Lee is not, in fact, a superior being. It turns out that, despite the breathlessness of the media, he is a fallible human who might even lose Game 3.
On a more serious note, like all Yankee fans I was saddened by the death of “Freddy Sez,” who brought his pan and spoon to every game in the Bronx and encouraged us to bang away in support of our team. He was the ultimate fan and a sweet guy. RIP, Freddy.
Freddie Sez web.sm.jpg

She-Fan Exclusive: Suzyn Waldman Interviews Nolan Ryan

You won’t find this clip anywhere else. I flew to Arlington, stood outside the office of Rangers president Nolan Ryan, and overheard our own Suzyn chatting up Nolan. I cracked open the door, focused the She-Fan Cam and here’s the result.
Only a few more nights until the action gets underway in Arlington. So if you haven’t entered the Crumbs Yankees cupcakes contest or want to revise your predictions, click here. You have until Thursday night at midnight PT.

It’s Off to Couples Counseling for CC and Me

Well, I’ve tried everything else, Carsten.

I’ve asked this man to talk to you.

And this man.
Even this man.
And I’ve made it perfectly clear that money will never be an issue between us.
Yet you still won’t make the commitment. I didn’t peg you for one of those men who’s all nice and sweet to your face and then fools around behind your back. I mean, really, CC. The Giants? The Dodgers? The Angels? You thought they’d care more about you than the Yankees? I understand your attachment to the Brewers. I do. It’s hard to let go of the past. But now it’s time to look ahead to the future. Our future. Together.
So I’ve made an appointment with the shrink who came highly recommended by Yankees doctor Stuart Hirshon.
We’ll sort through the reasons you keep pulling back and find a way to move forward. Here we go.
You’re concerned about this?
crime scene.jpg
Oh, CC. That’s just silly. The crime rate in New York is down, or at least it was the last time I checked. Besides, the Yanks have an army of security people. No worries.
You think there’s too much of this?
traffic jam web.jpg
I admit it can get nasty on the Deegan, and the tunnels are a nightmare. But the Yanks will arrange for a helicopter if that’s a roadblock, no pun intended.
The Steinbrenner boys? You’re anxious about working for them?
I’ll handle Hal. He’s very reasonable. And Hank stays down in Tampa and will be totally out of your hair.
Your hair? Oh, I see. Yes, unlike California, New York does get hot and humid in the summer. It’s definitely not good hair weather and without the proper conditioning it can be impossible to control.
But, again, the Yankees have people. Hair people. They can keep you looking great all season long.
Yes, CC. The Stadium will be loud, especially on the days the Red Sox come to town. But you’ll have these wonderfully supportive friends behind you.
They’re called the Bleacher Creatures and they’ll hold forth with a charming chant for you.
No need to fret over her influence, honey. She likes them young, yes, but in tip-top shape, no offense.
Well, of course the media is tough in New York. But I really think the whole “glare of the spotlight” thing is overblown.¬†
You’ll have zero problem dealing with this man.
His name is Peter Abraham. He blogs day and night, but he’s fair, CC. ¬†They’re all fair. You play ball with them and they’ll play ball with you. (O.K. There are one or two I’d stay away from, but we’ll deal with them when the time comes.)
What about the broadcast people? You’ll have this man calling your games on the YES Network.
Michael Kay is a bit of a drama king, but I think you’ll hit it off just fine.
Yes, he has a colleague, Kim Jones, who does the interviews with the players.
She may look like she’s giving Jeter a case of hives, but her questions are harmless. Trust me.
Her counterpart on the radio is this woman.
Suzyn with a “z,” just like Liza Minelli. And, like Liza, she sings. You and she will have a blast humming show tunes.
And speaking of a blast, John Sterling is the radio voice of the Yankees. You’ll have nothing but fun with him during the season.
He’s very descriptive and invents nicknames for the players. Every time you throw a strikeout pitch, he’ll say something like: “It’s a C-Bomb! From CC!” Or maybe: “Ortiz takes a BATH courtesy of SaBATHia.” You’ll be chuckling all the way home after the games.
So? Are we on the same page now? Everything out on the table? No more hesitation?
Good. Sign the contract already, hon.