Sometimes I Take Jeter For Granted – My Bad

Derek Jeter Dive into Stands.jpg
Sure, he makes the flashy plays and is, of course, The Captain. And yes, there are all the records he’s broken. But it’s become almost a cliche to worship Jetah – even opposing teams like and admire him – so I often forget how versatile he is. In today’s drubbing of the Astros (I do love the word “drubbing,” as long as it’s not the Yankees that are being “drubbed”), Jeter’s leadoff homer ignited the offense and his second shot in the sixth put the Astros away for good. It’s pretty sweet to have that kind of power coming from your #1 guy in the lineup, especially with A-Rod on the shelf.
Speaking of injuries, now Thames is out again with a hammy? And I counted at least three players who fouled balls off their feet today. Ouwww. But Posada’s foot looked pretty good on that grand slam. And how about Javy? Seven solid innings. Can’t ask for more. Now if everybody would just get healthy at the same time, there’d be no stopping the Yankees – which means No…More…Trips…To…The…MRI…Tube! 



    I don’t want to be mean, Jane, but if someone had to get hurt I’m relieved its Thames — I don’t wish him any ill but he really hasn’t been doing much of late. I was scared there for a second in the late innings that Cano was hurt but he seems fine.

    Its hard not to take Jeet for granted sometimes, he’s just so solid. We had tickets many years ago for the game that he got is one and only grand slam but we had to give them up because it was the same day as my best friend’s husband’s 50th birthday party — he’s a huge Yankees fan as well and he was so sorry that we had to miss that big event. We had a ball that day anyway.

    We didn’t


    Sorry…computer dropped out. Anyway, we didn’t see last night’s game because we were at our daughter’s dance recital. She also got her 15th year trophy!!! Wow, how time flies.

    Anyway, we got to see some of today’s game with lots of errands to run, but caught up at the end — Javy looks like he’s on the ball…haha.

    From what I understand, Posada is going to catch tomorrow. I don’t know if that’s a good idea — and who is going to DH? Anyway, we’ve got Hughsey on the mound and that is always a good thing. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller

    You’re not being mean, Diane. LOL. It’s just that without A-Rod tomorrow (and maybe longer) and with Jorge catching, I figured Thames would DH. Not that I wish we didn’t have other options, but who? We really are short a bat right now. Yeah, I was scared when I saw Cano in the dugout getting his foot/leg wrapped. Javy looked very solid – no walks, which I really like. Robertson and Gaudin did their jobs too. Congrats to your daughter and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. ooaooa

    Just got home form a beautiful day in the Bronx. Jeter is amazing. I commented to my wife when I looked up at his bio on the scoreboard when he came up to bat, “can you believe he is 35”? Boom, see ya!
    Nice to see Georgie come through. Javey was a perfect #5 today maybe almost a #4.
    Got a Yankee BP ball hit by A.J. and an Astros ball hit to my son in row 26 Sec. 133 by Carlos Lee in BP. That was a real blast.
    Saw your friend Suyzn and Michael Kay and Francessia in the parking garage before the game.
    Army Golden Knights show before the game was awesome.
    Next game 4th of July. Last chance, do you want to come?

  5. Jane Heller

    You picked a fun game to go to, John. All those homers plus a couple of batting practice souvenirs? Not too shabby. Did you give Suzyn my best? Lol. Sure wish I could go to the July 4th game but we’re shooting for our east coast trip in August.


    You’re not alone Jane. There’s a reason Jeter is usually called the most overrated player in MLB. He’s just so consistently good with everything his talent is overlooked. When he’s struggling it’s like “Is something wrong with him?” But when he hits, it’s no big deal. Did my negative energy get Thames hurt?? Fun game to watch…Hip Hip, Jorge! πŸ˜€ Btw, did you see the England vs. US game? Was pretty funny with the goalie. πŸ˜›

  7. Jane Heller

    You explain the Jeter issue very well, seindsfeld. He’s been so good for so long that we only notice when he’s not good! Well, it seems that way sometimes. But great game for him and Jorge. I didn’t see the England vs. US game but have certainly read about it. I haven’t caught World Cup fever. Maybe it’s because we’ve had hockey and there will be basketball tomorrow, in addition to daily baseball, and I’m suffering from sports fatigue.


    Hiya, Jane (and all)…
    Been mostly outa town and not near a PC I could use for most of the last 2 weeks…but always good to see more Bomber victories, esp. with the Old Guard contributing…also nice to see Andy get a milestone W against his “old team,” and please pleez have Javy Krishna pitch vs. the NL as often as is physically possible!
    As an aside…sportsed out, are we? Yup, I been there since the Stanley Cup and college lacrosse both ended, and in very pleasant ways for me. May the pro hoops do the same for you…after all, it IS Bahston…and the rest of the world will still be on a Soccer Jones (they got a thiiing goin’ on…and thank you, England…they must be apoplectic…!!)


    We watched the US/England game downstairs on the TV and left the Yankee game on upstairs on the radio so we could check the score. We did get to hear Jorgie juice one! Yahoo!

    I would think the pubs in England did great business yesterday. My husband is English and we have our Union Jack up in the TV room. I couldn’t breathe towards the end of the game and it took me several hours to recover. I don’t mind a tie or a loss, if it is earned, but the English goalie essentially gave the tie to the US.

    When we started watching the first game (South Africa vs. Mexico) it took me a few minutes to get used to the pace of soccer again. In baseball, someone gets up and within a few minutes, he’s either on base or out (or has hit a home run). In soccer, there can be stretches of time without much really happening.

    I also find it exhausting to watch, because I am constantly moving my feet, or doing some other body motion to “help.” In baseball, the only physical help I give is to try to wave a ball fair or foul, or into the stands or into a glove.



    The Merriam Webster crytogram word puzzle of the day was:

    “Whoever wants to learn the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.” — Jacques Barzun, American historian

  11. Jane Heller

    Hey, Dave. Welcome back. Hope everything went well while you were away. I just read an article about how apoplectic the Brits are about their goalie – and how relations between our two countries over the oil spill couldn’t be worse. Uh-oh. I like it better when they’re our friends.

    Melissa, you have to install a video camera in your house! I’d love to see how you handle soccer on one floor and baseball on another – and how you move around to “make” things happen. LOL! Love the Webster quote. So apt.

    Can you imagine being in the front row when Jeter dove in there, Jenn? I’d like to think I would have tried to break his fall and save him from bodily harm. πŸ™‚

  12. Jane Heller

    You think, Paul? LOL.

    Not a bad start for Huffman, seindsfeld. The Baby Bombers are looking good today so far.

  13. bklyntrolleyblogger

    To complain, over look, and take things for granted is easy. To take the time out to express appreciation when things are going well, these days is hard. When there is too much negativity roaming around…good job taking the high road. Jete is deserving of it anytime.
    Come vote HOVVG!


    lol paul

    How about this Rookie Huffman guy? Not bad. Not missing Thames at all XD Made a bonehead play on the bases, but hey, his heart must be beating so hard he can’t help it. woohoo, Pena too. πŸ˜€

  15. The Game Above All

    I’m a Red Sox fan, but when Jeet comes up to bat I hope he gets a hit and the next guy grounds into a DP. If that next guy is Tex, all the better.

  16. Jane Heller

    I thought I already did vote, Mike. Will stop by and check.

    Actually, Sun-Ui, the next guy wouldn’t be Tex since he bats third in the Yankees lineup and Jeter leads off. But I’m sure he’d appreciate the sentiment.

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