Today’s Heroes: World Cup Style

The Yankees swept the Astros. Yay. Huuuughes won #9. Posada had another granny. Cano went deep. Pena made a terrific play at third and got a crucial base hit. And Mo wrapped things up after fine jobs by Marte, Park and Joba. I thought I’d feature today’s stars of the game in a tribute to….soccer. No, I’m not into it, but I’m trying. And yes, Pena’s missing – I inserted myself instead – but only because I couldn’t find a decent picture of him with a big enough head and didn’t want to spend my entire afternoon searching Google images. Enjoy and Go Yanks.



    Didn’t get to see today’s game, Jane. Dear friends of ours threw a highschool graduation party for their oldest son. A good time was had by all.

    How amazing to catch a summary of the game on the radio on the ride home! What are the odds of grandslams in two successive games??? And for Posada, whose bat has been silent since his ret today urn! I guess Hughsie had one bad inning, but the team shored him up with enough runs to get the win. And the bullpen, as you said, did what they needed to do. The whole ride home I kept singing, “Working 9 to 5”

    Now they have a day off before Philly and The Mets come to the Stadium. I understand the Phillies finally beat Boston – glad they get one win before we sweep the floor with them (I hope, I hope, I hope)…GO YANKEES!!!

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Didn’t anyone learn their lesson after Aaron Boone broke his ankle playing basketball? I’m sure something in their contract covers pick-up World Cup games in the park. The USA goal-keeper apparently has 2 broken ribs. You look like you can fill in! How’bout it Champ? : o

  3. Jane Heller

    It was so exciting to watch Posada hit another slam, Diane. The crowd seemed to go into instant party mode with people hugging each other. Very cool. Now I just hope his foot is okay. Hughes was great until he was over 100 pitches and couldn’t put this one Astro (forget his name) away, then lost his focus. But the pen took care of the rest, as did the offense.

    Cano was the best one, Virginia. Love that pic of him. I wish JibJab would let us choose our music. One of these days I’ll learn how to make my own videos.

    They should have learned that lesson, Mike. So true. LOL. I think I’ll pass on filling in for the goalie though. Soccer isn’t my game. I’m better at this keyboard.


    Well that was a bit disturbing, but pretty cool 😀 I like Cano’s dreadlocks. I forgot to say, when you said you haven’t gotten World Cup fever, I think it’s more like World Cup comatose. It’s not exactly a thrill a minute, or any minute. But wow, Hip Hip Jorge again, he’sa crushin ’em! He hadn’t hit one in 6 years and now has in back to back games?? I was getting a little peeved that the umps didn’t stop the game, at least for a half hour, during the tsunami, but all worked out I guess. Now when Jeter has pneumonia we’ll know why. Fun game to watch anyway, and the boosox and Rays lost 😀 Tied for first!!! Woohoo! All except when Paul O’Neill was talking about a toe nail that fell off after he fouled a ball off it…he could have left that out 😛

  5. Jane Heller

    The rain was a nuisance, seindsfeld, but I guess they figured they’d better finish the game since the Yanks and Astros won’t be seeing each other again. Very exciting that we’re tied for first, even though it’s only June. And I agree about Paulie’s story about the toe. Can you imagine if he had sent the nail to the ump? Euuwww.


    Loved the video – Cano looks great in dreads. And don’t you just look lovely Miss Jane!

    We managed to listen to part of the game. Those extra two runs helped keep me calm. I’m feeling good about the Yankees right now.

    Besides that, it’s all football, all the time. Many people think baseball is boring, but when you know the game it is not. Same is true for soccer.


  7. scofid

    It was fun playing some of the lesser teams in the league, but now the show begins on Tuesday with Doc Halladay on the mound. Hopefully, CC Sabathia will get on a roll, and A-Rod will be back (and in good health!). An off-day to enjoy first place, and then back to the task at hand…Go Yankees!



    Hi again…great video, She-Fan! Funky music, but apropos for “futbol” — hard to handle that it’s the #1 sport worldwide by far, when hand-eye coordination is an afterthought (except for throw-ins and the ‘keepers — which is why USA goalies are all superb — and how many times have you seen a ‘ground ball’ like that one kicked to the English ‘keeper in OUR Beautiful Game — he muffed it ’cause those limeys ain’t used to having soft hands on grounders!! Well, that’s my take, anyway…)
    Back to beisbol — a fine weekend — and now the Grudge Matches begin — may the Phillie bats stay as dormant as they’ve been for a few weeks (tho’ somehow I think not) — and as tough as Doc is, at least it’s The Enemy You Know, Cano what I mean? As for the Mets — I have a story to relate about them, to fire you up, which I’ll save for that series…meanwhile, One Day At A Time, first place tastes great (but less filling), don’t sweat your Lakers yet, and have a Lite-hearted day…!

  9. Jane Heller

    Those extra two runs were huge, Melissa. I was lulled into thinking it would be an easy win, but we know how quickly things can change. Different sports offer different pleasures. I loved watching the NBA playoffs last night (even though the Lakers lost). After baseball and its leisurely pace, the speed of basketball is really cool.

    Right you are, Scott. Now the real tests begin. We know Doc will be his usual unhittable self, but CC has been kind of iffy this season. He usually finds his way as the games go on, but he’s just not as sharp as last year.

    Yup, it’s fair, Jeff. I did enjoy White Sox-Cubs last night though. A no-hitter by both pitchers….in the rain? I didn’t have a rooting interest but I was on the edge of my seat, switching back and forth between the basketball.

  10. Jane Heller

    You have a point about Doc, Dave – at least he’s not one of those rookies we’ve never faced. On the other hand, he’s tough under any circumstances and if he has a weakness the Yanks better exploit it early, because he does tend to settle in. Looking forward to your Mets story!

  11. Jane Heller

    Funny you should mention the She-Fan Doll, Paul. I was about to “interview” my Jeter Doll – yup, I have one – but decided against it. Will save him for a really dry spell.

  12. hisbaby

    All I can say is, THAT’S USING YOUR HEAD, JANE!!! That little Jib Jab was so cute! You have such a great imagination!

    I’m wearing one of my Yankees tees to the gym tomorrow for Yoga and Zumba. The trainers are gonna hate it. I could pull a Lady Gaga and flip them off, but THAT’S NOT THE WAY I ROLL!! When it gets time for me to lift weights, the badass weightlifters won’t like the shirt, either, but they won’t say anything to me because I’m too little to pick on. Besides, I’ll just kick them in their little shriveled -up-from-juicing cojones if they get rough. NOT!!! I’ll run like hell screaming GO YANKEES all the way to my car!!!

    Love ya, She-Fan!!


    P.S. Yay cyber-stupid me! I figured out how to post on your blog!!


    I’d like to state I didn’t watch the basketball game and the Celtics still won 😦 Also, now Posada is hurt again??? 😐

  14. Jane Heller

    Yay, Marci. You joined the party! I knew you could figure out how to comment. LOL. Why would your trainers hate your Yankees T-shirt? Are they non-fans? And what the heck is Zumba?

  15. Jane Heller

    Posada’s not hurt that I know of, seindsfeld. I read that he was sore after catching yesterday, but that’s to be expected since it was his first time back and he didn’t have any rehab assignments. But if I’m missing something, do tell.

  16. devilabrit

    Too Funny, looks like your wearing one of those big fury Russian hats Jane, So the Phillies are in NY as we have this day of rest, I know the Yankee fans have to be praying that the Phillies are still minus any “Bat Power”, I just hope we get to see 2 really good pitchers go at in game1, then it’s anybodies guess as to whether this turns into a Demolition Derby or not like it did in Boston…

    Phillies Outside

  17. Jane Heller

    Yes, we’ve got a day of rest before the big face off, Peter. No clue how it will go, but it looks like your team has its offense back, which isn’t good news for Yankees fans!

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