Oldies But Goodies

Yes, those are vinyl album covers, and they seem particularly appropriate when I think about tonight’s win over the Astros. I could have highlighted RBIs by Cervelli and Tex, but it’s Pettitte and Mo who deserve the credit for the “W.” Andy was superb in notching his 200th win as a Yankee, and Mo was lights out in getting the save (his pitches had a lot of zip on them, didn’t they?). Talk about a successful duo over the years.
They’re the baseball equivalent of such oldies but goodies as Abbott and Costello…
…of Martin and Lewis…
dean jerry.jpg
…of Rowan and Martin…
…of Sonny and Cher.
OK, never mind that last one. You get the idea. Pettitte and Mo are forever entwined in Yankees history and I just hope they keep drinking out of that fountain of youth, wherever it is.


  1. Jane Heller

    I love them too, Mike. Before you came onboard here at MLBlogs, I posted a video of their “Who’s on First” routine, and it made me laugh no matter how many times I watched it. As for Andy, I think of his Houston years as the “lost years.”

  2. Ballhawk Shawn

    I can’t blame Andy for pitching in Houston. He needed the home cookin’. Apparently, it wasn’t all that good. He made a beeline back to the Bronx.


  3. raysrenegade

    Thank goodness you did not mention Laurel & Hardy, even thought I always found them funnier than Abbott & Costello simply because Stan Laurel always had that sheepish grin and smile.
    But you are right, Andy and Mo are the aging Yankee bookends of a dynasty’s past and present hopes to secure a second chance at glory. We know the Yankee advance scouts eyes and ears are trained westbound right now in the Emerald City watching a guy with my same first name pitch for a club lost in its own locker room.
    Hemight be the 2011 edition of the “Andy”, and if that happens, could the Yankees be thinking of Hughes to begin the tutoring to be come the next “Mo”?
    Sands of time are leaking fast for both, but I still would not bet against either of them not pitching for another 5 years.

    Rays Renegade


  4. seindsfeld@aol.com

    What about Matthau and Lemmon? Bonnie and Clyde? Batman and Robin? 😛 Exciting game. More so then I’d like it to be against the Astros. Of course, whenever a team comes to the Bronx, bad or good, they seem to bring their A-game…except the Orioles, for the most part. Felt good for Teix with that bloop, but felt better for Cervelli, since he’s been struggling. No words for Andy. Can’t explain it. Don’t need to I guess. Mo was sharp like a samurai sword. When I was reading your post though, it reminded me of that Animaniacs song: Like Abbott and Costello, Like Sonny and Cher, Like Martin and Lewis, They’re a perfect pair, Like Laurel and Hardy, Like Fontanne and Lunt… well, you get the drift. Btw, which one would be Cher? O.o

  5. devilabrit

    ahhh the laugh-in guys, I remember that well, all very good duo’s at one point, but all good things must end, i think Mo has at least a couple more years left, Andy may have a couple of them too, so who knows you could be doing this again in 2012… great that these are archived means we can recycle.. LOL

    Phillies Outside

  6. juliet93

    Ohh, I love the Mo/Pettitte pic! Practically every picture I have of Mo, he’s in “Sandman mode”, looking ready to eviscerate the other team. It’s nice to see that gorgeous smile once in a while!

  7. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Andy was adorable on the post game. He was asked about pitching against the Astros and said most of the guys he played with were gone. But one was his close friend (can’t remember who), and then he said it was good that he got him out and got that sort of wicked Andy grin.


  8. rrrt

    Ah yes, Sonny and Cher. My sister and I always watched their TV show back then. I probably shouldn’t admit that…
    Speaking of back then, I have a little bottle of water purchased during a family vacation stop at the supposed “Fountain of Youth” in St. Augustine, FL. Maybe I should send it to Jamie Moyer. After last night’s outing, I think he needs a shot of it.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  9. Jane Heller

    I don’t blame him either, Shawn. I think the Yankees should have made a bigger push to hang on to him, instead of letting him go to Houston. But I understand if he wanted to be closer to home and family, and if he retires after this year I’m sure it’ll be because he wants to spend more time with his kids.

    I wasn’t that into Laurel and Hardy, Renegade, maybe because Hardy was always bashing Laurel on the head! (Then again, I loved the Three Stooges even though Moe was always knocking the other Stooges around. Go figure.) I don’t see the Yankees getting Lee, but I guess anything’s possible. It’s just that we don’t need an ace at the moment, plus Hughes is one of the best starters we have.

    All good duos, seindsfeld. Which one’s Cher? LOL. I was wondering that myself. I’d have to go with Andy. He has more hair than Mo, as gray as it’s getting.

    Peter, if it were up to me, I’d recycle this post for the next five years. But I know Andy and Mo won’t be Yankees forever, so I’m savoring every moment.

    And Mo has such a great smile, juliet93. I love finding pics where he’s grinning or even laughing.

    I think the friend Andy was talking about, Melissa, was Lance Berkman. He was with the team when Andy was there and they were pretty close. Berkman sure wasn’t pleased when he was punched out by the ump on that checked swing K.

    I heard about Moyer getting thumped, Sue. That one must have hurt. But Fenway isn’t the park for him. You guys need a pitcher there who can keep the ball on the ground!

  10. crzblue2

    I don’t have a new thread. I just wanted to say congratulations to Lefty on his 200th win! And MO, what can I say? Just to give me some of the water from the fountain of youth. I used to love LAugh-In. For one Halloween at work, I dressed as Ruth and a friend as the dirty old man so we did the scene in the park. It was a lot of fun and we took a price of $100.
    Just got back from my interview session to volunteer to the All-Star FanFest. Now is on to Dodger Stadium to watch Ely pitch. Hopefully we do better than last night.

  11. Jane Heller

    You dressed as Ruth from Laugh In, Emma? I’d like to see a pic of that! Hope your “bums” can do well against the Angels tonight. They really got thumped last night.

  12. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Daggone it…sorry I missed THIS posting when it came out!! But what the heck…gotta leave SOMETHING out there…
    Any posting that starts with 15 volumes of OBGs and has Stan & Ollie & Bud & Lou & Dino & Jerry in it…and the Yanks too??! WOW…I’m happy just to see it all again…having it all in one posting is giving me a soul exhaustion…!!
    My dear ol’ Dad LOVED Stan & Ollie…his love for krayzee slapstick was passed on to me, ’cause I watched Curly, Larry, Moe & Shemp every blessed afternoon as a kid…in high school, our boot hockey team on the Duck Pond was called Abbott & The Costellos (I was “Stinky,” appropriately)…and you just could not wait ’til Saturday’s Baseball Game Of The Week, when You-Know-Who was almost ALWAYS on…!
    Sonny & Cher…I happened to be in England in the summer of ’65, and it was front-page news when “THEY” Pushed “THEM” (i.e. The Beatles) off the top o’ the charts… and my wife still loves “I Got You Babe” to this day…
    Better stop now, or this post-post-posting will ramble on for another 1000 words…thanks, young lady, I needed that!

  13. Jane Heller

    Glad the post brought back good memories, Dave. I have them too. I loved Sonny and Cher and am with your wife on that song. As for the Stooges, all I ever did was Curly’s “knuk knuk knuk” thing as a kid. LOL.

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