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Gearing Up for Yankees-Red Sox

How did I occupy myself on this off-day? I made a video. Only when I uploaded it to YouTube and then tried to embed it here, it didn’t work out. So I’ll leave you with this: the link.
It’s the best I can do. Sorry. But give it a look. It’s only a couple of minutes. And no, none of the things I put on the video will happen in real life. I promise.

Maybe I Should Have a Yankees YouTube Show Like Him?

On second thought, maybe not. I don’t have a leopard bedspread, and you probably need one to have your own Yankees YouTube show.
By the way, I don’t remember Javier Vazquez ever being a Met. Maybe he was kidding? I do agree with him about Vazquez giving us innings.
But he says of the starting rotation, “The Yankees got a lot of old arms.” We do? Pettitte’s up there, but CC and AJ aren’t and Joba and Hughes really aren’t. Hopefully, I’d be more accurate on my show than he is on his. I also wish I had a New Yawk accent like he does. It would make me sound more authentically Yankee fan-ish. And in his intro, he has photos of himself with lots of star athletes. I only have this one.
For now, I’ll let him “report” from his bedroom while I stick to this blog. But we’ll see what the future holds. Maybe one of these days, I’ll have a SheFanVideos Channel on YouTube. Oh, wait. I already have it.

Yankees Win And YouTube Ate My Video

Sweeps are nice.
Given how badly the White Sox treated the Yanks in Chicago, I really liked how we won all three games against them in the Bronx. Sunday’s 8-3 job was a relatively close contest until the seventh, when Melky’s double, Hairston’s sac fly and Tex’s homer broke it open.
Aceves and Hughes were spectacular in relief, as opposed to Coke, who is getting on my nerves with his tendency to give up bombs.
Which brings me to Joba and the Rules. Please. Thirty-five pitches?
What’s the point? Why should he even bother to get loose? What possible gain is there in having him show up for three innings? I’m all for protecting his arm, but the Rules are Ridiculous. Cashman, for all that is good and right and holy, please find us another arm within the next few days!
If the Angels could get Kazmir, why can’t we get somebody? No, I’m not saying Mitre and Gaudin aren’t “somebody.” It’s just that they’re the sort of somebodys I don’t particularly want to see in the playoffs. Are you listening, Cash?
About that video I mentioned. I spent hours trying out the iMovie software on my Mac. I came up with what I thought was a very amusing tribute to Jeter, who continues to amaze me with the great season he’s having.
I experimented with all sorts of graphics and music and fonts. I’m not saying I was this guy, but it was fun playing director.
My intention was to upload the video to YouTube and then post it here. But noooo. Somewhere in the “rendering,” it got swallowed up.
Sorry about that. I’ll try again when I’m feeling adventurous. In the meantime, my nephew sent me this pic today and I had to share it. He’s a big Yankee fan and so, apparently, are his two boys. I bet they were laughing at the Joba Rules.