Yankees Win And YouTube Ate My Video

Sweeps are nice.
Given how badly the White Sox treated the Yanks in Chicago, I really liked how we won all three games against them in the Bronx. Sunday’s 8-3 job was a relatively close contest until the seventh, when Melky’s double, Hairston’s sac fly and Tex’s homer broke it open.
Aceves and Hughes were spectacular in relief, as opposed to Coke, who is getting on my nerves with his tendency to give up bombs.
Which brings me to Joba and the Rules. Please. Thirty-five pitches?
What’s the point? Why should he even bother to get loose? What possible gain is there in having him show up for three innings? I’m all for protecting his arm, but the Rules are Ridiculous. Cashman, for all that is good and right and holy, please find us another arm within the next few days!
If the Angels could get Kazmir, why can’t we get somebody? No, I’m not saying Mitre and Gaudin aren’t “somebody.” It’s just that they’re the sort of somebodys I don’t particularly want to see in the playoffs. Are you listening, Cash?
About that video I mentioned. I spent hours trying out the iMovie software on my Mac. I came up with what I thought was a very amusing tribute to Jeter, who continues to amaze me with the great season he’s having.
I experimented with all sorts of graphics and music and fonts. I’m not saying I was this guy, but it was fun playing director.
My intention was to upload the video to YouTube and then post it here. But noooo. Somewhere in the “rendering,” it got swallowed up.
Sorry about that. I’ll try again when I’m feeling adventurous. In the meantime, my nephew sent me this pic today and I had to share it. He’s a big Yankee fan and so, apparently, are his two boys. I bet they were laughing at the Joba Rules.


  1. lenn23

    I don’t know what to make of this Joba situation. Arguments on all sides seem to make sense to me. If they don’t pick anyone else up he probably is still their best bet for the 4th starter in the playoffs over Gaudin or Mitre. They need to start building his innings back up in late September it they want to go through with this current plan. I’ve lost track of how many plans they’ve had concerning this guy this year! Just hope that in any game four situation this year that they’re up at least 2 games to 1.

  2. PAUL

    This nonsense is the single stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on a baseball field. Are they expecting him to be ready to handle a game four playoff start with this kind of babying? And what if they’re down 2 games to 1 and NEED him to pitch well? What then? It’s ridiculous. I went into this whole thing in my posting. They’re making the guy into a laughingstock and are well on the road to destroying him.

  3. JQuist

    *The Joba experiment is getting on my nerves as well. I can admit that he’s had a lot of short starts, but in all honesty – we ARE babying the man. (You nailed it with that word the other day.) How can he become an established starter if he’s given an innings limit, and gets plucked every time he allows 3 or 4 runs? There’s a lot of pitchers in the MLB that can give up 6 runs by the 5th, and still procede to pitch until the 6th or 7th… If Joba lets up 3 runs by the 4th, he’s getting pulled by Girardi… (Even before the limit.) I completely comprehend getting yanked if you allow 4 runs by the 2nd… but a lot of times with Chamberlain, that wasn’t the case.


  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    It was a very relaxing game once Melky & Tex did their jobs. I understand all the confusion with the way they are handling Joba but I feel we just have to trust them for now. Especially Girardi, who was such a remarkable catcher in his time. And the bullpen was not overly abused by Joba’s early departure, thanks in great part to our wonderful “Ah-Save-Us”.

    Now Jane, what do you think my husband, daughter and I did after the game. Well, Earth, Wind and Fire was performing at the outdoor theatre at Jones Beach with Chicago – 2 amazing 70’s – 80’s bands. The weather was fantastic — we didn’t have tickets but we said, “Hey, what the heck, if the box office is sold out and there are no reasonable scalpers there, we can stay outside of the theatre and hear the bands. Well, we not only got three decent tickets outside the theatre but they were comp’d tickets and this close to the start time the guy just gave them to us — for free. Both groups performed together and separately and they were amazing. I found it amusing that we were watching Chicago after our team swept the White Sox. Then I started to laugh when the last song performed was their big hit “25 or 6 to 4”. Why was that funny?? I was thinking it was something of a prediction of our win in game one in Baltimore — So Jane, what will it be? 25 or 6 to 4?? GO YANKEES!!!

  5. heartruss

    That Joba experiment is weird. Clayton Kershaw is only 21 but he has thrown 100 pitches. He started out at the beginning of the season throwing less but now he’s like a regular starting pitcher and he has really blossomed.! You really can’t baby them forever. Your nephew’s boys are adorable, by the way.
    I am finally going to sit in the dugout section Sept 5. I haven’t done that since the beginning of the season since I like the baseline seats. I’ll definitely think about you when I am there. The seats have been waaaay to expensive. This is my splurge before I pay for my huge splurge: postseason tickets.

  6. TribeTed

    Great post Jane, nice sword going down the guys’ throat! It was big for the Yanks to secure the sweep, and it doesn’t really matter now, since the Yanks are so far ahead. =) And with home field advantage in the WS the Yanks are looking like money. Oh wait, they are money!

  7. ibleedpinstripes

    I feel like management is seriously disturbed for doing this – both to Joba and to us. It’s crazy. I don’t see the point in him throwing 35 pitches over 3 innings. Why bother? All I know is that this better work out somehow for the better, or I’m sending them the bill for my psychotherapy. That’s it. Sheesh.

    – Lisa

  8. southernbelle

    Jane: Joba is a pitcher, right? So, umm…let him pitch? I don’t care if he didn’t pitch much in the minors. Why can’t he just pitch? No one else is going through this? Andif they are only going to use him for a few innings, just put him in the bullpen. They can’t waste the whole bullpen every time he starts. It’s stupid. Just use Gaudin as a starter. At least he can go deep into a game. I feel bad for Joba. It’s not like he stinks or anything. He should be pitching. This must be annoying for him. -Virginia

  9. mhugill@verizon.net

    Jan, you are saying what I have been screaming at my TV for weeks!
    For the Love of God let Joba pitch since he’s a friggin’ pitcher. Either he’s ready to be a starter or he’s not. I have never seen anything like this . And what really gets me is how Joba acts like nothing is wrong. Hello? You suck lately and you not taking responsibilty is making me livid. He always says he’d doing fine. Have you watched a playback? You are not doing fine. He needs to take a page out of the Jeter handbook. Admit it, move on and then do the right thing to make it right – LIKE PITCH MORE THAN 3 DAMN INNINGS.

    Oh I guess you can tell this fires me up. I hope we can pick someone up and we can put him back in the bullpen where he gets pissed and then does a much better job.

  10. jmf414@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, enough already with the Joba situation, the rules the pitch counts, the last good game he had was in Cleveland with the famous face plant to retrieve a ball, whatever happened to his 96mph fast ball, time for a real pitcher, did you see Paul Byrd pitch for Boston a gem of a game, he is 85 for god sakes, time for a real pitcher who does not have to be babied, on a happier note, offense was great and timely and Jeter is looking like the mvp with every passing game……..Minka is good for him and us Jane

  11. peggy3

    I’m with Diane …the Yankees know a lot more than fans do and with the growing list of young players who went onto injuries after a big innings increase just maybe they are doing the right thing. It’s only one more month of these rules then it’s over…next year Joba will be on full starter…of course..we will have to contend with Hughes innings next year. You many say you don’t care how many pitches he threw in the minors but that is a very important factor when it comes to developing mentally and physically especially if you are going a full game instead of just an inning or two of relief. It’s definitely frustrating since he only threw 35 pitches but I’m sure in the end there is a method to their madness…a healthy Joba for a full season
    next year.

    I went to Scranton yesterday with Pete Abe’s Lohud outing. Fun time had by all …got to meet Pete and some new Yankee fans. Lots of food and freebies for everyone ..tee shirts, hats and other goodies. Also got to see Frankie C and Shelley D up close as they signed autographs and posed for pics. Frankie C DOES have the most gorgeous eyes and Shelley hit a bomb ove the Centerfield wall. There’s a picture on Pete Abe’s blog today …I’m not in it but my Yankee jacket made the shot….haha. Unfortunately SWB Yanks didn’t win (against the Pawtucket Red Sox too…grrrr) but they are in lst while Pawtucket is 18 games back … :o). Also got to see Pena play Center (he did fine) and Austin Jackson was in left. The weather was absolutely perfect too. All in All a fun day at Scranton and an even happier day with the Yankees SWEEP !!! We watched the end of the game in the ballpark restaurant before heading inside for the SWB game (started at 5:00). Hope to do it next year too. If you are in town Jane ..you should join us.

    Let’s clean up Baltimore with sweep too ….

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  12. peggy3

    Wow…I made so many mistakes in that last submission…I even looked it over before submitting. Guess I’m tired from the long weekend but you get my drift…lol

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Len, I understand both sides of the argument too, and I’m all for limiting innings of young pitchers. But I have the same problem you do: How do you limit Joba’s innings and then say “All hands on deck” for the playoffs? Aren’t they worried about his arm in October?

    Paul, I agree about Joba’s viability in the playoffs (see above). I guess if they put him in the pen for an inning here and there, they figure it’s OK. On the other hand, how could he possibly be on track as a starter, given these limitations?

    JQuist, you said it all. I second your comment!

    Diane, I like the “25” in Baltimore. Has a nice ring to it. 🙂 Glad you got lucky and were able to snag those comped tix. Good job! I do trust Girardi’s instincts as a catcher/manager and I agree that Joba should have innings limits. But the way they’ve gone about this seems crazy to me, especially their postseason plan. If it all works out next season and Joba is the pitcher we hoped he’d be, then good for the Yankees and their Rules. But right now, I’m scratching my head.

    Cat, I’m so glad you’re splurging on the Dugout Club for Sept 5. If anyone deserves to sit there, it’s you! Take pics of all those delicious eats too. As for the postseason, I know you’ll be there for every pitch!

    I’m not counting on anything just yet, TribeTed. The Yankees may look like money, but six games is not an insurmountable lead with a month to go. So I’ll celebrate when they actually clinch.

    So the Joba Rules are sending you to therapy, Lisa? LOL! It’s Joba who will probably need therapy after this season. To his credit, he hasn’t whined about it to the media. He could easily have complained about being jerked around, but he continues to say how humbled he is that the Yankees are looking out for him.

    Virginia, I really do understand why they’re trying to protect his arm, since he has a history of shoulder problems. And they want him to get used to being a starter. But maybe they should have kept him in the minors or used him as a long reliever. I don’t know anymore!!!

    Mhugill, you are definitely fired up! There does seem to be a disconnect between Joba’s performances and his assessments of them in the media. But he can’t go out there and say, “I sucked” every time out. We need him to have confidence in himself and not pout. That said, I just wish there had been a plan in place from the beginning instead of all this back and forth nonsense.

    Jane, I’m glad you mentioned the offense. I’ll take a break from the Joba stuff and say again that I loved the timely hits by our guys yesterday. Tex and Jeter – what can you say? They’ve both been amazing. I’d have to agree that Minka is a good influence on Jeet!

    Pete Abe’s outing sounds like it was a lot of fun, Peggy. Glad you went and got to meet other fans and bloggers. I love that they had giveaways too and I wish I could have been there with you! Just to be clear: I do care how many innings Joba threw in college/the minors. And I think fans can be very knowledgeable about baseball matters. No one wants to see a guy get injured. We want Joba to thrive. But four days. Eight days. Four days. Three innings. Then “all hands on deck” in the playoffs? The Rules have been all over the place. I hope I’m wrong and they’re very effective. It just seems like overkill. (And I didn’t even notice the mistakes in your comment. I guess I’m tired too!)

    Thanks for feeling my pain on the video, Jeff. I swear I almost threw this computer into the trash last night.

  14. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Hi there…today is my “day off” that I get once every 2 weeks…so I try to access your blog from home, and our PC is V-e-r-y s-l-o, and prone to MISTEAKS…this is my 3rd time trying to post…Luv’d the stuff today! Great to sweep a team that nearly swept us in Chi-town…don’t have a clue what they’re doing with Joba the Hut, but as Diane & Peggy & others have said, just gotta believe they know what they do…meanwhile…Diane…are you SERIOUS with those latest band you saw? If I’d seen all the acts you & family saw, just this summer, think I’d died and gone to R’n’R Heaven!! Well, hope that (A) Da Bombers can keep it going in Crab
    Town, and (B) that this time, the @#$%!^? thing POSTS!!

  15. crzblue2

    Are most people here experiencing problems posting? I and also at the ITD blog, we had comments being delayed or you are answering a question and your answer is posted before the question.
    Congratulations on the sweeep Jane! Who is your next victim?
    I am looking forward to the Dodgers homestand. It is Military Appreciation week and Saturday is “Viva Los Dodgers” festival. I’ve been going to those since they started. It is a Hispanic festival done in one of the parking lots prior to the game.
    During the homestand, the Dodger Booster club will also be recruiting fans to donate blood for the Blood Drive at Dodger Stadium September 11. I will be working at the table Tuesday night recruiting!

  16. Jane Heller

    I should have used that leash graphic in the post, Erin. Oh, well. Thanks for including it. It says it all.

    Sorry you’ve had so much trouble commenting today, Dave. Thanks for persevering. Well, the Yanks are in your neck of the woods. Do you ever go to Camden Yards? I sure would like some Boog’s BBQ right about now.

    I haven’t had trouble posting, Emma, but we’ll see what happens after I hit “submit!” The Yankees are in Baltimore for a series against the O’s. Sounds like you have a full plate of Dodgers activities. And here’s a pat on the back for working the table at the blood drive. Very generous of you to give your time.

  17. Jane Heller

    They’re very sweet kids, Jenn. My sister got the T-shirts for them. Yankees just beat the O’s, so I’m a happy camper.

  18. raysrenegade

    Always like Andy “P”.
    Ever since a friend of mine who pitched for the Astros told me how he was in the clubhouse. He was one of those quiet leaders who took you by the shoulder and said his piece the disappeared back into the wallpaper.
    It was great to hear he was not putting the cleats up in 2009. I was not even shocked he went back into pinstripes. that is the old comfortable shoe for him, and they needed some one like him to grind out innings.
    And the icing on the cake was his near perfecto.
    He is the one guy still pitching that I hope gets that joy and accolade before he is done. 1-hitters are still magic, but nothing compares to the glow from a no-no.
    Keep you head up and your pitches low Andy………..history is one pitch away.

    Rays Renegade


  19. Jane Heller

    Nice to hear that the players feel that way about Andy, Renegade. I’ve always looked at him as a quiet leader, and was glad the Yankees were able to work out a deal to bring him back yet again.

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