Maybe I Should Have a Yankees YouTube Show Like Him?

On second thought, maybe not. I don’t have a leopard bedspread, and you probably need one to have your own Yankees YouTube show.
By the way, I don’t remember Javier Vazquez ever being a Met. Maybe he was kidding? I do agree with him about Vazquez giving us innings.
But he says of the starting rotation, “The Yankees got a lot of old arms.” We do? Pettitte’s up there, but CC and AJ aren’t and Joba and Hughes really aren’t. Hopefully, I’d be more accurate on my show than he is on his. I also wish I had a New Yawk accent like he does. It would make me sound more authentically Yankee fan-ish. And in his intro, he has photos of himself with lots of star athletes. I only have this one.
For now, I’ll let him “report” from his bedroom while I stick to this blog. But we’ll see what the future holds. Maybe one of these days, I’ll have a SheFanVideos Channel on YouTube. Oh, wait. I already have it.



    Hi Jane!
    Happy Pitchers and Catchers week! I’ve been AWOL in commenting lately, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. The Olympics are entertaining me until Spring Training starts. (Comment: Russians, give it up! Evan so deserved the Gold!!). Winter cannot come to an end too soon here in upstate NY. This morning I opened my sports section to a beautiful picture – Joba pitching while Joe and Dave E. and watched him workout. I loved your picture next to the Jeter bobblehead statue. I went and looked a my picture in the same spot. Wouldn’t it be fun if all She-Fan fans posted their own Jeter statue pics? Just a thought! Kathleen

  2. Jane Heller

    No head shaving, Duque. No big gold necklaces either. And I would definitely wear a pinstriped jersey, not the gray one.

    Thanks, Joe. It’s good to know I’d have an audience of at least one. I guess I don’t follow prospects as closely as I should, since I don’t know about Salcedo. Hope he works out for the Braves.

    Happy Pitchers and Catchers Week to you too, Kathleen. I’ve been watching the Olympics too, and thought Evan did deserve the gold. Just because he didn’t do a quad doesn’t mean he didn’t skate better than the Russian, whose landings weren’t perfect and who didn’t do jumps in the all-important second half of his program! I think you’re right and we all should post pics of ourselves with Jeter’s statue. So if you’ve got one, send it to me and I’ll post it.

    I knew you’d mention the She-Fan doll, Paul. I’d have her co-host the show with me, but she went to spring training early to watch pitchers and catchers. Lucky girl.

  3. theheirloom

    I vote for a show, Jane: A vodcast with a fixed camera, but not in a bedroom. Or, at least get your She-Fan Cam vignettes on a YouTube channel. 🙂

    Oh, did you catch the ESPN report saying Dombrowski’s got a deal for Damon?

  4. Jane Heller

    Virginia, you just made it TWO viewers for my show. LOL. Thanks for the vote of confidence. So you’re crazy about Javier? Have you told Sergio? 🙂

    Now that makes THREE viewers, Randy. Actually, I do have all my She Fan Videos on YouTube. That’s why I posted the link to them! And yes, I did see that the Tigers and Damon had a deal. It’ll be weird seeing him in their uniform, but then it was weird seeing him in a Yankees uniform when he first came over from Boston.

  5. Jane Heller

    Definitely no shaved head, Jason. I loved that video of Carissa too. She was just five years old but had her Yankees cheer down!

  6. Jane Heller

    Ok, but he does earn points for knowing that it IS spring training, Jeff. And that leopard bedspread is pretty snazzy.

  7. parrotheadnj132752

    Ugh, as a Yankee fan he is the type of Yankee fan that I absolutely despise. I can clearly see all of the Yankee stuff he has all over his room. Is that a pinstripe leopard bed spread?

    I did get a valuable tidbit from him though. I now know that we are entering the 2010-2011 season. Prior to his video, I thought that the the upcoming baseball season ran from April to November. So nice to know that it will run from April into 2011 now.

  8. Jane Heller

    The post and comments pretty much address the bedspread, parrothead. And, yes, he should probably take a refresher course in math (or at least baseball 101), but “despise” is a little harsh!

  9. Jane Heller

    Me? Passive aggressive, Mike? LOL. I was just trying to be polite. Sort of.

    He’s a New Yawker, Joe. It’s not how he says stuff. It’s what he’s saying that’s a little off!

  10. parrotheadnj132752

    Jane… No despise is the word that I meant, and no its not harsh. Hate would be harsh. And thanks for the blogging tips though.

    He portrays himself in the video is the type of fan you can not talk intelligently about the Yankees in any conversation. Those types of fans give Yankee fans a bad name, and are the reason NY fans are hated (yes Jane, hated) by other fans around the country.

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