Mission Accomplished! Operation Jeter Countdown Over!

How considerate of the Yankees and Jeter to agree on a deal so we could all go back to our lives. Well, until we start the Countdown for Cliff Lee, which I’m not doing until Monday. I’d rather take the weekend to relish the return of the Captain (and Mo, of course).
For me, today’s Cinema Society movie screening here in Santa Barbara was “Frankie and Alice,” a drama that’s based on a true story and stars Halle Berry as a woman with multiple personalities, one of which is a racist white woman. Here’s the trailer.
Berry produced the film too and it was clearly a labor of love – 11+ years in development. She’s fantastic in it, playing three distinctly different characters at the same time. The movie will open in LA next week to qualify for the Oscars (I can’t believe she won’t get a Best Actress nod), then go wider in January. It’s a low-budget project that was shot in only 22 days, but it’s worth seeing for her performance if nothing else.
Now, everyone knows Berry is gorgeous. But when she walked on the stage after the screening for the Q&A, I have to say the entire audience went, “Ooooh.” She was dressed simply in a sweater and jeans, but looked absolutely beautiful. I wish I had a picture of Michael’s face as he was staring at her, but it was something like this.
We were sitting about 7 rows back so the pic I took is pretty lame.
halle berry copy.jpg
But I raised my hand and asked a question. (No, I didn’t say, “So what was it like to be married to David Justice?”) I asked if she had prepared for the role by watching other movies about multiple personality disorder like “The Three Faces of Eve” and “Sybill.” She said she’d seen them years ago but didn’t want to watch them before making the movie so she wouldn’t try to imitate what the other actresses did. She also said she didn’t meet the woman the movie is based on until after the shooting was done. Then she stayed and answered everybody’s questions for a long time and was very gracious, which I can’t say about every guest we’ve ever had. So go see the movie when it comes out, people, and make Halle happy!


  1. blithescribe

    Congrats on the Derek Jeter signing! I booked it over hear when I caught up on the days news. I’m glad they didn’t drag it out any longer and the Steinbrenner brothers have probably learned a lot for next season from their initial less than graceful handling of this contract negotiation. I think they were trying to make it clear that they would still be tough even without their father to back them and didn’t think about the other messages they were sending or that fact that this wasn’t even the right deal to take that stance on in the first place, a forgivable rookie mistake a lot of folks make in business and one they probably won’t repeat.
    Frankie and Alice sounds really great! It’s going to be tough to choose what to go see in the theatres this season. At the moment I’m dying to see the King’s Speech, Country Strong, the Company Men and the Cohen Brothers True Grit remake.

  2. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    alll i wanted for hannukah was jeter, mo and cliff lee. two down and one to go. since operation jeter was so successful, will you have a daily cliff lee video until we get him? i know it’s not the same since some lee video’s could be of him beating us but i am looking for some good luck charm. with the sox getting gonzalez, i think we need someone beyond signing our own beloved players (which really never was in doubt). i have to think if we have a chance at lee it will help to have our own players resigned so they can help recruit him and without him thinking we don’t take care of our own players. yeah!!!

  3. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I guess my White Sox prediction was wrong about Jeter. I heard they may get rid of Swisher though, which will suck very much. I like him a lot. Wow that’s so cool! I did want to see that movie too. Reminded me of United States of Tara which is a pretty good show. I got to ask a question to Olympia Dukakis at my school once, even though I only knew her from Look Who’s Talking. 22 days of filming though, that’s pretty insane. Also, I watched a little bit of the Gumbo interview… Benicio del toro in a comedy? I guess he was funny in Snatch. Good luck with that! Can’t wait to see it 😀

  4. Jane Heller

    I’m really happy the deal works for both the Yankees and Jeter, blithescribe. The negotiations did have their tense moments, but I doubt that the Steinbrenner boys would do anything differently. Just a hunch. You’ll love The King’s Speech. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are both great. Next up for me is tomorrow’s screening of Barney’s Version in which Paul Giamatti is supposed to give an Oscar worthy performance. Will let you know.

    Yay, Barbara. Two down and one to go is right! (I wouldn’t mind going after Carl Crawford too but I know it’s probably not in the cards.) I’ll start the Cliff Lee Countdown videos on Monday.

    I did celebrate tonight, Geoffh. Went out for dinner with friends and had a nice time.

    I didn’t hear that the Yankees might get rid of Swisher, seindsfeld, unless you mean if they signed Crawford. In that case, they’d have to trade Swisher, Gardner or Grandy and the odd man out would probably be Swisher. Don’t think it will happen though. Hope you enjoyed watching Literary Gumbo.

  5. abby1306

    So happy about the Jeter deal. Now I can sleep again, lol! I hope the Cliff Lee countdown will work it’s magic too. 🙂

    The movie seems to be really great. Exactly the type of movie I like to watch. So I can’t wait until it’s out here. Glad you had fun yesterday! 🙂
    – Nadine

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    “He went away…and you came around…
    It bothered me every night…
    And I wouldn’t go back on him…but you said things that weren’t very nice…
    My Captain’s back, and you’re gonna be in trouble
    (Hey-la, Hey-LA…my Captain’s back!)
    If you see him swingin’, look out, it could be a double
    (Hey-la, Hey-LA…my Captain’s back!)
    You’ve been spreadin’ lies that he won’t be true-oo
    (Hey-la, Hey-LA…my Captain’s back!)
    So look out now, he’ll be comin’ after YOU-oo!!”
    Hey-la…OH STOP IT, I know…sorry, got carried away…
    — with apologies to The Angels, NOT The L.A. kind —
    Anyway, it’s good to have all that mess resolved. Thank good-ness. I have a “Mr. Lee” parody all set to assault you with, whenever the time comes…it can wait…
    And yes, that movie DOES look fascinating, as does Halle. No wonder Michael was drooling. Keep up the good work on both scenes, beisbol and movies, while we go down to NC yet again for more legal and contract hassles, no need to belabor…and enjoy ALL the holidaze…!

  7. Jane Heller

    Yup, now you can sleep, Nadine. LOL. It’s amazing how we all got so caught up in the Jeter thing. When you think about it, the negotiations really didn’t last that long. But there was drama for awhile where. Whew.

    Thanks for the song parody, Dave. I used to like “My Boyfriend’s Back,” so I like your version too. Safe travels to NC and may you have a happy, stress-free holiday if we don’t see you again here until the new year.

    I have no doubt that the Cliff Lee Countdown will be more complicated, Paul. But at least there won’t be any rancor back and forth. He’ll either sign in the end with the Yankees or he won’t. And I’ll either be disappointed or I won’t. (Sure hope it’s the latter.)

    You didn’t like “The Kids Are Alright,” Melissa? Wow. I guess that’s why my mother always said, “Each to his own.” I thought it was a nearly perfect movie – good story, good acting (Annette Bening is practically a shoo-in for Best Actress unless Natalie Portman wins), funny, truthful. Oh well. Funny video you posted. I think there were a lot of “Hallelujahs” at shopping malls in NY when word came down that Jeter had signed.

  8. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Halle is beautiful and the movie sounds great. We watched “The Kids are Alright” last night and were very disappointed. Bad dialogue and the “family” seemed like they had just met each other.

    As for Jeter, I think the following video was shot in a NY mall when the woman on her cell phone heard Jeter had signed. (It may take a while to load)


    And he shall reign for ever and ever – indeed!!!

  9. Jane Heller

    So you love Halle too, Jeff? I think every guy in the theater was drooling when she walked in. But the women will have their turn next Saturday when Javier Bardem shows up to promote his new film. I will be drooling for sure.

  10. Jane Heller

    HAHA, I think you have Javier Bardem mixed up with Benecio Del Toro, Melissa. It’s Benecio who’s attached to An Ex to Grind. But I’ll find a way to talk to Javier about something. After the Q&A with him, there’s a private reception that I’m going to, and if I don’t totally chicken out I’ll walk up to him and say hi (and try not to embarrass myself with the drool).

  11. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Will you get a chance to talk to Javier about “An Ex to Grind”? I’d be drooling also. I’d drool when Halle walked in too.


  12. zkonedog

    I couldn’t have imagined Mo or Jeter in any other uniform. As much as I am frustrated by your team’s inherent advantages over mine, I have the utmost respect for those two players and can’t understand (especially in Jeter’s case) why he is booed so much in opposing stadiums. I’d trade any of our shortstops in team history for him!

  13. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Three things to comment on, because MLB hasn’t let me comment all day!

    1- While we were watching “the Kids Are All Right” I was actually wondering if it played differently out in California. There is a cultural shift from the east coast to the west in the way people talk and it did cross my mind that maybe that was why the dialogue didn’t sound right to me.

    2- I do know the difference between Javier and Benecio – just forgot who was going to be in Ex To Grind – probably wishful thinking on my part! I wonder if Javier will bring Penelope Cruz to your screening. She is also extremely beautiful.

    3- I FINALLY had a 1/2 hour to sit and watch Literary Gumbo. Loved the theme music! I loved it Jane! You were really interesting and I loved hearing all the stories about those authors. It’s pretty amazing how things have changed with the internet, isn’t it?

    So now you get to meet famous movie actors, back then, you met famous authors! You do lead a charmed life. I laughed out loud when I heard your Today Show story.

    Thanks for sending us that link!


  14. Jane Heller

    Very gracious comment, zkonedog. I guess Jeter gets booed around baseball because he’s good. Simple as that. Fans like to give the enemy a hard time – especially when that enemy is a Yankee.

    I hadn’t thought of that regarding the movie, Melissa. Maybe the dialogue does track differently between east coast and west coast audiences, although the reviews in the east coast media were almost uniformly good, weren’t they? Food for thought in any case. I wish Javier were attached to Ex to Grind (maybe he’d like to play another one of my heroes?), but Benecio is the one who got the deal done and I’m rooting for him to make the movie happen. *Crossing fingers* So you watched me on “Gumbo” and you weren’t bored by all the publishing stuff? That’s great! I wish I’d had time to tell the whole Today show story – it’s pretty funny and I always tell it when I do signings – but I’m just glad those panicky days are behind me and I can do interviews cold turkey!

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