Day 7 of “Operation Jeter Countdown”

Since things are humming along with the negotiations (or so everyone’s reporting), I thought tonight’s video should reflect Jeter’s sweet side. It shows him emerging from a Starbucks, his favorite haunt, with a small crowd of fans wanting an autograph. Notice how he doesn’t sign for anyone – except the little boy. All together now: “Awwwwwwwww.”
Also notice how he’s able to do four things at once: sign the kid’s baseball, hold his Starbucks cup, talk on his cell phone and walk down the street. Who says he’s not multi-talented.


  1. antonella

    HAHA. I wish he would have took a picture with the kid but heyy, I’ll settle. LOL! the kid was too adorable running around screaming DEREK DEREK DEREK! LOL!

    If I did that, Jeet would probably call security on me. LOL!

    I think we’re close Jane! This deal is looking realistic now. *high five*

  2. geoffh

    Little did Derek know that it was part of a sting operation and he had inadvertently signed a 2 year deal with the Red Sox.

    The kid was a plant: The giveaway is the red shirt he’s wearing underneath the pinstripes and Derek was too busy juggling to notice.

    Notice also how they expertly managed to divert Jorge away from the scene of the crime?


  3. abby1306

    I love this one. Jeter is surely multi-talented. I hope he uses this skill to get the deal done soon. 🙂 The kid is so adoreable and I’m happy he signed the ball for him.

    So funny how Jorge is suddenly gone and everyone only concentrates on Jeter. xD

    I hope there are more good news at the end of “my” day. 😉
    – Nadine


    Our Man, the Captain. How GREAT to see him do that for the kid.
    Like many a sports geek, I’ve had my share of awkward moments asking for an auty-graph. Mostly, though, it’s been a captive audience where the jock/ex-jock was at a function where he more or less HAD to sign. On the street, that’s another ballgame altogether…
    My Dear Wife had an autographing experience in her early she-fan days that she’s never forgotten. She’s told me often about how, as a Washington Senators fan in the ’60s, her fave player was a pitcher, Dick Donovan. She’d go to D.C. Stadium (now RFK) to watch him pitch. One “lucky” day, she & her dad happened to see Dick and the Nats getting ready to board their bus…she went over to him and shyly asked for his autograph…and he turned her down flat. That was the last day of her Dick Donovan fanhood…

  5. junojen

    Very cute! Remind me to rent a kid the next time I want to get someone’s autograph. haha!

    Jeter will be back in the Pinstripes – absolutely – otherwise it would be like the Sox trading Nomar… OOPS.

    Happy Holidays, Jane!


  6. Jane Heller

    They would have called security on me too, Antonella. I would not have approached him as quietly and politely as that kid did. LOL. Yes, we’re close! It’s just possible that tonight’s Countdown on this blog could be the last and we can declare “Mission Accomplished.” Three years/19 mill? Could be.

    It did look like Jorge wanted no part of that scrum, Geoffh. But then he’s probably used to it. He and Jeter go to Starbucks together all the time and Jeter is the one everybody’s screaming for.

    There will be good news, Nadine. Everyone’s reporting that the deal could be done by the end of the weekend and that mean tomorrow for most of us!

    Your wife’s story is all too common, Dave, and it’s such a shame. If athletes only understood how much it means to sign an autograph or take a pic with someone who worships them, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to say no (or say nothing at all). Someone I know had that experience with AJ, and I have to admit it colors how I feel about him now.

    Sounds like the Tigers are all set with the signings they’ve already made, Mike. That deal for Victor Martinez was a surprise.

    Happy Holidays to you, Jen. Hope everything’s great in your world.

    Does Tommy Lee have a Starbucks in his house, Paul? (You’ve been watching the E Network?) Jeter could easily put one in that giant new place he built in Tampa.

  7. raysrenegade

    I know when I used to sign for people, the kids always got my initial attention. I had nothing against the adults, except the autograph hounds who used to get signed collectibles then get them on eBay that night.
    Kids form a special bond within athletes since we want them to see and know the same great things we experienced growing up and getting the chance to play.
    Besides, it always meant more to me to see a kid raise my signed item to the skies and scream loud and clear about the newly cherished belonging.

    Rays Renegade

  8. Jane Heller

    I know, ladyjane! And it only took a week of Operation Countdown! Very glad we can all move on with our lives. lol.

  9. Jane Heller

    I agree that the kids should get special treatment, Renegade. They’re so innocent and wide-eyed when they approach players and they’re so exciting when they walk away with an autograph, as opposed to the adults you mentioned who go straight to eBay.

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