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Mission Accomplished! Operation Jeter Countdown Over!

How considerate of the Yankees and Jeter to agree on a deal so we could all go back to our lives. Well, until we start the Countdown for Cliff Lee, which I’m not doing until Monday. I’d rather take the weekend to relish the return of the Captain (and Mo, of course).
For me, today’s Cinema Society movie screening here in Santa Barbara was “Frankie and Alice,” a drama that’s based on a true story and stars Halle Berry as a woman with multiple personalities, one of which is a racist white woman. Here’s the trailer.
Berry produced the film too and it was clearly a labor of love – 11+ years in development. She’s fantastic in it, playing three distinctly different characters at the same time. The movie will open in LA next week to qualify for the Oscars (I can’t believe she won’t get a Best Actress nod), then go wider in January. It’s a low-budget project that was shot in only 22 days, but it’s worth seeing for her performance if nothing else.
Now, everyone knows Berry is gorgeous. But when she walked on the stage after the screening for the Q&A, I have to say the entire audience went, “Ooooh.” She was dressed simply in a sweater and jeans, but looked absolutely beautiful. I wish I had a picture of Michael’s face as he was staring at her, but it was something like this.
We were sitting about 7 rows back so the pic I took is pretty lame.
halle berry copy.jpg
But I raised my hand and asked a question. (No, I didn’t say, “So what was it like to be married to David Justice?”) I asked if she had prepared for the role by watching other movies about multiple personality disorder like “The Three Faces of Eve” and “Sybill.” She said she’d seen them years ago but didn’t want to watch them before making the movie so she wouldn’t try to imitate what the other actresses did. She also said she didn’t meet the woman the movie is based on until after the shooting was done. Then she stayed and answered everybody’s questions for a long time and was very gracious, which I can’t say about every guest we’ve ever had. So go see the movie when it comes out, people, and make Halle happy!