Never Mind The Stats And Head-To-Head Comparisons

I’m bored with all of that. If I have to read one more article about the brilliance we can expect from the Texas Rangers tomorrow night, I’ll scream.
There’s only one way to judge the opposition’s capabilities and that’s by listening to their hitters’ walk-up music. Seriously. Take a second so you can hear what the Rangers picked to pump them up.
OK, let’s start with Elvis Andrus’ pick: “Say Aah.” That song wouldn’t motivate anybody to get a hit. It would send me right to the doctor for a checkup.
say aah.jpg
Michael Young’s choice of “Sabotage” would be appropriate – if he wanted to strike out with the bases loaded.
I find it hard to believe that Ian Kinsler steps in to Ram Jam’s “Black Betty.” I mean hasn’t he heard that the song is used at Yankee Stadium when we’re about to send a pitcher to the showers?
I don’t know what to say about Nelson Cruz’s “Prrrum” except the word sounds an awful lot like “broom.”
Josh Hamilton’s music is about Jesus, which must be inspirational for him. And the translation of Vladdie’s “Traigo Fuego” is “I bring fire,” which is cool. And I guess Justin Smoak’s “Backwoods” works in a “Deliverance” sort of way.
(Note: As my friend Drew at the My Pinstripes blog pointed out, Smoak is with the Mariners now. I kept him in there because I liked the “Deliverance” reference. Couldn’t help myself.)
Well, there you have it – my assessment of the Rangers and their tunes. Yeah, I’m nervous about this series. I’ve been itching for it to start and now my stomach is in a knot. The good news is that CC – our ace, our rock, our horse, our whatever-you-want-to-call-him – will be on the mound. Oh, and there’s the fact that we’re the New York Yankees, the reigning World Champions. No small thing.
P.S. Only a few more hours to weigh in on the Crumbs Yankees cupcakes contest. If you haven’t done it yet, do it right here!


  1. beckers46

    Jane, you’re so funny! Yeah, these tunes are kind of sad. I do admire Josh Hamilton for opening up about his past. I read that his team sprayed him with ginger ale, instead of alcohol, when Texas won the division. Sadly, I have to work all day tomorrow. My kid sister will text me all the good game stuff. I should make it home by the 8th inning. I’m not sure what to predict yet. I am looking forward to the rubber game between Andy and Cliff Lee. Fingers crossed that the Yanks buy Lee during the offseason. I would love to see the Yankees vs. the Giants in the World Series. My grandfather rooted for the NY Giants back in the day. Good night, fans! – Becky :0)

  2. Jane Heller

    Sorry you have to work during most of the game, Becky, but I know you’ll find a way to stay on top of it. Fingers crossed that we “buy” Lee? LOL. That’s telling it like it is. It would be fun for us here in California to see the Giants in the WS but I just want the Yanks to get there most of all.

  3. levelboss

    on the eve of the 2010 ALCS, i issue forth my battle cry..

    LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    that cracked me up and was a great way to start the day. i woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep because first i was so excited that the ALCS is finally here and then i started worrying. cc isn’t great with lots of rest, what if he isn’t good. hughes was great in the last two games but he’s young and inconsistent what if he isn’t great. then it’s cliff lee followed by aj. so many reasons to fear. i felt just what you said: “I’ve been itching for it to start and now my stomach is in a knot.”
    ok we need the good cc and the bats to hit and mariano to not do what he did against them in the regular season. i think i’ll be knitting a lot during the game to stay sane.


    I’m very nervous too, Jane. From the match up’s, I can easily see the home teams losing in the first four games – like with Tampa and Texas. It’s so unlike The Yankees to not have home-field advantage in any of the post-season rounds but they are The Yankees and with the amazing fans they have behind them they have a good shot at making it to the World Series again.

    I got tickets last minute for “So You Think You Can Dance” at the Nassau Coliseum so we are going to miss the beginning of the game but hopefully when we tune in after the show we will bring the team luck like we did when we went to the show at C.W. Post.

    C.C. is so strong and with some well-needed rest he should be unbeatable…and go long into the game. Let’s hope so, anyway. GO YANKEES!!!


    I’m glad someone is focusing on the important issues of the playoffs! This data has about as much relevance as some of the stuff they talk about on TV. Most of that music was just not to my taste. I’m sure we could come up with a better list of tunes for them.

    Maybe Andrus should use “Calling Elvis” by Dire Straits. For this series, I would pick a song by the “other” Elvis (Costello) – “I Can’t Stand Up for Fallin’ Down.”

    Michael Young can have “The Young & The Hopeless” by Good Charlotte.

    Vlad can have “I’ll Go Down Swinging” by the Knitters.

    For Cruz, I’d use “Cruise to Nowhere” by Steve Quelet.

    And Hamilton can have “Pain In My Ribs” by Sleaze and Reklews. (You can’t make this stuff up! )

    Okay, I’ve gotta stop, I’ve got things to do!

    I am feeling quietly confident. I watched the YES preview show last night and CC discussed how he is doing things a little differently due to the long rest (an extra bullpen this time).

    And Barbara, you and I are definitely cosmically connected! Guess what I do during games to relax? Yup, knit! (Perhaps we’ll have to sing Vlad’s song above.)


  7. rrrt

    And Smoak’s not even a Ranger anymore. I guess he’s up in the “Backwoods” of Washington now after being traded to Seattle for Lee. Gotta admit I’ve never heard of most of these songs. Well, I’ve heard of the Beastie Boys, but have never cared for their music. “Black Betty” – wow, there’s an oldie. Has a great beat, though.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  8. Jane Heller

    What tunes would I choose as my walk-up music, Mike? I’ll have to think about that one. Off the top of my head I’d probably pick “Breakdown” by Tom Petty because that’s what I’d be having if I had to hit in front of 50,000 people.

    Yeah, Peter. Bring it on. But you have to wait another day for your game. That bites.

    I woke up early too, Barbara, and bolted out of bed hoping I hadn’t overslept and missed the game. Totally out of sync. I’m not thinking about CC’s extra rest or Hughes’ inconsistency or any of it. I made up my mind not to go there today and just enjoy the fact that we’re finally getting this series started. Of course I reserve the right to get nervous again right before the first pitch. Can you knit a Yankees sweater or blanket?

    HAHA, Jeff. So true. Maybe there should be a song about Jeet-uh. I’m surprised there isn’t, actually.

    If you say so, Paul. I think I’ll leave it off my iPod.

    Having home field advantage would be great, Diane, but I remember last year when the Yanks came out here to play the Angels. We’d had such misery playing in Anaheim and I was sure we’d lose in that stadium as we had so many times before. But we came through. We can do this too! Sorry you’ll miss the beginning of the game but we’ll hold down the fort in your absence. Have fun!

    Melissa, your suggestions are brilliant! I happen to love the Dire Straits’ “Calling Elvis.” (Actually, that song was on one of Mark Knopfler’s solo albums, but close enough.) “I’ll Go Down Swinging” for Vlad just cracked me up. And “Pain in my Ribs?” That was the librarian/researcher in you tracking down the perfect reference. Fantastic. Since you’re a knitter like Barbara, I expect you both to knit us a Yankees something (blanket, sweater, etc.) I wanted pictures.

    You’re right about Smoak, Sue, and I added a note to that effect. Didn’t want to mislead anybody. I’m not a fan of the Beastie Boys either, and none of these songs would make my top ten list for any reason. But I’m not exactly in their demographic. lol.


    the only yankee thing i knit was a wrist band for my dad (blue with a white ny) which he said improved his tennis game! living in boston where i hear the yankees on the radio more than watching it is a perfect to do while listening. during the playoffs it seems to help me not freak out quite as much. i like making socks but now i am working on scarfs for presents. melissa, have you knitted any yankee items? just over 8 hours until game time! go cc


    Oh-Kay. You had to ask. You’re in my wheelhouse now.
    Get pleasantries done with first…Melissa, what a GREAT job you did with your tunes! And I recognize, from everyone, that this stuff is & should be SO personal…and too, you’d expect (a) hiphop/R&B for the bruthas, (b) salsa/soca for the Hispanics, (c) Christian pop/rock for Josh and whoever, and (d) good ol’ C&W for the country boys. So what does that leave a poor ol’ urban whiteboy like me?
    ROCK. Powerful stuff. Masculine, not macho. Back in the day when I got PSYCHED for every big softball game…and we had our share…it was ’70s stuff, like RamJam, but not that. Guitar riffs — strong — simple — but with a WALLOP.
    My two sons asked me awhile back if there was ANY modern band I really liked, since like maybe 1990. Had to admit: the one I do pick, with all those qualities, also has a name that fits for our boys…COLLECTIVE SOUL.
    Seriously. Check out the opening/main guitar riffs to “Shine” — or “Gel” — or “Precious Declaration” — or “Heavy” — or another fave, “Where The River Flows.” Now we’re talking POWER. Something to bring into the batter’s box. No more fear of the other guys. Bring It On.

  11. Jane Heller

    OK, Barbara, we could all use a Yankees scarf so maybe that’s our next contest giveaway! Knit your heart out!

    Thanks for the music recommendations, Dave. If anyone knows this subject it’s you. Will check out those tunes you mentioned. Rock on.

    Nope, not our cup of tea, Jenn, but if it gets our guys going they can play anything they want!

    Melissssssssa! I want that blankie! It’s huge though, so it looks like it would take forever to sew. I totally covet it.

  12. mlbmom

    Jane –


    Living in the south, there is RANGER garb everywhere…now…whereas for the last 30 years, none.

    So, today…at the FEDEX store…I in my YANKEE shirt and Megan in her NYY jacket…FEDEX dude says (LOUDLY) “RANGERS ROCK!! RANGERS ARE SO AWESOME. YOU GUYS ARE GOING DOWN IN FOUR.” (he sounds alot like the sea turtles in Nemo, if you need audio insight).

    Fine. Whatever. I have my two year old with me. I am not having a rumble at FEDEX. I said, “May the best team win.”


    I said, “Great pickups – getting Vlad and Cliff Lee this year.”


    Yeah. Huge fan, dude…

    CLiff Lee – Schmiff Lee.


    2) 6 GAMES
    6) SADLY, NO……and I’d give up cupcakes to be wrong about AJ.

    Hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jack for dinner here…its our lucky meal….



  13. Jane Heller

    Great story, Wendy. I had a feeling there would be a funny punch line and there was. “Who are they?” LOL. The guy didn’t know Vlad and Lee? Obviously, he hasn’t been watching “his Rangers” at all. Either that or he was messing with you. Regarding the contest, I wish I could include your entry but the deadline was Thursday night and your time stamp says Friday afternoon. You can order the cupcakes from Crumbs if you still want them. (Really sorry.) Glad you’ll be having the lucky meal tonight. Here in CA we’ll be doing the same: rally turkey burgers.

  14. Jane Heller

    Your boys are looking awfully tough, Jonestein. I don’t know what to expect from this series except that it should be a really competitive one.

  15. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Yipeeeeeee …it’s finally here …the start of the ALCS !!! It seems like an eternity since the last game. I’m off to the city to watch with my Yankee Meetup Group. It’s going to be a big crowd. I can’t wait for all the fun to begin especially with a big Yankee WIN !!!!

    Unfortunately I was shutout of WS tickets at the pre-sale today… :(. Hopefully I can still get them through the regular sale but it is highly doubtful. What a bummer although I’ve been fortunate enough to get tickets to both the Division and Championship Series so I really shouldn’t complain. Maybe I’ll luck out yet for the WS …I’ll just think
    positively (like I am about the Yankees getting to the Series)…

    Here’s to a terrific game by CC and the boys ….everyone
    ENJOY !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

    P.S. I’m actually typing this from my very own computer in my very own house….YAY !!!!

  16. Jane Heller

    Yup, it’s finally here, Peggy. It does feel like an eternity since we’ve had baseball. Have a great time with your friends and fellow fans. I’m sure I’ll be able to hear you cheering all the way across the country. Sorry about the WS tix though. Doesn’t stubhub usually have them when the time comes or are they a fortune? Congrats on being home!

  17. nyyfaninvt

    Less than three hours to go – it’s finally almost here!

    I’ve already eaten a meatball sandwich with my lucky spaghetti sauce. I made cute Yankee cupcakes for dessert and delivered one to my she-fan friend Donna (who is reading your book, Jane, and enjoying it – said it has her laughing out loud because she recognizes herself). The house is clean, the television room is warming up – just need these next hours to fly by. I don’t remember the wait being this tortuous last year – I think I’ve achieved a higher level of she-fandom.

    Gooooo Yankeeeeeeees!!!!

  18. Jane Heller

    Just read your comment, Audrey, and now it’s only TWO hours to go! So you’ve already downed the lucky meatballs and spaghetti sauce? Sounds like you’re not taking any chances. I’m sure your Yankees cupcakes are adorable (send a pic if you can) and I’m so happy your friend Donna is enjoying the book (laughing out loud is good). Now let the game begin!

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