She-Fan Exclusive: Suzyn Waldman Interviews Nolan Ryan

You won’t find this clip anywhere else. I flew to Arlington, stood outside the office of Rangers president Nolan Ryan, and overheard our own Suzyn chatting up Nolan. I cracked open the door, focused the She-Fan Cam and here’s the result.
Only a few more nights until the action gets underway in Arlington. So if you haven’t entered the Crumbs Yankees cupcakes contest or want to revise your predictions, click here. You have until Thursday night at midnight PT.


  1. YankeeCase

    So what? lol…

    They sounded like the Delaware Senate debate last night…!

    And I’ve never heard Suzyn sound so passionate talking Yanks! lol. You know she’s not the excitable type! ;P

    I can’t stand this whole waiting stuff. The series should start tomorrow, not Friday. They shouldn’t schedule the start of series until both are completed. That way we can go immediately into the next round with maybe a day off in between. If the Rangers swept the Rays, the ALCS still would have started on Friday. Basketball and hockey seem to get along fine that way. But it’s all about the money, isn’t it? At least it’s not long enough where we’d possibly see Cliff Lee like 8 times! (jokes) Two starts is enough from that guy! But almost a whole week without a Yankee game?! Ack!

    I just…

    I just need my Yankee fix!!

    Whew… (ahem) Sorry. I’ll be ok again on Friday…


    Oh my goodness! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! Suzyn should’ve said that and then it would’ve been perfect. But it was still hilarious. Isn’t Sterling’s HR call for Granderson include something like “Oh Curtis you’re something sort of grandish”? Or did he drop that already? I’m with Yankee Case. The waiting for the ALCS has been almost unbearable. Crossing my fingers for the Cablevision and Fox dispute to resolve itself or else myself and other Cablevision carriers won’t be able to watch the NLCS or WS in NY or Philly. Corporate greed makes me sick.


    Oh yeah before I forget Jane, here are my predictions for the cupcake contest.

    1) Which team will win the ALCS? Yankees

    2) How many games will the ALCS go? 6 games

    3) Who will be the ALCS MVP? A-Rod. He’s due for a great postseason series now.

    4) Will a manager or player get ejected during the ALCS? No one will be ejected

    5) How many appearances will Mo make? 4 times

    6) Will the Good A.J. show up? Toughie but I have faith and will say yes.


  4. ooaooa

    I’ll find out today if I have tickets for next week. I’m meeting with my ortho surgeon/ticket partner today to schedule my double knee replacement for next month. (after the world series of course) If I get tickets and am up to going I will look for Suzyn in the Gate 2 parking garage and tell her you still think enough of her to use her in the blog! If you recall I did mention you to her last year in the garage. Maybe she will reconsider that lunch she owes you.


    That was an inspired piece of silliness Ms. Jane! “So what, we have . . .” ha ha!!!

    Sometimes Sterling does say “oh Curtis, you’re something sort of grandish” (It’s from a song from the musical “Finian’s Rainbow”), but sometimes he just croaks out the Grandy Man can. He told a great story a few weeks ago about Chita Rivera visiting the booth. Don’t remember the lead up, but it ended with Chita saying “Don’t sing!” to Sterling.

    Yes, like you, I am going through withdrawal. Let the games begin already!!!!!


  6. mikeeff

    completely demented i totally loved it. and i think you’re rather grandish for having made this for us. i gotta figure out my picks for the contest…

  7. Jane Heller

    Was the Delaware senate debate that bad, YankeeCase? lol. We’re having some pretty crazy debates for Governor of California. I can’t wait until the election’s over so I won’t have to see the commercials anymore or get the recorded phone calls. I totally agree about the waiting. It’s nonsense to have all these extra days. The other series finished in five games, so the Rangers should have been forced to go right into the next series. Grrrr.

    I forgot to put “Goodness gracious” in there, Leo. Good call. Sterling does say the “grandish” thing now and then, but I figured enough was enough. I’m with you and YankeeCase; the waiting is unbearable. I just hope the players stay sharp and ready. Really sorry to hear about the cable issue. That’s just plain torture! And thanks for your contest entry. Good luck!

    The hardest thing about doing these videos, Peter, is to get the computer to pronounce the names. It don’t do Teixeira, for example, unless I type in “Tesheyra.”

    I hope you get the tickets, John. And if you see Suzyn, tell her….Actually, don’t tell her anything. The last response you got was enough to last me awhile. Sheesh. I wouldn’t have lunch even if she paid!

    Yes, Sterling does love his show tunes, Melissa. I remember when he did the “grandish” thing and everybody was wondering where it came from – until he enlightened us with the “Finian’s Rainbow” reference. And how he’s doing “Sir Lancelot” for Berkman? Oh, that John. Yes, withdrawal. We’re all suffering. At least when the season is over, it’s over. This is just a big tease.

    I tried to present Suzyn so your ears wouldn’t bleed, Jeff. I did a pretty good job, right? No blood anywhere.

    “Demented” is the exact word Michael used, Mike. I showed him the video and he shook his head and said, “Demented.” And then he laughed. Life is never dull around here. Yes, you’d better figure out your picks for the contest. Today’s the last day!


    Yeah Jane as I said this dispute really comes down to corporate greed from Cablevision and unfortunately, the customers are stuck in the middle of it. I don’t see why they don’t understand that they will lose a significant amount of customers if they really can’t settle this dispute. In March, people in NY almost couldn’t watch the Oscars because of the dispute between ABC and Cablevision. But Fox is on a whole another level. That’s football, the baseball playoffs, and their hit popular shows that they’ll be depriving us in NY and Philly. If you’re interested in reading up about it more, the link is


    Too funny, She-Fan…ya done it agin!!
    Yes, it’s been a long wait — but since it’s been a wait during the week, when we east coasters have to actually go to bed and get up early, it’s saved us all a few nights of torture — at my advancing age, there’s only so many midnight rides I can take without using adult beverages to support them — and the 4-hour “naps” after a Yanks game before rising for work are NEVER restful, win or lose.
    ESPN’s latest smarmy stats show a map of the USA, and they Ask The Nation who will win it all, reporting results state by state. Texas and Okla. picked the Rangers — NY State picked our Bombers — and THE OTHER 47 picked the Phillies. Not even your Golden State dared to pick the Giants. So now, who are the underdogs again??
    Actually, I love that stuff. Keep rating our boys nice and low. At the same time, I love how Da Bloggerz are pretty consistent with their Cupcake Pix — seems like the vast majority pick Yanks in six, with no ejections, and Mo having four appearances. I’m hearing the strains of a lovely Beach Boys opus (that’s MY kinda show tunes!), singin’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”… Well, at the very least, it’s good vibrations…!

  10. Jane Heller

    True about having this time to rest up, Dave. But I’m ready to go now! I’m not surprised by the ESPN stats map, although it’s a shame that people in California didn’t pick the Giants. Maybe, like everything else about the state, baseball is ungovernable too. Lots of Dodgers, Angels and Padres fans here. As for people picking the Yankees, do we really think they would? Of course not. It’s very trendy to hate the Yanks, you know that.

  11. Jane Heller

    HAHAHA, Paul. The derangement never left. I actually thought about interviewing the She-Fan doll last night but nixed it. The ink on her face is fading. I need to take her to the doll hospital.

  12. Jane Heller

    Ah, now that you mention the Oscars, Leo, I do remember the dispute between ABC and Cablevision and how it went right down to the wire. I think there were problems with Time Warner cable too over $$. Sorry you have to deal with it and obviously I hope it gets resolved in the nick of time.

  13. Jane Heller

    Wow. Thanks for stopping by and being so upbeat about AJ, Renegade. lol. I think we’re all aware of his stats, but we’re hopeful he’ll do well in spite of them. Miracles happen.

  14. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    So here’s the thing ….I think AJ pitched bad for a reason. He wanted to lull the baseball world into a false sense of security so that he could KILL ’em in the playoffs. He will be the “hero” (not a meatball hero either). He will have Yankee fans chanting his name instead of booing him. He will be the man of the hour (hopefully lasting 2-3 hours in the game)…AJ will finally be the MAN …the MAN with the Golden Arm. He will be the Yankee MVP of the Post Season…Go AJ !!!!

    Ok, ok …so I might be living in Fantasyland but I do hope AJ can give us a decent start ….keep us in the game. He’s a Yankee, I’m a Yankee fan and I’ll be cheering for him as hard as I would any other Yankee. I’m hoping AJ pitches the 2nd greatest game of his life (he pitched the first last year in the World Series). If he can do it once ..he can do it again. To quote George Michael… “Cause YOU gotta have faith”.

    GO Yankees 2010 !!!

  15. raysrenegade

    As long as Nolan Ryan doesn’t have any Robin Ventura flashbacks, we will all be safe in our seats.
    Stillgot a huge blwn up photo of a uniform bloody Ryan standing overtop of a bewildered Ventura.
    Got a feeling no one better charge any of his players…They have the owner to answer to…..
    Going to be a great series, but still think A J Burnett is your version of the Rays James Shields this season.
    Burnett’s ERA is the highest of any Yankee starter ever who threw more than 180 innings…..Hopefully C C Sabathia will want to throw after 4 days rest, or a rain out gets him 5 days…..Just sayin’

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Peggy, I like your Fantasyland and sometimes fantasies do come true. It’s very possible AJ will give us a decent start and I’ll be cheering for him too. Sounds like Cervelli will catch him. I’m not wild about that part and wish he and Posada could have figured it out. We need Jorge’s bat.

  17. Jane Heller

    Glad to be of service, Audrey. I’m counting the hours too. I just looked at the clock and said, “This time tomorrow we’ll only have three hours to go.”

  18. Jane Heller

    I don’t blame you for going to DirecTV, yellowbizz. When my cable company, Cox, was in a stalemate with MLB over the Extra Innings Package, I thought about moving to DirecTV. But I can’t have a dish where I live so I’m lucky the dispute was resolved.


    not as amusing as you jane, but i just watched kim jones’ interview of 4 bullpen members and i found it kind of funny. i am so itching for yankees that i am watching all the video i can find. i have to laugh at myself when i watch radio interviews on video. yes that means i’m ready for baseball. although anticipation is less stressful than what i fear the real games will be.

  20. Jane Heller

    That’s so funny, Barbara. I watched the same video! Wasn’t it a riot how Joba would only give one word answers at the beginning? Such a kidder. They do all seem to like each other and Wood has made himself right at home – a good thing. You just gave me an idea for tonight’s post: reducing stress during the game tomorrow night.

  21. Jane Heller

    Dealing with unusual names is part of the fun of making these videos, Sue. Sometimes even the phonetic spelling doesn’t work, so you have to be inventive. You should try one.

    I should have added that, jes14850. Those Canali ads are so delicious. I love seeing Mo looking so dapper! Our wait will be over soon and by this time tomorrow night we’ll be watching baseball.

  22. YankeeCase

    Sorry Jane for going off here, but…

    It’s funny seeing this stuff about how Cablevision is the evil perpetrator, the greedy corporation out to steal little kids’ candy, and TV series, and more importantly for us, baseball.

    Fox is owned by News Corp, which is a huge media conglomerate, as is ABC’s owners, Disney. It’s easy to rail against Cablevision when all you see on TV and print is how the customer is getting screwed because somehow Fox isn’t being fairly compensated. Trust me, neither side really care about any of us. They all just want our money. It just so happens that we’re going to be the ones suffering for all this corporate greed.

    It’s true that the agreement ended, but that was a while ago. The signal has been ongoing as they continued negotiations, month to month. But it’s not Cablevision that’s shutting down the signal. It’s Fox that is choosing to pull their signal from Cablevision right in the middle of October. It was ABC that pulled their signal a day before the Oscars. Trust me, they know what they’re doing. All those commercials painting Fox as the benevolent victim? It’s about getting a rise against the big bad cable company. Why did Fox turn down the offer of arbitration to avoid all this? Could it be to get a bigger windfall?

    I’m not defending Cablevision, but let the facts be known. Both sides equally deserve your hate, or annoyance, however it may affect you. There’s plenty of real, independent and unbiased articles out there.

    I could really care less who gets richer out of all this. In the end I just care about baseball. I just want to see my Yankees play if they do go on to the World Series. But if Fox does pull the plug as a negotiation ploy, let’s be sure to focus our anger at both corporate giants, and call both companies and complain. Neither one are angels…

    Call your local congressmen and vent. New York State legislators and House Reps are already getting tired of these high stakes games of chicken, with the only losers in the outcome being their constituents. They’re calling on the FCC to find a regulatory fix before this happens again, with say Time Warner or Cox and another network in a few months.

    Sorry everyone for going totally off tangent, but the truth must be told! Equal anger for both! Only baseball from me going forward, I promise! Let’s Go Yankees!!!

  23. cs918

    I want some of whatever Peggy is having!! 🙂

    and I soooo absolutely agree with YankeeCase on equal anger for both Cablevision and Fox! Well said.. very well said.

  24. Jane Heller

    Thanks for presenting the other side of the cable argument, YankeeCase. Those of us who aren’t affected don’t really know the in’s and out’s of the situation, but I do hope it’s settled right away. I can’t imagine being denied baseball for any reason!

    I want some of whatever Peggy is having too, cs918. LOL.


    Why doesn’t MLB pull the plug on FOX and broadcast the WS to millions of NY metro fans? That greedy FOX network even blocked internet coverage. Why does MLB permit this?


    Why doesn’t MLB pull the plug on FOX and broadcast the WS to millions of NY metro fans? That greedy FOX network even blocked internet coverage. Why does MLB permit this?

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