Yanks-Rangers Game 1: Picking Up Our Horse

OMG, what an amazing ride. And there are people in the world who don’t watch baseball? I mean seriously. Raise your hand if you saw or listened to the game and didn’t think it was exciting, no matter which team you root for. Not possible.
CC was awful and who would have expected it. I had dismissed all the talk about the extra rest – nine days worth – but he looked rusty. If you had told me he’d only last four innings I would have laughed, but there it was. Still, his play at home in the first was fantastic. For a big guy he got down fast. I bet the earth moved when he hit the ground.
When Joba came in with the Rangers ahead 5-0, I figured we were in mop up mode. But after he held Texas scoreless and then Moseley pitched brilliantly and Cano went deep, I couldn’t help thinking maybe C.J. Wilson would be pulled and we’d break the door down.
And that’s what happened. As improbable as it seemed, the Yanks silenced the white towel-waving crowd in Arlington after Gardner’s head first slide into first base triggered a barrage of hits. Could we put our hands together for him, Jeter, Swisher, Tex, A-Rod, Cano and Thames?
With the Yankees now up 6-5 (and me in absolute delirium), Wood couldn’t find the strike zone and nearly made me stick my hand through the TV and wring his neck. But all I can say is THANK YOU, IAN KINSLER! I guess your deer antlers didn’t have magic powers tonight.
How about that rundown? LOVED Jeter’s little fake throw that preceded the tag. Was that pickoff the straw that broke the Rangers’ back? Probably. But Michael Young’s strikeout against Mo was pretty devastating. You could tell by the change in mood of George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan.


 (Hat tip to Friend of the Blog Michael Fierman)
Anyhow, the Yankees gave us fans a miraculous victory that I’ll be reliving in my head all night. I can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon when the game will be on at 1 o’clock here. For once I won’t be blacked out by Fox.
blacked out.jpg


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    : D AHhhhh! The look on Nolan’s face was priceless. I don’t know about you but this game gave me flashbacks of one very specific game. The the way this game played out reminded me of a lot of things actually. Old things; championship things; they way they used to do things (CC aside that is). Before the sun comes up and game two gets played it’s OK to wax nostalgic right? “Ain’t” I a Jekyll and Hyde with the Yanks?

  2. YankeeCase

    I know I keep saying this, but those TBS guys just keep doing it…! Do they know anything about baseball, other than from watching Sportscenter highlights? Or maybe they’ve only seen baseball movies? Bad News Bears? Major League?

    One of the guys said something along the lines of, “Hey, might as well get these guys an inning each” when referring to Joba and Moseley coming in to pitch. As if Girardi had given up in the fifth inning, down five runs. As if he really cares about getting guys some work. Come on… Isn’t it more likely that Joba is a reliever and is quicker to warm up than Moseley who has started and is now pretty much our long man (or one of them, with Mitre)? So CC didn’t do too well. Get Joba in quickly, and warm up Moseley in the meanwhile. And because of these moves, the Yankees were able to win. Or at least keep it at five. Joba was great, and Moseley somehow dominated the batters he faced, striking out four in two innings. But it wasn’t a surprise to us Yankee fans who have seen this kid all year. He’s been our Aceves this year, eating up innings in relief, and being solid overall, except that he’s had more starts. He’s not just some throwaway spot on the roster, he’s earned his place on the team.

    And the mention that Alex has to be careful on third because he’s not a good baserunner? A-Rod is excellent baserunner! I really can’t remember Alex making a stupid move on the bases, either not taking the extra base or being overly aggressive. He’s not just some power guy. Do these people watch baseball on Mars?! He just proved how much of a heads up baserunner he is by taking third on the bobble in center by Hamilton.


    Anyway… Diatribe over, I’m calm now. I had my Yankee fix, so I feel a serene warmth passing over me. Don’t know how I’d be feeling with a loss, but I’m trying not to think about that.

    Didn’t you feel something good was about to happen during that Gardner at-bat, Jane? That slide at first just proved something good was coming. And I don’t know why Washington replaced the lefty who gave up the hit to Cano with another lefty. I’m sure they must have another righty to use and force Girardi to bring in Berkman to pinch hit, but hey, if they really want Thames to prove he can hit lefties….

    I wish they would’ve added some insurance runs, but a one run win counts just the same. Good thing CC made that awesome play in the first, huh? And an even better call by the ump who actually saw it!

  3. sfdiamondgirl

    I was rooting for the Rangers, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless. What I found interesting was that it was so unexpected- as you said, no one thought CC would only last four innings. It seems to often turn out that way with big games. Which is why I’m half expecting a 13-10 kind of Phillies vs. Giants game tomorrow, despite the amazing pitching matchup and low score that is being predicted.

    Diamond Girl

  4. levelboss

    game summary..
    1) CC sucked
    2) Joba/Moseley stopped
    3) Gardner hustled
    4) the bats awoke
    5) Kinsler mistook
    6) Mo finished
    7) Yankees won
    8) i pooped

  5. YankeeCase

    Hey DiamondGirl, if you’re a Giants fan, why not root for their original home city’s Yankees? Let’s put all our sordid little history behind us. They can be your AL team. I’ll be rooting for the G-men. Come and bask in the purity of the Yankee Blue Light! We’re always looking for the next potential die-hard fan.

    ……….come on in, the water’s fine over here. πŸ˜‰

  6. colombiano2386@yahoo.com

    I kept banging my head against the table in my living room watching the game on three occasions. First was during the first inning which clearly showed CC was going to be bad because he had no command. Second was during the first 6 innings while the Yank were being shut out by Wilson. Finally I did it again while the comeback was happening and telling myself that I should’ve known better than to never count out the Yankees until the game is officially over. They usually seem to find ways to envoke so many emotions outta me from frustration to pure joy. I was very happy that the bullpen and offense were able to bail out CC. He needs to be better in his next start though. Not much else needs to be said about the great offensive rally in the 8th as you guys already summed it up perfectly. It was incredible. Now here’s hoping we can get a win tomorrow less dramatically. They’re fun when we win but I don’t want to risk getting a concussion slamming my head at a table or my bed post if I watch in my bedroom!

  7. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Three runs in the first? No big deal, says Little Miss Sunshine – we’ve got 8 at bats to come back. Two more runs in the fourth. Uh oh. Little Miss Sunshine started to feel a big black cloud over her heart. She almost gave up and went to bed.

    But, what if they came back and I was asleep when it happened? So I stayed up to be rewarded by a sweet, sweet victory!

    Eddie, I also got the feeling when Gardner got on that good things would happen. But here I must make a huge apology to Jeter. When he got up I sort of sighed and thought, Uh oh, Jeter. (He HAS grounded into quite a few double plays this year). Then he hit that lovely double and I smacked myself and said “Derek Jeter.” The man – the one you want up in the post season. And I also thought those TBS guys were nuts acting like Alex wasn’t a good baserunner. HELLO? Have you not followed the game of baseball at all?

    I do tip my hat to Darling who said the Yankees can beat you in so many ways. He was right. All those folks who talk about them just relying on power to win should keep their mouths shut. The eighth inning was a classic with great at bats and just building the momentum.

    I was happy that Moseley got the win. He did a great job. He really is an unsung hero who came out of nowhere this year.

    My favorite shot of the game was of Cano’s hit in the eighth. It was taken from the centerfield camera and just showed his amazing, beautiful swing so well.

    I was in shock in the bottom of the 8th and the 9th – it just didn’t seem to sink in that we were ahead!

    Kinsler may have antlers but he looked like a deer in the headlights. That play seemed to revive Wood as well. And wasn’t wonderful that Mo got the “mighty” Josh Hamilton to ground out on just one pitch to end the game?

    All I can say for today is Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughes.


  8. nyyfaninvt

    My night was a lot like Leo’s. I was incredulous at how BAD CC was and then how good Wilson was. I remembered the Rangers making us look silly earlier in the season with all their base-stealing and bunting and was sick that they didn’t have to do a thing this time – we were looking bush-league all by ourselves.

    I actually left for a while – went down to my craft room to create something and calm down. I came back in the top of the eighth just after Gardner had hustled his way on to first base. From then on it was pure joy.

    The only down-side was my husband and dog were sleeping on the couch and I had to keep my celebrating quiet. My earlier grousing, on the other hand, had been very vocal. My husband says I’m hard to watch baseball with, can you believe that? Only if you’re a quasi-fan, which he obviously is!

    Yankeecase, I noticed the same stupid remarks by the TbS announcers but I we should know by now not to expect better. Almost anyone on this board could do a better job of calling these games (I except myself – I still have much to learn) but they are who they are and it is what it is. I was really tempted last night to bring the radio in and turn down the tv volume but just don’t want to deal with the dissonance.

    I just made a big lasagna with the last of my lucky spaghetti sauce and there are a couple of lucky cupcakes left too. We’re eating the lasagna for lunch and I’ll save a couple of pieces to get us through Monday. If it continues to work its magic I might have to cook up another batch.

    Jane, I did take a picture of my Yankee cupcakes – how can I send it to you?

  9. devilabrit

    As the first inning progressed I thought we were going to see the CC from post season 2008, maybe not as bad, but almost. However as with most top caliber teams they came through in the end. It’s what makes a great team really freakin awesome when they monopolize on the other teams mistakes, the Yankees definitely seized the chance to force the Rangers bullpen into a sudden meltdown… great baseball last night…


    Phillies Outside

  10. ftyankeefan@aol.com

    OMG – last night’s game was an emotional roller coaster… I was trying to go to sleep and forget about the game when my Yankee fan son who lives in Colorado called to say the Yankees were up 6-5. So my adrenaline was back up and I watched the end and of course stayed up for the post game show. What a comeback!

  11. Jane Heller

    Not sure which game you’re referring to, Mike. Sorry. But waxing nostalgic is always fine with me.

    YankeeCase, I had my diatribe about the TBS crew before the ALDS started, so the bar was already set pretty low before last night’s game. Honestly, I stopped paying any attention to them except to notice that Ernie Johnson finally sounded excited about something the Yankees did instead of going all funereal. Just tune them out and forget them. Yes, I absolutely thought Gardner would get something started after he got with that slide. He’s so valuable in that ninth spot in the lineup; his speed is just a beautiful thing. And I, too, questioned Washington’s use of his relievers. Did he really not have a scouting report on Thames? Great call by the ump on the CC play at home in the first. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure but the replays proved he may the right call. What a game.

    Diamond Girl, you are so right about expecting the unexpected, especially in the postseason. Anything can happen and usually does. Would I have thought Dustin Moseley would turn out to be the Yankees’ pitching hero instead of CC? Absolutely not. So you could be right about tonight’s matchup between Halladay and Lincecum; they could both be gone by the fourth inning. LOL.

    Great summary, levelboss. Short and sweet. But where’s your lucky battle cry? Or do you just leave that here before the start of each series?

    Leo, I did plenty of head banging myself. (No wonder I have a headache this morning.) At first I was stunned into silence when I saw that CC didn’t have it and that Wilson did. I was like, “Oh, this isn’t going well.” Then we had dinner – our lucky rally burgers (the game started at 5 pm here, so dinner time was several innings in) – and I was eating listlessly, thinking I was watching an “L.” Then the burgers worked their magic and I sat down on the couch to watch and suddenly we were coming back! By the time Mo came in, I was standing in front of the TV and applauding. Just an incredible game.

    I felt the same way when the score got to 5-0, Melissa. Normally, a five-run deficit isn’t insurmountable for our Yanks but given the way Wilson was shutting us down I thought we might be cooked. And then Cano…and then the rest, including JETER. As you’re so right to point out, he was in total postseason Jeter mode from that inning forward – a pleasure to watch. Kinsler did look like a deer in the headlights on that play, but did you see his interview after the game? He was so nonchalant about getting picked off. I guess that’s the attitude you have to have when you need to dust yourself off and come back in a few hours for another game. LOVED that the Mighty Mo got Hamilton with that one pitch. I’ll never ever ever ever (that’s three ever’s!) get tired of seeing him shake hands with Posada after saving a game.

    Hi, Harold. Just want to say I know you were trying to post a comment. I’m sure you and Barbara were on pins and needles last night. What a game, huh?

    Your husband and dog were sleeping, Audrey? How did you manage not to scream and yell with joy and wake them up? I would have had trouble muzzling myself, so you should be commended for being so restrained. By the way, I’m sure you’re a blast to watch baseball with, so if your husband doesn’t like watching with you, come on out here and take a seat on our coach. You’d be more than welcome. Clearly, your lucky meatballs and spaghetti worked again, so I’m glad the remnants are going into the lasagna today. And yes, please send a pic of the Yankees cupcakes. Just don’t make the file too big or it’ll clog my inbox. Would love to see them.

    Well said, Peter. The top teams do take advantage of the opposition’s mistakes – even if it’s not until the late innings when our nerves are nearly shot!

    An emotional roller coaster is right, Freya. I was down. I was up. I was exhausted. LOL. I bet that game will become a Yankee classic and be shown on the YES Network over and over – and deservedly so.

  12. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    Dear Jane,
    As you can see I have had a lot of trouble e-mailing to you, so I am dictating this to Barbara who is sending this from her computer.
    i think that lat night’s game is near the top of the list of great comeback wins in Yankee history. I have been a Yankee fan since 1936 and I am hard pressed to remember a better win under playoff conditions. The famous 1941 Mickey Owens game might have been a better one, but this was a real thriller. I watched the game until it was 5-0, gave up on them and then watched the last two innings in complete amazement. I know it’s only one game but when you turn a sure loss into a win, it’s a big one. I only hope they can find a way to keep AJ off the mound. I would prefer using three or four pitchers in series like Mosely, Robertston, Woods and Chamberlain and hope that they could put together a good game. If AJ does start I hope Girardi has a quick hook when AJ implodes in the first inning. These views are mine and not Barbara. Go Yankees.

  13. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    i’m trying to think which game this reminds me of. the leyritz game is coming to mind. when i am sure we will lose and go to sleep only to stand on the front porch trying not to scream and curse too loud when i see the results. i guess that is the happiest one. there were those games against arizona but the end result kind of soured it. there was a good one in the subway series.
    i still can’t believe it. i can’t stop smiling. i was told by my red sox husband that he is sick of the yankees and doesn’t want me to talk about them so i have to call my dad a lot and write here a lot because i need to talk about it. go andy. today’s game is big too.

  14. Jane Heller

    Harold, I agree that the game had all the elements of a classic comeback and will be talked about for a long time. I’m not worrying about AJ until next week when we see how we’ve done in Arlington. I hate to burn our bullpen if it’s not necessary, so at the moment my choice would be either to let AJ have a crack at a start and go to the pen if/when he falters or use CC on short rest. But first things first – let’s win today!

    I woke up smiling too, Barbara. I kept saying, “I can’t believe we won!” I’m sorry your husband is sick of the Yankees (as a Red Sox fan it must be truly aggravating to him that we’re in the playoffs) but thank goodness you can celebrate/commiserate with Harold – and, of course, us here on the blog. Andy isn’t pitching today though; it’ll be Hughes on the mound. So go Huuuuughes!

  15. lizhereaway@yahoo.com

    Help Aunt Jane! I have lost my FOX and My9! Since my move I have Cablevision and if the guys make it to the World Series I will not be able to watch. You know who else has Cablevision, Grandma! I hope they work something out! Thank God that this round is on TBS. I would hate to think that Grandma would have to miss games because she is so into the team. Love, Lizzie

  16. Jane Heller

    Yeah, CC looked bad, Sue. I was worried about the long layoff and I hoped he’d adjust and shake off the rust but it was not to be. Luckily, the team rallied and stole one. Whew.

    The Yanks have lots of experience with Darren Oliver, Jeff. He’s been a foe for years so it was nice to see a friendly face. πŸ™‚

  17. sfdiamondgirl

    YankeeCase… I’ve unfortunately caught a bad case of Ranger Fever starting with the Molina trade earlier this year and also because I love CJ’s pitching and admire their GM. And then I thought the ginger ale was fantastic. So they are my AL team. But I also enjoy watching the Yankees play and will be interested to see them in the World Series, if they get there. So I’m not die-hard, but I am a fan of them πŸ™‚

    Diamond Girl

  18. Jane Heller

    Oh, Lizzie! I didn’t realize you and Mom had Cablevision! You must be freaking out, but hopefully they’ll resolve the situation before the World Series starts – and hopefully the Yankees will be in it. At least you have TBS!

  19. YankeeCase

    Yeah Melissa, something good always seems to happen when Brett gets on base leading off an inning. Well, that or Jeter hitting into a DP… So we were looking at 50-50!

    DiamondGirl, I see… I understand. The fever has ravaged your mind. These things happen. It’s true though, ginger ale is fantastic. I’ll still pull for the San Francisco Baseball Giants, even if I can’t watch Fox out here, just because I’m a nice guy… But what if I offered you some blueberry juice? It’s full of anti-oxidants, and no HFCS! It tastes great, and it’s good for you!

    You’re right Jane. I’m just gonna quit expecting those guys to be somewhat professional in their research and analysis of both teams. They obviously don’t know either team. Next thing you know they’ll be talking about how much patience Vlad has at the plate, can only hit pitches in the strike zone, and is an amazing fielder/baserunner…

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