The Yankees Lost; I’m More Concerned About A-Rod

When your cleanup hitter comes out of the game for Ramiro Pena, something’s wrong. It wasn’t until the Orioles were on their way to shutting down the Yanks when word finally came that A-Rod’s groin was acting up again.
Or should I say his adductor magnus. Sounds way more dignified. Anyhow, I’m concerned. I don’t want this injury to become, you know, nagging.
And I certainly don’t want it to be related to his hip surgery from last year. We already have Brett Gardner’s thumb to deal with, not to mention that Aceves’s back doesn’t seem to be getting better and Jorge still hasn’t been cleared to catch. (Why even bring up Nick Johnson and his wrist? No point.) It all makes me appreciate how lucky the Yankees were last year, injury wise. Sure, Wang’s loss was a blow, but once A-Rod came back in May the everyday lineup stayed remarkably healthy. Or am I “misremembering,” as someone famously said?
If Tex and Posada were hitting with any consistency, I wouldn’t panic about losing A-Rod for a few days (if, in fact, that’s all the time he’ll need to heal). Cano can’t do all the heavy lifting himself. Neither can Granderson. Speaking of whom, Melissa is an avid reader of Grandy’s blog and pointed out to me that he invites readers to ask him a question by emailing him here:

So what should we ask him? If I were going to write to him about tonight’s loss to the O’s, here’s what I’d ask:
* Is it frustrating to watch A.J. hit batters and throw wild pitches?
* Was the O’s starter, Arrieta, really good or the Yanks’ offense kind of bad?
* Do you mind that Swisher seems to have taken the #2 spot instead of you?
* Did you get nervous when Kevin Russo was our only available pinch hitter?
* Were you mad at the third base ump for calling all those checked swings?
* Do you hate to lose as much as the fans do?
* Did you give A-Rod any medical tips for avoiding the DL?
Anybody else have a question for Grandy? He seems so nice I bet he’ll answer us.



    I blame Cameron Diaz….I won’t say any more. Whats with these guys groins and feet this year? And their backs? Seems to be the same places over and over. Wang was hurt in 2008, the year they didn’t make the playoffs. It also doesn’t help Girardi keeps using Thames, who I believe is even worse than Winn, mainly because he can’t play the outfield. Also last year I never had the feeling the guy’s seemed blah or just wanted to get home. Especially after Arod came back. This year I think that too much. But I know seeing Arod come out of the line up must have sucked out some of the energy. 4 hits though? Seriously? I’d want to ask Granderson if he likes the call “The Grandy man can, and he mixes it with hits.” And why does he run with his feet so wide apart. πŸ˜› Also, how come whenever I watch the Celtics they win >.

  2. Jane Heller

    I blame her too, seindsfeld. He needs to get back with Kate Hudson. Wang got the lisfranc in ’08 but he was back on the DL last year with shoulder, etc. problems. I agree about Thames but having his bat off the bench works for me. And since I’m rooting for the Lakers, don’t watch on Sunday night!

  3. angelsgirl012

    i love Grandy! (sorry like the 100th time me declaring this haha) and I read his blog all the time :). I tried asking him stuff but he never chose my questions…… yet! I have hope! haha. I hope he answers some of the questions you have!

    uh oh! A-rod down? that’s not good 😦

    Thanks for the positive comments on the dress. I really had a nice time too


    lead off double and then 1st and 3rd one out and we didn’t score. that makes me crazy. it makes me doubly crazy because then they scored in the winning run in the bottom of the inning. i wish we could simply score the runs that don’t require hits but sacrifice flies. is that too much to ask?
    at least cleveland came through to help.
    i live in boston and root for all the boston teams except of course the red sox. but even one celtics playoff win can’t give me half the joy of a regular season yankee win. go andy


    That was a depressing loss, Jane. We should have no problem with The Orioles…period. We always have a problem facing pitchers for the first time, but we have been lacking in run production with most starters this season. That being said, I never thought we wouldn’t get to their bullpen, like we usually do. It seems odd to me that they would not have had some updated info on A-Rod by the end of the game, or at least on the news this morning, but I guess we’ll hear by game time tonight.

    While I admit that inter-league play is interesting, its not my favorite part of the season. I don’t know much about The Astros this season but I think we should be able to do well against The Phillies and The Mets. I know that The Mets have been on a tear lately but they have a terrible road record and still being in NY is not the same as being home.

    As you said, the bats have to wake up and fill in for A-Rod for however long he will be unavailable. I think they are spending too much time preparing Posada to catch when they should be working on his hitting. He is normally a power house and what we are seeing now is NOT Jorge Posada.

    Let’s hope that playing the less quality NL will put us back on the right track. GO YANKEES!!!


    Let’s hope they figure this thing out with ARod.

    It was a flat loss last night, but at least Tampa and Boston both lost as well.

    My questions for Curtis would be:
    How do you prepare for playing the outfield in a different stadium, especially one you’ve never played in before?

    What do players do to help them adjust to a change in position in mid-game (like switching from center to left – it must be weird to have a totally different point of view of the field.)?

    Today is the opening game of the final round of the World Cup. Woo Hoo!!! I’m glad the Yankees are heading out west during part of this, so I can watch the soccer in the evening and then listen to the game at night in bed.


  7. ooaooa

    Singleton and Kay commented right away about A-Rod’s lack of effort on ground ball to his left. A real flat game last night. Baltimore cannot lose every game and Yankees cannot win every one either.

    We will be waiving to you from Sec. 133 Saturday. A sweep this weekend is very important.

    Heading deep into Red Sox country next Thursday. Weekend in Maine. I’m going there with the intent to make the Nation uncomfortable. Sox fans have been real quite here in CT so I hope I can find some one up there willing to mix it up with me. I plan dinner one night at Stutsey’s on Rt. 1 in Wells. Its wall to wall in Red Sox stuff.

  8. devilabrit

    I think the nagging picture is more his problem, rotating girlfriends in and out of his life has probably given him the strain…. I fear Ryan Howard may get the same problem…

    Phillies Outside

  9. southernbelle

    Jane: Poor Alex! Last night on my way home we had the radio on in the car and we heard Ramiro Pena came up after Tex, and we were SO confused. I hope he’s alright…What are they going to do without him?
    Questions for Curtis…hmm….CAN YOU MARRY ME???
    It’s worth a shot πŸ™‚

  10. Jane Heller

    So Grandy hasn’t answered your questions, Mimi? I guess the site must be overwhelmed. But give it time! And yes, you looked glam in your red prom dress. Awesome.

    Very frustrating when we can’t get runners home with a sac fly or anything else, Barbara. And while I love Pena as a utility infielder, he’s no cleanup hitter and he came up in key situations unable to produce. So we need A-Rod back – the healthy A-Rod!

    I agree, Diane. We do have problems with young pitchers we haven’t faced, but I thought we’d hammer their bullpen. Grrrr. I couldn’t believe how long it took to get word on why A-Rod left the game. I figured he was on his way to NY ahead of the team to see the team doc, and apparently that’s what’s happening. What scares me is the possible correlation between the groin problem and the hip surgery – and the fact that he’ll be checking in with Dr. Phillipon too. My sister has a bad hip and now a groin problem, and – get this – she went to see Dr. Ahmad’s wife yesterday, who’s a doctor too. I told her to hit them up for Yankee tix at the very least! LOL. I don’t know what’s up with Posada. He’s out of sync at the plate and his swings look awful. As for inter-league play, let’s just say I’m not a fan.

    Excellent questions for Grandy, Melissa. Have you emailed them? I bet he’ll answer those. I forgot how much you love the World Cup, so enjoy every minute!

    It does, Jeff. HAHAHA. Also someone from the Roman senate – like a friend of Caesar or Cicero.

    Yeah, John, A-Rod was “locked up” on that ball in the first inning. It was clear something was wrong. Have a great time at the game on Saturday – sounds like you have amazing seats. I’ll worry about you in Red Sox Country as you get closer to your trip. πŸ™‚

    You fear Ryan Howard will have girlfriend problems or groin problems, Peter? LOL.


    Jane I do not think you should contact the tarot reader now. These guys are killing me.
    Cameron – get off A-Rod
    Nick – who? oh yea him – he should date a nurse or a dr.
    Jorge – take your vitamins man. this has been a long time for something you said was fine weeks ago.
    Tex – to quote Cher – snap out of it!

    Grandy – oh my you are a cutie! Please don’t fall down and hurt yourself.
    Mama Peg

  12. Jane Heller

    Now that question to Grandy totally cracked me up, Virginia. You should definitely ask it! It’ll probably go straight to the top of his list.

  13. Jane Heller

    Nope, not having a tarot reading about the Yankees, Peg. I’m afraid of the answers. But given all the injuries and slumps, it’s kind of a miracle that the team is doing so well. Just think how great they’ll be when everybody’s healthy.

    Something tells me Curtis can handle it, Paul. And he asked for it on his blog!

  14. James Buxton

    It was a boring loss, I really hope they win today; it will cheer my day and give a positive note. I’m surrounded by soccer fans and it’s really depressing (I don’t like soccer, not at all), especially when the Mexican team is playing vs South Africa. There is news of someone building a new stadium for our local baseball team, maybe one day MLB will be so kind to have some spring training games here.

  15. Jane Heller

    That would be great if there were spring training or exhibition games where you are, James. Mexico has become more and more important as so many players are coming from there into the majors. Which reminds me…I miss Aceves!

  16. James Buxton

    I miss him too Jane, a lot. He was if not perfect, at least consistent. I’d rather have him than Gaudin (noting personal).

  17. Jane Heller

    Definitely would prefer Ace over Gaudin, James. No contest. Even when Ace isn’t perfect, he never seems to fall apart out there. Lots of poise and composure.

  18. crzblue2

    haha. I like the nick for Aceves. Ace!
    I bet Curtis is getting alot more questions now that you mentioned it here.
    I too am watching the World Cup so busy busy days/nights ahead.
    Thursday night I take a Red Eye to Boston to watch my Bums! Before that I got to watch my beloved Honduras team play Chile at 4:30 AM next Wednesday.

  19. Jane Heller

    I doubt he’d know the answer to that one, seindsfeld. Why don’t you go on Kim’s blog and ask her yourself!

  20. Orangebird

    Jake Arrieta was good. He’s one of the top prospects in the O’s farm system. His start vs. the Gigantes yesterday further proves that he is, infact a good pitcher.

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