CC = Solid

That’s what he was tonight against the Orioles. Nothing flashy and not especially sharp at the beginning of the game, but he got stronger as he went along. And Cano? What’s left to say about the season he’s having. Is there anyone who doesn’t see a batting crown in his future?
The Orioles did their part to hand us the game, let’s be honest. All those errors, plus a strange decision to pitch to Cervelli instead of Russo in the eighth. And speaking of Russo, how about that catch? OMG. And he’s not even a full time outfielder. Marcus Thames wouldn’t have gotten to the ball, that’s for sure. But the real action tonight was in Philadelphia, where the NHL Playoffs were going on. Everybody in the stands was dressed for Halloween.
Just kidding. I know orange is their team’s color. But it did remind me of these.
I’m a baseball fan first, but I was a Rangers fan when I lived in New York (Knicks too) and I still watch playoff hockey (and basketball). I have to admit that the Blackhawks’ overtime Stanley Cup victory was heart-attack exciting. Baseball is such a leisurely sport and that’s one of the reasons I love it, but hockey is non-stop action and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV for a second. So congrats to Chicago fans. Now it’s on to the NBA, where, as a transplant, I’m rooting for these guys to win another one.
Am I a bandwagoner by chiming in only at playoff time when it comes to hockey and basketball? You bet. So what.



    That’s not being a banwagoner (not a word I know). If the Rangers could actually get to the finals (Yuck, I’m a Devils fan :P) and if the Knicks could actually get into the playoffs, I’m sure you’d root for them or be more interested, but since they don’t there’s nothing wrong with rooting for another team. I also like the Lakers. Besides, no one watches the basketball regular season. XD The hockey game at the end was very weird with the ‘Hawks celebrating and the Flyers like, “Wait, what?” Even the great Mike Emrick didn’t know what happened. But congrats to them, 49 years later O.o As for the Yankee game. It was hard to watch. Us not scoring, CC struggling. Michael Kay constantly saying how dominant we’ve been against them. I thought failure was at hand. But sloppy play (they’re not the worst team for nothin) and Cano the Conqueror pulled it off. 😀 Loved the strike out fist pump from CC. Hopefully AJ can bounce back. Plus the Boosox got smeared 😀 Have you done your All star voting Jane and everyone?

  2. cheshirecat9

    I’m with you Jane. I really only pay attention to hockey and basketball during the playoffs. Partially because the New York teams are pretty dismal (although I am rooting for LeBron to come to the Knicks!) but also because the Yanks take up so much of my emotional energy I can’t really commit to another sport.

    Definitely a sloppy game last night, but we’ll take the win. Hopefully we’ll demolish the Astros as well. I think Casey Stengel said, “You have to make hash of the bad teams, that way you only have to play 500 ball against the good teams.”

  3. Jane Heller

    A bandwagoner is someone who jumps on the bandwagon, seindsfeld. LOL. You know, like after a team has already started winning. It’s the opposite of a diehard fan who’s seen a team through thick and thin. The end to the hockey game was a little weird. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. The great Mike Emerick? That guy makes me crazy the way he overshouts every single thing. He does play by play as if the world is coming to an end. No, I haven’t done my All Star voting. Shame on me. It just hasn’t been on my radar, but I’ll get to it soon.

    I bet Larry Bowa is really proud of Cano, Mike. They worked hard together. But Mick Kelleher has been great with the infielders too. And credit has to go to Kevin Long, given the way Cano is hitting.

    Yeah, your Red Wings have been great over recent years, Mike. My friend is very close to the Blackhawks’ owners, so I was rooting for them.

    That’s the thing, cheshirecat. The Yankees take up all our energy that it’s hard to follow every sport with the same intensity. There’s not enough time in the day! I love the Stengel quote. How did he manage to make sense in such a nonsensical way? Sort of like Yogi.

  4. heartruss

    I too think that Larry Bowa is proud of Cano as he is proud of his Dodgers.
    At Dodger Stadium, the Lakers reign supreme. Even during a Dodger game, many fans are standing in the back outside the Baseline Club watching the Lakers game on the televsions inside. Go figure. My opinion…go home and watch the Lakers.

  5. James Buxton

    Love the article chesirecat, I like to make numbers and keep record of the “abused” teams. I also have in mind when and how the red sox have beaten us. While we have fun watching our beloved Yankees (and sometimes suffering), numbers will never be comforting for true fans like all of us; the love and passion and hate (you know that perfectly Jane) we feel can’t be measured in any way. That’s why Baseball is such a great sport, because is played by the numbers and played with the heart.

  6. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Cat. So you don’t think Dodger fans should “double root” while they’re at the game?

    I’ve never been much of a numbers person, James, but sometimes stats are interesting. Mostly, I just enjoy watching the players do their thing. I don’t need a stat to tell me who’s doing well and who isn’t!

    I think you’re safe, Paul. They have some good young pitchers, but they’re just not playing well – almost as if they assume they’ll lose. They need a manager who will provide a spark.

  7. James Buxton

    You said it Jane. The most important thing is to enjoy it. I’ve always said ”There isn’t a Yankee fan who wouldn’t give anything to play for the New York Yankees, no matter how many numbers are involved”


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  9. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the Flyers game for your sake, Jenn. It must have been disappointing to come back and score that last goal only to lose it.

    Sounds like it could be spam, Peg, but I certainly didn’t get the same email and neither did James, apparently. So you’re special! Even if it were a real offer, we at MLBlogs aren’t allowed to place our own ads on our sites. Thanks for the heads up though.


    I know, but since you don’t like Hockey and Basketball so much, I just meant there’s nothing wrong with getting interested during the playoffs. One reason is the hockey playoff season is about as long as the regular season lol. And Mike Emrick is great! He does most of the Devils games. Things should be shouted, hockey is exciting! You’d rather Joe Buck the Bore and Tim McCarver the….Bore too? 😛

  11. angelsgirl012

    ahhh hockey is a thriller! I LOVE it! Olympic hockey is my favorite :). I’m glad the Blackhawks won. Congrats to em!

    I too watch basketball as well! Though I don’t have a favorite team I just watch it regularly because I have some players that i enjoy watching. I’m rooting for Ray Allen despite my los angeles background. Yes i am hated by the community for it :). Ray Allen is my favorite player so he has my support though the rest of the Celtics don’t 😉

  12. Jane Heller

    Watching the Lakers-Celtics game now, seindsfeld. Exciting so far. As for Emrick, I think shouting is great, just not for every single thing that comes out of his mouth! But no, I wouldn’t rather have Buck or McCarver. LOL.

  13. Jane Heller

    It’s fun watching the other sports too, Mimi, and to have favorite players. Baseball may be our #1, but it’s cool that we diversify!

  14. ice_the_angels_ace


    I stumbled upon your site, I read the description and at this post. I felt an overwhelming urge to respond. I am a lifelong Angels, Lakers, 49ERS and Ducks fan, so as you may imagine I’m not too big on bandwagon fans. However I’m glad that if you must be a bandwagon fan, you picked the Lakers. By the way, I can’t speak for Dodgers’ fans, but Angels’ fans are fun. Perhaps you just haven’t met the right ones. Although we may disagree I must say that you are very articulate and you sure know your baseball. Congratulations, you have just earned a place on my list of ” lost souls” I cordially invite you to my page and you will know what I’m talking about. Feel free to comment on my Yankee takes at any time. I hope to have a healthy exchange with you whenever I write about the Yankees. I hope to hear from you soon.

  15. Jane Heller

    LOL. I cordially accept a place on your “lost souls” list, ICE! I’ve been to many Angels games over the years, and the fans do seem like fun. It’s the rally monkey and the thunderstix that get on my nerves! Thanks for stopping by.

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