Melissa Asked – And The Yanks Delivered

“What’s more important now is how they recover from the past few games. That shows the character of a team.”

That was Friend of the Blog Melissa’s comment from yesterday’s post, following the Yankees’ drubbing at the hands of the O’s. She was right — the 2010 Yanks needed to show they’re capable of bouncing back after tough losses. And did they ever.

(The men in the picture are supposed to be Yankees bouncing back; the women must be she-fans.

* CC was a workhorse yet again, carrying the team into the eighth inning.


* The offense pounded Jeremy Guthrie.


* Could Cano be any hotter?


* How locked in is Nick Swisher right now?


* Granderson no longer has blinders on.


* And Joba and Mitre nailed down the win.

hammer and nail_web.JPG.jpeg

There was just one thing….Jorge got contused.


I could hear the sound of the ball hitting his leg all the way in California. But Cervelli was more than up to the task of replacing him. Will we have to call up a third catcher from Scranton? I expect we will. And I guess it’ll mean a return engagement for Chad.


What I really hope is that Guthrie stops following in the footsteps of former Orioles wildman Daniel Cabrera. I’ve had about enough of him hitting our guys.


  1. James Buxton

    Yes, Melissa was totally right. It feels so good to see the guys playing good baseball and having fun as a team.
    One of these days we’ll see a no-hitter. Today everything was pure joy. The “evil” streak was snaped, hope it stays that way. Again, a great day to be a yankee fan, and a great day to read the she-fan blog.


    Ah, my claim to fame! Maybe I need to make more pithy statements about the Yankees!

    The next few weeks should be interesting: Curtis had two hits, Teixiera had a lovely clean single in his last at bat and only a very nice play by the left fielder took away another. When the big boys wake up, it should be even more fun to watch.

    And how ’bout Cano and Swisher?!?!?!?!?



    the weather is better today, the traffic will be lighter, the food will taste better, the birds are singing, i have a bounce in my step, working out will be easy, work will go smoothly today, i wonder why. did i have good dreams? did i win the lottery? oh it’s easy. we won and we’re on mlb tonight. life is feeling better.


    The team is back on track – woohoo! Thanks, Melissa, for setting them back in the right direction. C.C. was not his usual lights out self but he got it done and ate up a lot of innings. We may be giving the bullpen too much rest now.

    As to the no-hitter – I think it will be Andy.

    Posada is listed as day-to-day but I think you are right about bringing up another catcher. We shall see.


  5. ladyjane303

    Diane – It sure would be sweet for Andy to get the no-no, but I think Huuughes is a more realisitic choice. Maybe on Sunday WHEN I’M AT THE GAME!!!!! That was a nasty hit on Jorge and hopefully he won’t be out long. Catching could be a problem, but DH’ing could work. Robinson on MVP track at this point. Let’s make sure he gets to the All-Star game as starter. Tex sees May 1 in close reach, then watch out.

  6. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow baseball fans…

    I can’t really type right now as I’m busy (you KNOW how I love to type..haha) but I had to put my two cents in about the no no….I’m pulling for JAVY !!!! :o). Maybe then these so called fans who boo their own players will finally give the guy a break. My motto is to stand behind the players on my team ….do people seriously think he wants to pitch bad???

    Gotta run …have a great day all …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  7. Jane Heller

    The meat is chicken, seindsfeld – getting pounded into a thin cutlet, just like Guthrie was. I trust Cervelli too, but if Jorge will be unavailable for even a few days, it’s not a good idea to have only one catcher in case he gets hurt too. So if the swelling doesn’t go down fast in Jorge’s leg, I think they’ll bring up Chad.

    You make lots of pithy statements about the Yanks, Melissa. Yesterday’s turned out to be particularly apt! If Cano stays hot and Swisher continues to hit, I feel sorry for the rest of the league when A-Rod and Tex go on a tear.

    I knew you’d be in a good mood today, Barbara. Enjoy it. And let’s hope you’re smiling after tonight’s finale in Baltimore.

    I’m not worried about giving the pen too much rest, Diane. Mitre got in another game and Joba got to work. D-Rob and Aceves were in the day before. Without Chan Ho Park available, they’ll all get plenty of time on the mound. So you vote Andy for the no-hitter? That would be amazing, since he’s never had one in all these years. Has he even had a one-hitter?

    Poor Jorge is right, Jenn. The plunking made such a loud noise! Not a lot of flesh in back of the knee to cushion the blow, but I’m sure he’ll be OK.

    I’m more than fine with the Yanks pounding the O’s, since they’ve done it to us plenty of times, Jeff. Despite their record, their offense has often feasted off Yankees pitching. I was surprised Markakis didn’t hit for the cycle last night since he was close.

    OMG, wouldn’t it be incredible if Hughes pitched a no-hitter and you were there to see it, ladyjane? I hope you see a good game in any case and that the weather’s nice. I think Hughes does have the stuff to throw a no-no, but I also would love to see CC do it. And if AJ could harness his wildness, he really has the stuff to do it. Actually, the only “bad” thing about Hughes and a no-hitter on Sunday would be that you’d miss seeing Mo!

    It’s very noble of you to pull for Javy, Peggy. We all are. I just don’t see him pitching a no-hitter. He gives up too many hits – homers, in particular. But it would be the ultimate confidence booster for sure.

  8. peggy3

    Stranger things have happened Jane …like the guy hitting that granny against Javy playing for the Yankees especially after he stated to Boston fans that he NEVER would go to the dreaded Yanks. How about a one armed pitcher tossing a no no …Mr. Jim Abbott or an average pitcher tossing a perfect game in the highest pressure situation of all..the World Series. You just never know when those Yankee gals “Aura” & “Mystique” might show up.. :o).

    I wish all our guys luok and would hope they could all have a no no of their own someday….

    For now…let’s just beat Baltimore tonight …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!


    Good Stuff, all around…
    Jane, I don’t know how you do it, but I LOVED your subtle double-reference when you supply a picture of “how Guthrie got pounded”…but it’s also a picture of…a Meat Tray! Yo, Sergio!
    Too bad about Hor-Hay, but you know how excited that Jersey Bob gets about having Cervelli back behind the dish — and I’ll predict that no matter who hurls the No-No, it’ll be with Cervelli doing the honors!!
    And yes, sorry for the O’s, but not THAT sorry…now that my son lives in Balamer, I kinda hafta support them a little (he can almost walk to Camden Yards)…but not tonight. This weekend, though…Go You O’s!! (like it’ll help…)

  10. James Buxton

    Dear She-fans and fellow fans: Maybe we should start a chant for a no-hitter….. As my personal bet Jane I’m with Diane and LadyJane, I really think it will be Phill Huges or Andy. Andy really deserves it and has the stuff. Phill, as I said before, is a great pitcher in the making, he will do it at some point of his carrer, I’m even thinking a perfecto. Pegg, I also pull for Javy, I’m sure he wants to do excellent and our duty as REAL fans is to stand behind him.

  11. Jane Heller

    Yup, Peggy. Stranger things have happened, and I’m with you on hoping that all our starters can experience the thrill of pitching a no-hitter. But if I were placing a bet – and that was the original question – I wouldn’t pick Javy. I’m happy to be wrong though!

    Ah, so you caught the subtle reference to meat tray, Dave. LOL. I never mind seeing more of Cervelli, but losing Jorge’s bat is always tough. The guy can still hit.

    I think if I really had to pick one Yankee starter to throw a no-no, James – from a purely sentimental standpoint – I’d go with Andy. But if I had money on this, I’d go with CC.


    I can’t decide between CC or Andy about the no hitter. AJ is too wild and Hughes might get it one day, but Andy almost got that perfect game last year till Jerry Errorston (Hairston) made that boob. They both get a lot of ground ball outs, but I guess I just trust CC’s strikeouts more. so CC. 😀

  13. crzblue2

    I wish my Dodger boys can rebound from the tough road trip. How embarrassing to be swept in New York. I hope a little home cooking will do the trick and being back in their own park.
    What is this about a no-no?

  14. Jane Heller

    AJ is looking pretty amazing tonight, seindsfeld. So far anyway. I still think he’ll pitch a no-hitter one day. But I’m with you: CC will get one first.

    Sorry about the Dodgers road trip, Emma. It happens to even the best teams. Hope they get back on track tonight. The no-no subject came up because Phil Hughes was flirting with one the other night.

  15. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Girardi also sounds a little ticked off his players are getting plunked. Last year that guy hit 16 batters; 8 were Yankees.
    You paint a rosy picture of the Yanks so far and rightfully so. But….would you believe the locals are actually grumpy with the way things have gone so far? They call up the shows everyday complaining. It’s amusing to me.

  16. Jane Heller

    Yeah, he did sound ticked off, Mike. Frustrated. But the Yankees are done with the O’s for the time being with only one casualty. The locals are grumpy? They’re nuts! I may complain, but I usually laugh at my own idiocy.

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