My Cup Runneth Over

I’m not being lazy when I simply sum up tonight’s 4-0 win over the O’s with the words:
“Cano is sick right now.”
He is. He just is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player with such a hot bat. Every pitch he sees must look like this to him.
And how about his defense? That play he made in the third was outstanding. Is all this just a case of a talented kid maturing? Has his work with Kevin Long finally paid off? Is he more focused on the game without his buddy Melky around? I don’t know and I’m sure he’ll slump like every player does. But I’m enjoying this ride as long as it lasts, particularly since A-Rod and Tex haven’t started mashing yet.
No, Cano didn’t win the game singlehandedly. There was A.J. Wow. Just wow. Yesterday’s commenters here on the blog speculated about which starter had the potential to throw a no-hitter. Well, tonight A.J. had no-hit stuff – good control, especially after the first inning, and lots of life on his fastball. He went eight innings and Mo took care of the ninth. Game over. Road trip over. Happiness assured. If I had my own plane, I’d fly it in the sky and write a message to the Yankees. Here’s what it would say.


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    The last Yankee I can recall I ever saw this hot was Donnie Baseball. For day in and day out sizzle…I believe he’s the last one who burned the cowhide off the baseball like Cano is right now. I recall an insane month Paul O’Niell had once.


    Cano, Can Go, All the way! Twice! XD Yeah AJ apparently needs to work on his curve ball, so he can strike more people out…yeah right! Maybe it’s because it was the Orioles, but with his stuff today, could it be possible we see 4 no hitters in a row??? (assuming Vasqueeze is put in the no. 5 slot.) Joe Mauer must a pretty hot bat every year, we just don’t get to see it, plus Ichiro hits all the time, but Cano is dominating and I agree, as much as I don’t like it, that since Melky left he can spend time training and not partying 😛
    Plus, I made this since the other photo didn’t seem right. I hope it works and you can see it, if not, maybe I can send it to you Jane and you can post it here? XD 14-7!

  3. James Buxton

    Robbie is simply having fun, He is simply enjoying playing for the Yankees (who would not?), and he is maturing. Finally the O’s are past and for the time being we got a series. Let’s hope the birds ride all the frustration and blow apart the Red Sox. Tomorrow would be a great day to chant “Andy no-hitter!!”. Let’s hope our good vibes combined with the stadium atmosphere result in a great game.

  4. Jane Heller

    That’s a couple of CHECKs there, Austin. I like it. Sounds like your fantasy team is benefitting from the Yankees’ little surge right now.

    Donnie did go on a tear, Mike. O’Neill probably did too. And once he finally got over his April slump last year, Tex was amazingly consistent for awhile. But Cano is fulfilling the promise everyone had for him, and it’s fun to watch. His hits just keep coming.

    Can’t see the photo you made, seindsfeld. I’d tell you to send it to me, but my email has been weird lately, maybe because I’ve been getting a lot of large files/attachments. Anyhow, I honestly don’t think AJ was mowing down hitters because they were the Orioles. Those guys know how to hit. I think he just had a great rhythm going with Cervelli and his stuff was working.

  5. Jane Heller

    So the O’s and Red Sox play each other next, James? I haven’t been following the schedule. But one thing I know – Andy will give tomorrow night’s game his best, and his best is usually good enough.

    Cano is quickly becoming one of my favorite Yankees, A.J. (Mo will always be my #1.) He’s having fun but seems to have an actual plan at the plate these days. I mean, walks? Cano? He’s taking pitches! And your namesake was mighty good too.


    Yes, indeedy…what a fine fine night for Da Boyz. I’m tempted to annoy everyone with a reprise of my “No, No, Cano-No-No” parody of The Human Beinz — or even do somethin’ stupid with Bill Withers (and I know, Cano, Cano, Cano…) but…eh…why bother? Just “let it ride”…
    MEANWHILE — oh Jane, if you think your cup runneth over now — got my subscription copy of SI last night — and folks, if you don’t subscribe, then RUN to your nearest magazine stand next week — the cover picture and story says, and I quote:
    — and oh my, you’ll just L-U-V the picture!!
    I won’t spoil it by telling you any more…but GO GET IT!!!
    — oh, and the date on the mag is May 3 — isn’t that kind of a significant date (or near to it) in your world, She-Fan?


    Wonderful watching the game last night! AJ was great.

    Cano was amazing. I’ve always thought he had one of the most wonderful swings in baseball – so smooth and natural. His bat speed last night for that second home run was just phenomenal. You could barely see the bat, it was so fast. And that play he made was amazing. Remember when people doubted his ability to play second?

    I have to give a shout out to Virginia’s fav, Cervelli. I have been extremely impressed with him. He is doing a great job.

    Here’s a link to the SI cover photo:

    (What is Jorge doing???)

    Hmm, core four, four guys who came up together. A starting pitcher, a catcher, a shortstop and the closer. In 15 years will there be an SI cover of Hughes, Cervelli, Pena and Joba? Wouldn’t that be cool?


  8. cheshirecat9

    I just looked. Cano is batting .407 right now. Wow. I am hoping to see a few more hits tonight.

    I am in the right field bleachers for tonight’s game. I hope Swisher is in right tonight. He always give the Bleacher Creatures a good acknowledgment during the roll call.

  9. ooaooa

    I don’t know if anyone else has thought of this but since the breakup of Cano and Cabrera, Robbie has really matured. I watched the two of them the past two years at spring training and without a doubt Milky was a bad influence on Cano. Some of the antics we witnessed were not Yankee like behavior and Cabrera was always the ring leader. The maturity of Cano is very obvious and seeing him do interviews in english is nice as well. Skies the limit for Robbie!


    As I have said in the past, in Cano’s rookie year I ran out and got his rookie card, saying he would be the next Micky Mantle. So far he has done well but has not reached the mark I predicted…until now. I agree that Melky must have had something to do with his less than stellar performances but this year he is doing all we can expect and more. I don’t see this dwindling down in any way. As the broadcasters have said, he is so calm and relaxed in his performances, both offensive and defensive. It is that demeanor, along with his obvious love of the game, that is making all of this possible. Let the rest of the team follow suit. GO YANKEES!!!

  11. Jane Heller

    AJax is leading the league in hits, Mike? Wow. Didn’t know that. Tigers fans must be really happy with him and I’m happy for him.

    The Sports Illustrated story is a lot of fun, Dave. People will get a kick out of it. It’s been circulating on Twitter for a few days and when I first read it I couldn’t believe those guys had never had lunch together before. What didn’t surprise me is that Mo was the prompt one. lol.

    Your vision for the future “core four” sounds good to me, Melissa. Not sure Pena will pick up where Jeter left off, but we can always hope. And what about Montero? Never mind. My eyes are crossing just trying to imagine life without the core four we have right now!

    Oh, cool that you’ll be there tonight, cheshirecat!!! I hope Swisher gives you a proper roll call salute and that you see a great Yankees victory. Have fun and give us a report.

    Well, I’ve thought of the Melky influence on Cano, John, which is why I mentioned it in the post! I’m not sure if it’s applicable, but it certainly could be. It does seem as if Cano has matured. Is that a function of age or the absence of Melky? All I know is I’m thrilled that it’s happening. I did hear someone within the organization say that Melky’s work ethic wasn’t where it should have been.

    The hottest hitter on the planet sounds good to me, Matt, even if it’s a little bit of hyperbole. I like the sound of it!

    The heart attack inducing A.J. was not in evidence last night, Jeff. It was a lot easier to watch him too. My heart was very grateful.

    Yes, let the rest of the team follow suit, Diane! I’d like A-Rod to start hitting, please. He’s got a terrific #5 hitter behind him so he must be getting decent pitches to hit, although last night they were clearing trying to jam him inside. Can’t wait for him to get hot and join the party.

  12. Jane Heller

    You not stirring things up, Paul? HAHAHA. I don’t think it’s possible for me to have an objective thought about Dustin Pedroia. I’ll just say that he and Cano are both exceptional second baseman, but very different in their approaches. Cano strikes me as a much more natural talent with unlimited potential if he harnesses that talent. Pedroia is a hard worker and gritty player. I just like my guy better.

  13. Jane Heller

    I hope we’re not jinxing him with all our praise, Virginia. But if he keeps it up, we could be looking at all those awards for him. And I love the sound of it too!

  14. Jane Heller

    Love the pic, seindsfeld!!!!! Really cool.

    Sorry your guy struggled against the Yankees this time, Orangebird. I’m sure he has a bright future.

  15. raysrenegade

    They say that truly great teams have no real superstars, but people who step up every night to do what is needed to post a “W” and show a stream of success.
    The Yankees have a bit of a stable of superstars, or high paid talent that also seem to support each other and kep the engines running and humming.
    Cano right now is truly on fire, and you hope he can sustain that pace for a bit, but you also know he has a habit of extended streaks the other direction too.
    But it is time to dwell on the highs and toss the lows in a bag and drop them in the HUdson for a bit.
    Teams that take the true “team approach” have sucess because of being able to toss moments of greatness around the clubhouse. Funny that the AL East always seems to have plenty of that to go around…

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    True, Cano’s torrid streak won’t last forever, Renegade. He only got one hit last night (gasp!), but that’s improvement right there. He used to be a slow starter and April was just not his month. Last night our captain was the one who stepped up, so it’s been great that there’s a different “star” every night.

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