How Do You Spell Relief?

Not this way…
Or this way…
Or even this way…
Not tonight in Baltimore anyway. What a putrid game for the Yankees, wasn’t it? Especially after Hughes gave yet another gutsy performance? I was working while the game was on, so I had the TV on in the background. Every time the Yanks would do something stupid (walk a batter, hit a batter, make a throwing error, kill a rally), I would turn around to look and then do this.
Well, I felt like it. Maybe the players were tired from all their parading around Washington. Or maybe they ate some bad crab cakes in Baltimore. On the other hand, maybe the O’s were just due for a win, poor darlings. All I know is that it was as if the real Yankees had been taken over by little league Yankees.
I also know that we need Chan Ho Park to come off the DL…And for Nick Johnson to stop walking and start hitting…And for A-Rod, Tex and Grandy to be the mashers we know they are…And for Cano to ride this beautiful streak of his until the end of the season when he will surely win the AL Batting Crown.
Things will be better with CC on the mound tomorrow. How do I know that? Because there’s not much for the players to do in Baltimore, so they’ll get a good night’s sleep.
Before I sign off, I’d like to give a shout out to she-fans extraordinaire and friends of this blog, Serena and Lisa, whose own Traveling Baseball Babes is one of my favorite blogs. They’re organizing a terrific fundraising event in Hicksville, LI in June called “Fred K’s Cancer.” Both of their fathers are named Fred and both men are cancer survivors (and big baseball fans), so Serena and Lisa decided to educate people about their diseases in a very special way. They created a Fred K’s Cancer blog, so please check it out and read about their fab event!


  1. cheshirecat9

    That was awful. The Yankees better come back and win this series or… or… okay well I can’t really come up with a good threat, but I will be very upset.

    In good news I am going to my first game of the season Friday against the White Sox. Very excited to go back to the Stadium!

  2. travelingbballbabes

    Phil Hughes didn’t have his best stuff, but at least he fought to keep his team in the game (though there is almost nothing I hate more than when a pitcher walks a run in! Instant increase in blood pressure). The bullpen performance was absolutely ridiculous and Jorge’s base running blunder was inexcusable. I don’t have an issue so much with losing as when they lose because of nonsense.

    Thank you for your note about Fred K’s Cancer. It’s much appreciated. : )

  3. Jane Heller

    Oh, go on, cheshirecat. Make a threat. Maybe you can scare the Yankees into playing better. Very good news that you’ll be at the game against the White Sox. We need you there!

    No, Hughes wasn’t as good as he was in Oakland, Serena. Walking in a run is not a formula for success. But limiting the O’s to a couple of hits was sweet and I’ll take it. He would have been in line for the win if not for the lousy middle relief + errors. Just a sloppy game on the Yankees’ part. And you’re welcome!

    HAHAHA, Austin. I love their blog. They’re two funny ladies and very knowledgeable fans.


    Target Marketing:


    It’s all your fault. No, nothing about the Yankees’ loss yesterday, but I ordered a few Jane Heller titles and now wants to sign me up for Redbook, All You, and House Beautiful. I had never even heard of All You before, but I’ll confess that if we were being honest, that would be a better title for a men’s magazine. They could use Time’s person-of-the-year idea from a few years ago and have every cover just a reflective silver so we could see our own image.

    In all modesty, I’d be subscribing to that one. 🙂

  5. Jane Heller

    That’s hilarious, jojovanb. So Amazon has now branded you a female! I’ve never heard of “All You” in my life, but it does sound like it should be for men. I used to subscribe to a few of the women’s mags, but not anymore. I’m not interested in the latest in eye makeup.


    Well, Jane…we figured this would happen, didn’t we, you & me? Their history against the O’s is just too daggone uncomfortable…and I don’t care if CC is out there tonite…don’t take ANYTHING for granted!! Except, of course, Baltimore’s natural tendency to Die Like Dogs when a certain red-hosed team follows us into their playground…grrr…
    And now, oh BTW, Our Boyz have suddenly lost 4 outa 5?!? How quickly the worm turns…joking with Office Phillie Fan #1…hey, weren’t we both saying “See You At The Series” a couple of weeks ago? Well, definitely maybe…and yes, it’s STILL April…
    Finally, on the subject of the Fred K’s…good luck all with the event, and their continued health…looks very very good…!

  7. kaiserthegreat

    Cool blog pluggage, though it doesn’t appear they had a great time visiting AT&T Park. Oh well! Yankees have garlic fries?

  8. James Buxton

    They played terribly, but it’s only April. Some old coach of mine told me once not to believe in superstitions or curses (Except of course, the one of the cubs. Never ever make a goat angry, or you’ll live without a championship again) but any time they loose and the Red Sox have a winning streak, I feel there’s something evil there…
    I hope CC throws a superb game tonight.

  9. Jane Heller

    Yes, we did figure it would happen, Dave. I never take the O’s for granted, no matter what their record is. Of course, we allowed them to beat us last night. It was torture watching Jeter and Jorge making mistakes they wouldn’t ordinarily make. And what was up with Winn and that throw?

    Sure, Yankee Stadium has garlic fries, kaiser. They’ve got it all.

    We need CC to stop this little “evil” streak, James. I don’t mind losing a well played game, but last night was just stinko. They almost came back in the ninth too, but it wouldn’t have been a well earned victory.

  10. ladyjane303

    I’ve been at a corporate event for the last 2 days and was feeling bad that I was going to miss last night’s game. Now I don’t feel so bad about missing it. Just keep remembering: it’s only April, and we were in a lot worse shape last year at this time. Now let’s win tonight!


    It was not a pretty game, despite Teixiera getting a good hit and Cano continuing his hot streak.

    What’s more important now, is how they recover from the past few games. That shows the character of a team.


  12. raysrenegade

    Got to tell you the one team I always fear playing is those pesky Baltimore Orioles.
    They have a load of talented players that if they do all channel their hitting and pitching towards the heavens could be the ultimate team that decides who wins the American League East by their yearly series with the Top 3 in the tier.
    They have evolved yearly, and do not let that record fool you. Injuries and a bit of bad luck have them under the eight ball, not lack of skill or talent.
    Any series win against the birds is a good win because of the division’s makeup.
    I am just glad the Indians and Tigers, or even the Brewers are not still memebrs of the AL East.
    Think of this division if Milwaukee or even Detroit was still in it…Wow!

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    Not a catastrophe, Paul. But, as I said, Yankee fans want/expect to win every game. Comes with the territory.

    Good thing you missed last night’s proceedings, ladyjane. But you’re right. It’s April. Well, almost May. lol. But can CC please win tonight? Just for the heck of it? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that article about Jorge and the pitchers. Thanks so much for the link. (Anybody reading this: Don’t miss out. It’s great!) Especially interesting to me were his impressions of Coney.

    Right, Melissa. Let’s see how they bounce back from last night. Show your character, Yankees!

    I always say that the O’s can hit, Renegade, and if they ever get their rotation together – and a decent bullpen/closer – we’ll all be afraid of them and wish them out of our division, which is plenty tough as it is!


    This reminded me of last year, when Girardi was struggling to put together a good bullpen, the only problem is the savior was…Phil Hughes. Which means someone else has to step up. Plus the Bombers aren’t hitting at all! 2 runs? Off the Orioles? Seriously? We got an L from the O’s who got a W, that’s pretty low…

  15. Jane Heller

    Yeah, we had Hughes in the pen, seindsfeld. But once Chan Ho Park comes off the DL I think it’ll help a lot!

  16. travelingbballbabes

    Oh, Kaiser! I feel so sad that you think we didn’t enjoy AT&T Park. The stadium is actually quite lovely. I’d recommend a visit to a person who didn’t even enjoy baseball. There were other non-AT&T Park related elements that contributed to our grumpiness. I apologize if it sounds like we took it out on the stadium and the Giants. : )

    And garlic fries are amazing. My mother disagrees, but what does she know? She doesn’t like garlic!

  17. Jane Heller

    On your comment about AT&T Park, Serena, I had a visit today from a friend who edits the pieces I submit to the NY Times. She was just at a wedding in SF and went to see the Giants/Philies while she was there. She loved the stadium. One of these days I need to drive up and see a game there. And tell your mother garlic is good for us (supposedly).

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