In the Spotlight: Minka Kelly and Joe Torre. (No, they’re not an item.)

The screenwriter’s panel I went to over the weekend as part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival featured the writer of the quirky new romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer.”
He was interesting, so I figured I should see the movie. I thought it was a sweet little story, but imagine my surprise when I got to the final scene. Who was in it but Minka. She plays a girl waiting to be interviewed for a job. She has about six lines, but, hey, that’s more than Jeter has in his car commercials. I dug up her appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show to promote the film. If Letterman had been the host, he would have asked her about The Captain for sure. Instead, Ferguson makes stupid jokes. If nothing else, Minka is a good sport. So her mother invented the name “Minka” and her father was a guitarist in Aerosmith? Who knew? 
And thanks to Leah, a frequent commenter on this blog, I checked out tonight’s episode of “Castle” on ABC to see Joe Torre’s cameo. Joe was Joe – calm, sincere, comfortable on camera. I don’t think he should give up his day job, but he wasn’t bad at all.
(I had to remove the clip since ABC decided not to permit viewing. Basically, it just shows Joe shaking hands with the two investigators and saying how sad it is about the murder of the ballplayer. He looks very earnest and Torre-like.)
Oh, and let me welcome Marcus Thames back to the Yankees. I have no idea what we’re going to do with him, but I’m sure his buddy Granderson will be glad to have him around. 
Let’s see. That makes four left fielders, right? Gardner, Winn, Hoffman and now Thames? Too bad we didn’t hang on to Nady, Hinske and Hairston. There would have been a party out there.


  1. sindyl

    First of all, welcome back Marcus Thames! Hopefully you will do your best for the team. As to the Santa Barbara Film Festival, well I find “500 Days of Summer” more exciting than reading the awful Dear John reviews. Ever since I love comedy films, since it is light and overwhelming to see, provided actors/actresses are good in making adlibs and jokes. But then, OMG! Is Minka really a daughter of Aerosmith guitarist? Can you tell me who?


    Many random thoughts & comments to throw in, before the snow comes AGAIN (another 8 to 16 inches, they don’t know yet), and we lose our power (very likely)…
    (1) I don’t pay much attention to girlfriends, wives of the players etc. (sorry), but Ms. Minka IS lovely…my first exposure, so to speak.
    (2) As for her dad in Aerosmith…sindlyl, I’m no Aerosmith expert, but his name (if it’s Kelly) rings no bells…I have a book “Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith,” published 1997, and the only reference to a Kelly is a tour manager from the ’70s. But that may mean nothing.
    (3) Jane, for some reason, the powers that be won’t allow the video thing with Joe Torre to be displayed…at least on my computer, which is admittedly crappy.
    (4) Marcus Thames. I’ve always wondered…how DO you pronounce his name? Being a snobby old snot, I’ve always said “TEMS” like the river in England…is that wrong? My guess is yes…dunno…

  3. Jane Heller

    Luckily, sindyl, our resident researcher, Melissa, has come to your rescue. She had unearthed the true identity of Minka Kelly’s Aerosmith-member dad!

    Dave, I cannot believe all the snow you’re getting. Maybe today’s storm won’t be quite as bad as they predict? Just hoping. In case you still have power and are able to read this, Thames is pronounced TIMMS. Melissa has taken care of your question about Minka’s father. And I removed the Torre clip. You didn’t miss much, believe me.

    Melissa, you’re the best. Whenever there’s a question, you provide us with the answer. I bet you got an A on every test you ever took in school. Am I right?

    So you were picturing one of my JibJab videos, Paul? I could have shown Torre dancing with Minka and wearing one of those disco shirts.

  4. thefreak

    And the reunion tour continues on………… unbelievable. I am at the point that I am not even trying to figure out what the brass is thinking anymore. I’ll just tune in on opening day and see who’s in the line up.



    I found your blog through and it’s great.

    For DS,
    Marcus’ last name: the Yankee announcers always pronounced it TIMS, not like the river.

  6. Jane Heller

    Mike, you sound defeated before the season starts. Come on! You know Cashman. If none of these guys is taking charge in left field, he’ll get somebody else in July. I bet Thames can still pop one. He’ll be our new Hinske and Gardner will be our new Damon. (OK, I’m reaching.)

    Glad to have you join the party, jojovanb27! Yup, Thames is pronounced Timms. See my comment to Dave above.


    I fed your link to a few other Yankee fans today, including my son, and I hope they’ll occasionally stop by. Pitchers and catchers are packing their suitcases and it’s time to start thinking and talking baseball. (Although it looks like you never stopped.)

  8. Jane Heller

    I hope your son does stop by, jojovanb. The more the merrier. The great thing about the Super Bowl is that once it’s over, baseball takes over. It’s been a long off-season but we’re almost there. (And no, I never stopped talking about the Yankees!) Can’t wait until spring training. I’ve got my plane ticket and am ready to go.


    Thanks for the compliment Jane. I just happen to be an information nut. I work in a library and even there they laugh at my need to find answers to questions. What did I ever do before the internet?

  10. readbetweenthevines

    Minka Kelly’s most important role other than being Derek Jeter’s wife-to-be is as Lyla Garrity in the NBC show, “Friday Night Lights”. That’s my favorite show and Minka is a key character in it so I was surprised to learn that she was getting married to DJ because they have quite an age difference. Well I guess being a top 10 shortstop in baseball history does have its perks.


    For all the she-fans out there (saw this online and thought I’d pass it along):


    A reporter with the Wall Street Journal wants to interview women who plan to go to Spring Training without any male companions. If this is you (and hopefully you’re coming to Steinbrenner Field), please email Hannah Karp at with “ProfNet Query – Female Baseball Fans…” in the subject line, ASAP

  12. Jane Heller

    I don’t know what any of us did before the Internet, Melissa. It’s been a godsend to me as a writer. The minute I need to research something, it’s at my fingertips. And for any other info, I have you!

    I’ve never watched Friday Night Lights, readbetweenthevines, but I hear Minka does a good job on the show. Whether she’ll end up as Mrs. Jeter is another story. Those marriage stories could be rumors. We shall see.

    Thanks for passing along the query about she-fans, scp. I’d respond to her myself but my husband is coming with me to spring training.

  13. crzblue2

    I had never seen the show “Castle” I don’t even remember hearing about this show but just becaue of Torre, I watched. Well, my brother taped it and advanced it to that part. You are right, Torre was his usual self. BTW, the Torre and Koufax event is fast approaching!
    Hey, you want another outfielder? We got Giles in the minor league. You can have him.


    This is going to sound silly, but thanks for making my day, Jane! I spending the entire day studying for an exam that’s tomorrow and I finally took a break and came here to see my name in your post. Very exciting!

    I have to agree with you when you said that “Joe was Joe”. I, myself wasn’t expecting much else. Cool, calm, and collective. That’s what he does best.

    Thanks again!

  15. Jane Heller

    I’d never seen “Castle” either, Emma. And I wouldn’t have watched last night if Leah hadn’t told me Torre was on. He was his usual self, wasn’t he? He could have been walking to the mound to take a pitcher out. No thanks on Giles!

    You’re so welcome, Leah. You’re the one who gave us all a heads up about Torre, so you deserve the credit. Joe was cool and calm, but I wished they’d had him on longer.

  16. angelsgirl012

    At first when you said “father plays guitar in Aerosmith” I immediately thought “Joe Perry doesn’t have children does he?!” lol uhh i really dig joe perry? :D.

    Minka reminds me of a fur coat…….. is that good or bad? 😛

    Mr Torre certainly has my respect. He should do cameos a bit more often heh heh. I love the commercial he did for Los Angeles… (“Wheat grass?”). Very representative of the move from New York to Los Angeles. I always thought he was a very serious and professional fellow but after I saw that commercial I never look at him the same :P. New yorkers were giving him a hard time, he can chill in Los Angeles 😉 Joking of course (for west coast is always given a hard time for “not caring enough”)


    Jane, you might consider contacting that reporter anyway. You are THE she-fan and could give her a nice overall view of women baseball fans.

  18. Jane Heller

    “Minka” reminds me of a fur coat too, Mimi. Maybe that’s where her mother got the idea of the name. lol. I loved the wheat grass commercial Torre did. It was the perfect message for his move from NY to LA.

    I agree with you, Cat. Ferguson was so annoying that if I’d been Minka I would have walked off the set. That’s why I said she’s a good sport. She stuck it out!

    I did contact the reporter, Melissa, figuring why not. She hasn’t responded….yet.

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