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Mad Men

Lots of people are spending this off-day blogging about the Yankees’ chances for:
a) winning the division
b) having a viable starting rotation for the playoffs
c) avoiding the need for Austin Kearns
d) enjoying a series at Fenway for the first time ever.
Not me. I spent the day having a lunch meeting in L.A. with the producer of “An Ex to Grind,” the novel I hope will become a movie soon. She told me that Benecio Del Toro, who’s attached to play the male lead, and Jeremy Garelick, who wrote “The Hangover” and is working on our script, got together and talked about making Benecio’s character a baseball player instead of a football player. Apparently, both are baseball fans. (I was totally ferklempt when I heard that.) Anyhow, the other subject that came up at lunch today was the TV show “Mad Men.” I admitted I’d never watched it. 
“How can you not watch it?” said the flabbergasted producer.
“I want to,” I said. “I just haven’t had time. Either I’m watching a ballgame or I forget. One of these days I’ll buy the first season on DVD and catch up.”
As I drove back to Santa Barbara, I was determined to order the show and start watching. In the meantime, here’s my own version. It stars, in alphabetical order:
Cameron Diaz
Derek Jeter
Minka Kelly
Alex Rodriguez
No wonder people are so into this show! 

In the Spotlight: Minka Kelly and Joe Torre. (No, they’re not an item.)

The screenwriter’s panel I went to over the weekend as part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival featured the writer of the quirky new romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer.”
He was interesting, so I figured I should see the movie. I thought it was a sweet little story, but imagine my surprise when I got to the final scene. Who was in it but Minka. She plays a girl waiting to be interviewed for a job. She has about six lines, but, hey, that’s more than Jeter has in his car commercials. I dug up her appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show to promote the film. If Letterman had been the host, he would have asked her about The Captain for sure. Instead, Ferguson makes stupid jokes. If nothing else, Minka is a good sport. So her mother invented the name “Minka” and her father was a guitarist in Aerosmith? Who knew? 
And thanks to Leah, a frequent commenter on this blog, I checked out tonight’s episode of “Castle” on ABC to see Joe Torre’s cameo. Joe was Joe – calm, sincere, comfortable on camera. I don’t think he should give up his day job, but he wasn’t bad at all.
(I had to remove the clip since ABC decided not to permit viewing. Basically, it just shows Joe shaking hands with the two investigators and saying how sad it is about the murder of the ballplayer. He looks very earnest and Torre-like.)
Oh, and let me welcome Marcus Thames back to the Yankees. I have no idea what we’re going to do with him, but I’m sure his buddy Granderson will be glad to have him around. 
Let’s see. That makes four left fielders, right? Gardner, Winn, Hoffman and now Thames? Too bad we didn’t hang on to Nady, Hinske and Hairston. There would have been a party out there.

Minka and Jeet’s First Dance at the Wedding

Ever since it was reported that The Captain and Minka were tying the knot in November, there’s been speculation about whether or not the story is a hoax. I still think it’s his sister who’s walking down the aisle at Oheka Castle.
Jeter never struck me as the castle type. On the other hand, he’s building one of his own on that private island near Tampa, so what do I know? Maybe he likes the idea of an enormous place where he and Minka can hang out with his Yankees buddies and their wives.
And the castle does have aura and mystique at night.
It’s certainly roomy enough so that all the Yankees can be invited, even Lonn Trost.
And how about the reception? It would be beautiful at the castle.
Of course, when I saw the dance floor it occurred to me that Derek and Minka will need to have the requisite “first dance.” I wonder what their special song is. And will he wear his batting helmet when he takes his bride for a spin? I doubt it, but I figured they should at least practice for the big occasion.

The Yankees Sign Reid Gorecki, Not Reed Johnson

When I read this, I said, “Who?” But he sounds like a minor league outfielder and not – I repeat not! – Cashman’s solution to the left field issue. Johnny Damon and Brett Gardner will be sharing duties there. RIGHT, CASH? RIGHT, JOHNNY? HAVE YOU TWO HUGGED IT OUT YET?


The Reid Gorecki signing wasn’t the only headline maker today. Mark McGwire finally explained to the media how he went from looking like this…
…to this.
To no one’s surprise, he admitted using ‘roids.
At this point, it’s like me admitting that I took my sister’s car out for a spin when I was in high school and sideswiped a parking meter. I pretended I wasn’t responsible for the giant scratch on the driver’s side, but everyone in the family knew I was guilty.
If McGwire’s sit-down with Bob Costas really gives everybody “closure,” then I’m glad. I’d much rather talk about how Jeter’s supposed wedding to Minka Kelly is now being called a hoax. I love hoaxes. I think I’ll create one right now: The Yankees just signed Johnny Damon and they’re announcing it tomorrow!

Presenting The 2009 She-Fan Awards, Part 6

Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Since it’s Saturday night, which is traditionally known as “date night,” it’s time to turn our attention to the celebrity whose romantic interest in a Yankee helped both the player and the team win the championship this year. No, I’m not including Madonna, since she and A-Rod were over their little whatever-it-was before the season started. I’m not considering Joanna Garcia either; for starters, she’s not A-List enough, plus Nick Swisher isn’t the reason the Yankees won #27. What I’m saying is that this is a two-horse race.
And so, without further ado, here are the nominees for the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Celebrity Girlfriend.
Minka Kelly, Girlfriend of Derek Jeter
Minka followed on the heels of a long list of Jeter conquests, but she’s lasted longer than any of the others, which proves she has staying power. She was at the Captain’s side at the finale of the old Stadium, and she’s been rumored to be his fiancee. But can she pass the She-Fan Award test?
1) Did she wear Yankees gear proudly? Yes.
2) Did she show up at the games with her Yankee’s family members? Yes.
3) Did she exhibit genuine excitement and pride when her Yankee played well? Yes.
4) Did her Yankee have a great 2009 season? Yes indeed.
And now for our other nominee…
Kate Hudson, Girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez – 
Kate followed on the heels of Madonna, as previously mentioned, as well as assorted actress/models with whom A-Rod was photographed after his divorce from C-Rod. She was rumored to have moved in with Alex in New York, but is currently on the circuit promoting her new film “Nine.” Can she pass the She-Fan Award test?
1) Did she wear Yankees gear proudly? Not that I noticed.
But she sat next to someone who did – and she sat with Amber Sabathia and Michelle Damon, neither of whom wore Yankees gear either.
2) Did she show up at the games with her Yankee’s family members? No. But she showed up with her own family members.
3) Did she exhibit genuine excitement and pride when her Yankee played well? Yes.
4) Did her Yankee have a great 2009 season? Oh, yes.
The envelope please.
And the winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Celebrity Girlfriend is…
***** Kate Hudson *****
Yes, Jeter made the bigger splash. (How often do you break Lou Gehrig’s record and become the first Yankee to be honored as SI’s Sportsman of the Year?) But how much did Minka have to do with that? Jeter would probably have hit .334 if he’d been dating Miss Piggy. Kate, on the other hand, went to Texas, Philly and other cities where the Yanks played. She hung out with the wives, was on the field for family day, brought her own family. And A-Rod thrived despite all the adversity early in the season. He certainly had his best post-season ever. And tell the truth: doesn’t Kate look like a lot more fun than Minka?
Congratulations, Kate. You and A-Rod may not last another month, but you helped us Yankee fans out this year and we’re grateful.
Yankees win the World Series-013934--500x380.jpg
Oh, wait. Kate would like to accept her award with her mom by her side. Very sweet.
Enjoy, both of you!
Gold.Fan 010.jpg


If I’d been at today’s parade, I probably would have made a ticker tape snow angel too. But before I get to the festivities in the Canyon of Heroes, there were still fans celebrating Wednesday night’s Game 6 triumph. Remember Karissa, the four-year-old she-fan I met in the parking lot of Angel Stadium during the ALCS? Apparently, she has a brother and the two of them did a little victory dance after the Yankees beat the Phillies.
Then there was Bill “Surf Dog” Connell, who was overjoyed that the Yanks notched #27.
The celebrating continued last night when three of the “core four” appeared on Letterman.
Is it me or do ballplayers look completely different in “street clothes?” I’m so used to seeing them in uniform that it’s always a shock when they show up in suits. They look bigger and somehow too otherworldly for the stuff we civilians wear. Not that they weren’t adorable with Dave. And having Hideki make his cameo at the end was priceless. Good job, boys.
Today’s parade was fun to watch. In addition to the usual suspects (current mayor and former mayors, Yogi and Reggie, broadcasters, Steinbrenners, and, of course, the players themselves), I was thrilled to see Freddy on a float, banging his frying pan. Remember at the beginning of the season when he was denied entry to the new Stadium? How things have changed. I feel a special kinship with that man and his pan.
Freddie Sez web.sm.jpg
And how about the player pairings on those floats? AJ and Molina? Naturally. A-Rod and Jay-Z? Why not? Jeter and Minka? Hmm. But they’re not engaged? Sure.
CC and Tex shared a float (I may kidnap “Lil CC”; that child is too cute). Marte and Joba were riding together, along with Wang and his baby. Andy and Chad Gaudin? OK. Damon with Swisher? Makes sense. Melky and his mother? Absolutely. I loved how they were all holding MLB-provided Flip Video camcorders – also known as the She-Fan Cam.
What I didn’t love was that the MLB Network (I don’t get YES programming here in California, just the games) had the nerve to cut away during the procession for a Phillies press conference. Excuse me? Talk about raining on my parade.
A few fashion notes before the finale at City Hall:
* A-Rod’s black fedora, also worn by Melky, was an interesting choice.
* Mo’s scarf was oh-so-stylish.
mens scarf B04.jpg
* Suzyn Waldman’s black leather outfit was very biker-chick.
The ceremony at City Hall went too fast for me – I would have enjoyed hearing each Yankee say a few words – and I thought my head would explode while they were playing that horrible Six Flags music.
But I got a kick out of Bloomberg’s line about Jimmy Rollins’ crystal ball, Girardi’s story about his phone conversation with The Boss, Jeter’s graceful thank you to the fans and the Steinbrenners, and AJ’s stealth grab of A-Rod’s hat. Please, Yankees. Can we do this again next year?