Super Bowl Observations From A Novice

When I got home from the Santa Barbara Film Festival this afternoon, the game was in the third quarter. I said to my husband, “They have quarters in football? Like New Orleans has quarters?”
He rolled his eyes and tried to explain.
“I don’t think it’s fair that we’re not having a Super Bowl party,” I said. “Everybody’s probably eating Super Bowl food.”
“Knock yourself out,” he said thoughtfully.
I went out and bought some guacamole and chips – and stuffed myself. If this is what watching football is all about, I’m so in.
Next, I tried to concentrate on the game. The Saints were ahead but it was close. Suddenly, a penalty.
“Unnecessary roughness,” I mused. “Is there such a thing as necessary roughness?”
“No, but there’s flagrant roughness,” said Michael, as if that would clear things up.
I decided to focus on the players. Peyton Manning did something bad, according to the announcers, but he wasn’t charged with an error the way he would have been in baseball. And speaking of the announcers, they were boring, as if they were calling a golf tournament. Shouldn’t they have sounded more excited, especially after the Saints won?
I really enjoyed the part when the Saints quarterback, Drew Brees (my new favorite name, by the way) held his little boy on the field after the game. Why isn’t Brees a baseball player? A Yankee, to be specific? I bet he could play left field.
The other thing I wondered was why E Trade got rid of the original baby. Did you see the commercials? The old kid was much cuter than the new kid. I guess the old kid grew up, but am I wrong on the cuteness scale?
Old kid…
New kid…
Anyhow, congratulations to Saints fans and the people of New Orleans. I don’t need to hear “Who dat” ever again, but I’m glad I watched at least a little of the game. Sort of.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    I made my dad, who hates football, watch the game with me. It was hilarious, we were both trying to understand everything. Loved the stage used in the half-time, but I think, even though The Who are awesome, that they should have used someone else for the half time, maybe the Black Eyed Peas…?
    I think Hank Baskett ruined the game for the Colts. Period. He should’ve catched that.
    Anywho. it was fun. Congrats to the Saints. It sucks that I won’tbe near New Orleans for this years Mardi Gras, its boudn to be crazier than usual.
    I’m not gonna comnplaint. Carnivals start friday night next weekend and end on midnight on wednesday here in Panama.
    Oh, and baseball season is near…. I looooove that!

  2. irishsoxkid19

    I watch very little football and was hoping that the Colts won, but in a way, it’s good that the Saints won after all that team and city has gone through. Some of the calls confused me as well and I wish baseball would just start so I can see some benchclearings!! Or maybe I should go to a hockey game and watch some fights there? Hockey fights are so much better!! The commercials were cool, some of them made me wonder what free time these people actually had before yesterday, and the The Who is getting too old no offense. They reminded me of some of the residents at my Great Grandmother’s nursing home. Yes, they are that old looking. Only 10 more days till Spring Training!!


    “Now don’t you be no fool, eh
    You let the bon temps rouler!”
    My heart is full. Jane, and all, I’m so glad you got to be a witness to that historic sports event, even if it wasn’t your flavor of gumbo, so to speak. To know what New Orleans has gone through…what suffering…and the living symbols of their city…their always-AWFUL football team (The “Aints”, bags over their heads)…Forget about that halftime music (WHO Dat? Sorry, Jane). Get some cajun or zydeco music — or Dr. John — rockin’ pneumonia — put on an old Fats Domino platter — feel the rhythm and pure joy for someone else who’s lost everything, now getting something back — and let the good times ROLL!!!
    P.S. Drew Brees woulda been one helluva pitcher — like, say, Ron “Gator” Guidry, who I’ll bet is one happy cajun right now — sonofagun, they’ll have big fun, on the bayou!


    I understand football, but I don’t really like watching it much. It’s too intense. Too much stopping and starting, too many time outs. It doesn’t have the rhythm of baseball. The announcers at half time sounded like they were having a contest to see who had the most testosterone.

    I rooted for the Saints because it seemed that they were the underdogs and I was sick of the Payton Manning worship of the announcers.

    We missed the first part because my husband said we should watch some “real football” (aka English Premier League soccer), so we watched part of the Chelsea/Arsenal game.

    The first thing I said at the end of the Super Bowl was “Can baseball season start now?”

    To me that’s the best part of the Super Bowl – it’s one more milestone on the march to baseball season.



    All it all it was a very exciting game and our crowd was great. Way too much food as usual but we had a blast. And you will be proud of me…when the game was officially over and I brought out the coffee and dessert, I announced that it was the football season was officially over and baseball season was about to begin and I served the Yankees ice cream. I can’t believe Turkey Hill still makes it this time of year. It got a very good reception, along with all the other sweets. Its funny, when you see the leftover food you hesitate to bring out dessert and then they somehow disappear.

    I agree, Jane. Drew Brees would look even better in pinstripes. I was pretty disappointed with the commercials when there had been so much hype about how good they were going to be. The Who were ok but the staging was what really made the performance. J-Zee and Keyes were no doubt a better sports related performance…maybe next year the Super Bowl can go with Lady GaGa. Anyway, while we will still enjoy a few hockey games over the next few weeks, its BASEBALL TIME!!!!! So, for the first time in months I say……. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cheshirecat9

    I am not a huge football fan, but I thought this Super Bowl was great. I was definitely rooting for New Orleans (my second favorite US city) and I am very happy they won! Now we just have to sit on our duffs for the next 9 days until pitchers and catchers report. I am getting excited to defend our championship!


    I’m not big into football all that much, but I did enjoy watching the Super Bowl last night with some friends and Chinese food. I have to say my favorite moment of was, in fact, Drew Brees and his son after the game. But I do have to say I’m excited that the football season is now over because it means that the start of the baseball season is just around the corner!! Yeayy!!
    P.S. Joe Torre will be on ABC’s “Castle” tonight at 10 ET/9 CT

  8. joeredsox

    Last night was big in our house my wife who tries her best to kinda sorta get in to sports ( Her mom on the other hand is biggest sports fan on the planet ) was on the edge of her seat.Yesterday was as she put it one of only the 3 sportting events she’ll watch 1- The Super Bowl 2- Red Sox Playoffs, and Yankees-Red Sox.These events are also specail because she lets me buy the good chips .


    The good news for me is that Michael is home. YAY! Did I miss that?

    It was a great game and easier to watch when my team is not in it. Otherwise I would have been sweating bullets.


  10. kaiserthegreat

    I find football fairly confusing, but I did watch the game. Saints won, which was what I wanted. I find it odd that everyone is patting Brees on the back for the win when it seems to me they won the game with field goals and interceptions. But again, I find football confusing.

  11. crzblue2

    At least you gave “Foosball” a try. I understood like football before baseball and then baseball just took over in my heart!
    I watched very little of the game mainly because I was visiting an aunt at the convalescent hospital on her bday celebration.

  12. Jane Heller

    Lillie, I’m sure your carnivals in Panama can compete with Mardi Gras just fine and you’ll have a great time. I’m laughing when I think of you and your father watching the Super Bowl and trying to figure it all out. Sounds like me at my house.

    I liked the Who way back when, Rob, but I can’t figure out why they were picked to perform at the SB. Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones – these are my generation’s musical acts. I would have thought they’d go younger, but I guess it’s because of the Janet Jackson fiasco?

    You wish baseball would start so you can see some bench-clearing, Holly? O-kay. I can think of quite a few other reasons why I’m looking forward to baseball, but whatever floats your boat. And yes, the Who are old. It happens.

    Dave, I bet Guidry is ecstatic about the Saints winning. I forgot about that. I was very glad for the people of New Orleans and hope their team’s victory gives them a lift. They looked like they were getting the party started right after the game. Such be a good time there. Love Dr. John, by the way.

    That’s my problem with football too, Melissa – all the stopping and starting. As hard as I try, I can’t get into the sport. But last night I did appreciate the big occasion and the drama of Peyton Manning, the god of quarterbacks, versus the underdog Saints. All things considered, not a bad show. And yes, now we inch even closer to baseball. We have turned the corner!

    Diane, I love that you served Yankees ice cream to cap off the meal – and to mark the end of the football season! Perfect. Glad your party was fun. I watched all the commercials and thought they were only so-so. I remember in years past they were very inventive and funny. Maybe I’m jaded. Lady Gaga for half-time entertainment next year? Don’t count on it. She’s not what CBS would consider “family entertainment.”

    Well said, Randy. Enough with the slogans and let’s get baseball going already!

    “Defend our championship.” Hm, cheshirtcat. You just made me nervous. You mean we aren’t going to be the champions forever? LOL. I can’t wait until there’s actual baseball news and spring training begins. Seems like a LONG winter.

    I loved watching Brees and his son on the field after the game, Leah. He seemed genuinely moved by what he and his team accomplished and it was sweet that he was sharing it all with his son. (Where was his wife though???) Thanks so much for the heads up about Torre on “Castle” tonight!

    HAHA, Joe. So your wife let you buy the good chips for the SB? That’s big right there. Glad she was able to enjoy the game, which must have made it more enjoyable for you too. At least you have a mother-in-law who likes sports.

    Yup, Laurie. Michael is home. He’s been back for almost a week and doing better each day. And you make a great point: watching a big game like the SB and not having a rooting interest is sooo much more relaxing than watching the Yankees and, say, the Red Sox!

    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed there was a different baby, Paul! The first one had big eyes and a rounder face and made funnier expressions.

    Don’t ask me why the Saints won, kaiser. I’m more confused than you are. Going by what the announcers said, it had something to do with the coach’s strategy. Oh, and they kept using the word blitz. LOL.

    I did give it a try, Emma. Mostly I wanted that guacamole and chips, even if I had to eat them by myself! Hope you had a good visit with your aunt on her birthday.

  13. diamondgirl55

    Jane, I literally LOL-ed when I read your last line, “I don’t ever need to hear ‘Who Dat’ ever again”….I AGREE. VERY MUCH SO. I’m tempted not to go onto Facebook because my Newsfeed seems like it’s filled with a various array of ‘who dat’s. Thanks for making me chuckle! xoxo

  14. raysrenegade

    Actually Drew Brees lettered in baseball at Westlake High School in Dallas, Texas before heading to Purdue and playing College Football for the Boilermakers.
    He would have been a H S Senior in 1996, but I am not sure if a team took him in that season’s MLB Draft.
    By the Way, his son was born on his 30th birthday ( 01/15), so he will always have something besides last night to celebrate with his son every year.
    And I see him more as a second baseman because he always seems to want to be in the flow of the game.

    As for my E-Trade baby, everyone has to remember how much a baby grows in their first year. The “original” baby probably grew out of the part, but you got to love the play on milk-aholic and his new girlpal. That was a classic moment with her peeking in at the last monet of the commercial.

    But glad you got to have some Guac and chips and watch one of the better Superbowl games in a long time. 1 mistake really put Brees and the Saints on the road to celebrating. Still wonder where Kim K was during all that confetti? Maybe she was standing in the tunnel and let Reggie Bush have his moment…… a great girlfriend would do for her man.

    Rays Renegade

  15. Jane Heller

    It’s a funny thing about sports slogans and expressions, diamondgirl. They’re amusing in the beginning, but after awhile you just want to say, “Enough!” That said, I’m very happy for the fans in New Orleans.

    Leave it to you, Renegade, to know all the background stuff about Brees. So he could have been a baseball player after all! Well, I guess he chose the right path. YOUR E-Trade baby? Is there something you’re not telling us? Come on. Man up, dude. LOL.

  16. Jane Heller

    Shoveling snow for 5 hours, Peg? Your hubby deserves a medal for combat duty. I guess we’re in the minority about football. I’ve tried to like it and learn about it, but it’s just not in my DNA. I have the same impression you do – that it’s a bunch of guys who fall on top of each other. I know there’s a lot of strategy involved and I’m being way too simplistic. But I do prefer baseball for all the reasons you noted.


    My hubby and I are not football fans at all. Hubby went to bed a bit earlier – after all he did shovel for 5 hrs. So I did flip over to see the score and maybe catch a commercial or two. I too like the 1st babies better. I read where they said the older babies were now too old.

    I don’t get football and I don’t mean the rules or the game. I just don’t get why the fascination of it all. Why it’s considered America’s favorite sport. Too me it’s like Bam-Bam’s on the field with out the finese of a great double play or a perfect game or spoiled HR catch or a spin and air toss a la Jeter. It just made me long for spring training to begin…..23 days but who’s counting.

  18. welikeroywelikeroy

    I didn’t get to see any of the commercials because of the Canadian Regulatory TV Commission, but I agree with the kid. Funny, Jim Nance, who did the Bowl’s play-by-play, is known for his coverage of golf. Everytime he speaks I’m always reminded of ‘The Masters’ as well.

  19. Jane Heller

    You thought it was torture when your sister-in-law was yelling, Jenn? I guess you don’t make any noise when you’re watching the Phillies? LOL.

    I agree about Nance, Jeremy. I always associate him with golf, but I just figured he would muster a little more enthusiasm for a Super Bowl game. I wish they could bring back Madden.


    you are so funny. i could listen to you talk about anything and it would be more enjoyable. and soon we’ll be getting the lovely baseball commentaries. is anyone worried about the angst that will soon come? that is the only thing i am not missing.


    How cool is this? I just went to to check on our weather and this was on there:
    Sports Weather Hide
    MLB: Date: Forecast:
    Yankees vs. Red Sox 8:05 PM EDT on April 04, 2010 Average High 52° F/ 11° C

    Won’t be long now. (For our resident songster: It won’t be long, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it won’t be long, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.)


    How cool is this? Just checked the weather on and this was on the page:

    Sports Weather Hide
    MLB: Date: Forecast:
    Yankees vs. Red Sox 8:05 PM EDT on April 04, 2010 Average High 52° F/ 11° C

    Won’t be long (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) it won’t be long (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)


  23. Jane Heller

    I don’t miss the angst either, Barbara. I forgot about that part! Let’s make a pact that we’ll watch the Yankees this year and NOT get upset when they lose or something bad happens. OK, never mind. It’s not possible.

    They have the weather up for April 4th, Melissa? Talk about long-range forecasting! Just reading that the Yankees and Sox will be playing that night made my heart do a little dance.

    Those babies could probably play LF, Jeff, but they’re too busy making e-trades. Now Marcus Thames, on the other hand, has nothing to do but try to make the team out of spring training. I hope he can still hit/catch the ball.

    Great article on Brees, Matthew. I knew he had baseball in him. Oh well. He would have made a good Yankee. I could sense it.

  24. heartruss

    How funny that you write about football and get so many comments!
    Anyway, I enjoy football partly because my son played high school varsity football. I don’t really keep up with it though. I was amazed that the Saints won though because they were underdogs. The Saints did play a better game.
    I thought the other baby was cuter too. I guess it is no longer a baby though. Hard to fake that.

  25. Jane Heller

    I think everybody’s just hungry for baseball, Cat. Don’t know how else to explain it. I should be more up on football, since I used to go to my high school games (I even twirled a baton), but it’s not my sport.

  26. Jane Heller

    I’m glad I wasn’t hallucinating, wrigleyregular. That new kid just didn’t look right! But the fact that we’re all talking about it is good news for the advertiser, I guess.

  27. angelsgirl012

    My heart belongs to baseball but I do enjoy watching football too. In fact it is Baseball, basketball and then football.. not that it matters much lol! I always love watching the Super bowl it is really fun and when it’s a good game man that gets exciting. Yes as half of America I too was rooting for the Saints. I’m glad the game was as exciting as it was and glad for the city of New Orleans. They are very deserving! Anywho, glad you enjoyed your guac and chips as did I.

    That commercial is so funny

    “And that milk-a-holic lindsay wasn’t over



    I noticed the change in baby too! Probably got too big for the commercial 😉

  28. Jane Heller

    You’re an all-around sports fan, Mimi. I used to be when I lived in NY. I followed the Yankees, Knicks and Rangers but never got into football for some reason. Thank goodness for guac and chips!

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