Another Pie In The Face For The Yanks

It’s silly. It’s juvenile. And I hope it never ends – the whole routine of come-from-behind walkoffs that result in an A.J. Burnett-instigated dose of whipped cream for the hero.
Today’s recipient? Jorge Posada, whose single in the bottom of the 12th drove in A-Rod with the winning run in the Yankees’ 6-5 victory over the Jays.
But first, the classy tribute to Lou Gehrig and to Michael Goldsmith, the ALS sufferer who called MLB to action on the disease.


Talk about a highlight of the 2009 Inaugural Yankee Stadium Season. You’d have to be made of stone not to be moved by the pre-game ceremony.
Then came the game itself. Wang was having his best start of the season. But it was clear that Halladay didn’t have his “A” stuff. Not with homers to Matsui, Posada and Damon. I think it was Damon’s shot in particular – the one-hander into “Damon’s Deck” in short right field – that really got Doc all pissy and red faced.
The July 4th crowd, which had sounded pretty enthusiastic, fell to a hush after Wang gave up a two-run dinger to Lind in the sixth. And then suddenly….out came Girardi and Steve Donahue. The next thing we knew, Wanger was headed for the MRI tube.
I figured it was his Lisfranc again. Or maybe some other body part I’d never heard of. But no. He’s got a “shoulder strain with bursitis,” is going on the DL and will miss at least a month. I mean, seriously? What are we supposed to do about our rotation? Make a trade? Or bring up a kid?
Robertson was shaky in relief, giving up another run, as was Bruney. But Coke threw two great innings (with help from Gardner’s slide on Overbay’s fly ball). And Mo and Bombko kept us in the game until Jorge broke the 5-5 tie with one swing of the bat.
Of course, there was also the issue of Cano. The guy came up with runners on base time after time, and did nothing. He’s really starting to stink.
After reveling in the Yankees’ victory, I headed to the beach for a walk, my trusty She-Fan Cam in my pocket. There were a zillion people camped out to see the fireworks display later, and I checked the various groups to see if there were any baseball fans among them.
Sure enough, there were a couple of Dodgers fans.
The first one was with her family, having their annual July 4th Dodgers barbecue.
The second one was playing catch with a friend.
Very cool customer, that Andrew.
I was walking away, feeling no Yankee love in Santa Barbara, when I happened upon a guy wearing a Yankees cap backwards. He was partying with his friends, but I went over anyway.
Why I said “Ithaca!” in that high squeaky voice is beyond me. But even more embarrassing was when I mistakenly agreed that Jorge had hit the walkoff single in the 13th inning instead of the 12th. I’m not very good in math, but that was ridiculous.
Here’s hoping the Yanks find a couple of fresh arms to pitch tomorrow.


  1. flairforthedramatic

    Gotta love A.J. The pie thing is hilarious..
    I woke up to “I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth” and it was beyond beautiful. Remembering the man has really shed light on the game’s rich history.. especially Yankee history 😉
    Suckks about Wang.. just his luck though. He was holding up against Roy Halladay and now another DL stint.
    Cano = beyond terrible. He’s either red hot or beyond crappy.. and unfortunately right now seems to be the latter’s turn.
    Addicted to the cam huh? Kim Jones ain’t got nothing on you.. Include yourself in the shot! Lol =)
    – V [ ]

  2. scofid

    Cano missing the sign and bunting on the 3-0 pitch in the 12th inning (or was it the 13th? LOL!) was horrible. Then after the game, you hear comment like ‘he’ll never do that again’. But why did he do it to begin with? I couldn’t believe how many innings he killed, and how many men he left on base. Fortunately, the Yanks won despite Cano’s poor performance but had the Jays been on their game, that would not have been the case. Have a great day, and think happy thoughts for a sterling performance by Joba Chamberlain!


  3. juliasrants

    The ALS ceremonies at all the parks were wonderful. The Red Sox had Curt Schilling – who has raised funds for ALS research for over 20 years – take part in the reading of Lou Gehrig’s “I am the Luckiest Man” speech.


  4. Jane Heller

    No, I won’t put myself in the videos, V. I like being “the documentarian.” LOL. Really sucks about Wang. And they called up Albaladejo for the pen today? Who will start Tuesday? Let’s hope Cano feels less pressure if Joe drops him down in the order. Enough of this!

    I can’t even count the number of rallies Cano has killed lately, Scott. It’s too gruesome. He had the swing the other night with the homer, but with men on? Forget it. We need Joba to go DEEP today.

    I knew you’d get a kick out of Andrew, Emma. He’s got the Dodgers winning the WS and that’s that! Not sure how many walkoffs the Yankees have this season, but it’s a lot more than last year.

    Looking forward to watching the MLB Network’s show with highlights from all the parks, Julia. They’re showing “Pride of the Yankees” too.

  5. Jane Heller

    Erin, thanks for the offer to take Cano off my hands. I haven’t watched him today yet, but yesterday he was making me mad enough to say, “He’s yours!”

    Yeah, he was wearing Cubs gear, Jeff, so I guess the Yankees shouldn’t press him into service.

    Things are going well, Dillon, except for the Wang situation. I hope there’s a good solution. We need another starter!

    It was a great ceremony honoring such a worthy cause, mattpeas. I wish I could have been there to see it in person.

    Very exciting about Tex, Alex! I had no doubt that Jeter and Mo would make the team, but Tex wasn’t a sure thing at all. Let’s go, AL!

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