AJ Takes Care of Business

What a luxury to have a starter who can shut down his former team, especially after they absolutely creamed him the last time around.


The Yankees needed a pick-me-up following CC’s crummy outing on Thursday, and AJ delivered it against the Blue Jays. He wasn’t perfect – Why does Vernon Wells emerge from his slumps whenever the Jays play the Yanks? – but he gave us seven innings of two-run ball with seven strikeouts.
Question of the day regarding the above photo. Is he saying:
#1) “Oh, Lyle, you know damn well the ball didn’t touch your toe,” after Overbay poorly portrayed the role of a hit batsman in the second inning.
#2) “Oh, Johnny, use your sunglasses,” after Damon made that non-catch of Scutero’s double in the third.
#3) “Oh, Bud, I can’t believe you’re making us put on these red Phillies/Angels caps,” after MLB decided that a nice, simple American flag wouldn’t get the job done.
(My guess is #3. Even Mo looked weird wearing the red cap when he came in for the save, and Mo never looks weird.)
The offense gave me fits early on, turning Tallet into yet another Cy Young award winner. Cano’s second inning homer was sweet…
…but he’s been just plain rotten with men on base.
The Yanks should have blown the game wide open in the fifth inning when Tallet suddenly couldn’t figure out where this was.
But they only managed to score a couple of runs. It wasn’t until A-Rod went deep in the eighth, to put us up 4-2, that I felt the win was a lock.
Coke and Hughes were impressive bridges to Mo, and that was that – a “w” to kick off the four-game series with Toronto.
With the Neverland memorial out of the picture, my husband Michael and I ventured out to one of our favorite beaches here in Santa Barbara and took a long walk. There were tons of tourists enjoying the start to the holiday, and we decided to join them. We hit Stearn’s Wharf, where everyone who visits SB ends up.
It’s a long pier with shops and restaurants and great views. Our goal? Food. And not just any food. Summer food.
I admit it. I was a total glutton. Not only did I polish off the whole thing but I had a hot fudge sundae at the ice cream place a few doors down. Gross, I know. But hey, it’s not July 4th weekend every day.
Happy 4th in advance, everyone, and thanks so much for reading.


  1. pooh7_76@hotmail.com

    Today was a good game. AJ pitched great. The guy is on a roll. I completely agree with you regarding Vernon Wells. The same can be said for David Ortiz. I hate when slumping hitters bust out against Yankee pitching.
    I saw you on Yankees Magazine before yesterday’s game on YES. You were great. Enjoy the holiday weekend!!
    Another She-Fan

  2. scofid

    I am glad you warned me about the start time for yesterday’s game. I had just assumed it was a night game and never bothered to look at the actual start time. I am just so glad that the Jays were in such a giving mood! Hopefully, the Yankee bats will get untracked today because we can’t continue to rely on free passes from the Jays. I am with you, I am pulling for Roger Federer on Sunday too. Go Yanks!


  3. ooaooa

    Jane, we have the same beautiful water views and great seafood in Connecticut. The only things you have that we don’t is wild fires and the ground doesn’t shake!! Happy forth!

  4. jmf414@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    I agree, the hats were ok until Mo came out, just did not look right on him, Great outing for Burnett aside from the meat pitch he gave to Well’s, and what about that inning with the bases loaded, the only hit was Damon’s bunt, oh well enjoy the 4th, looks wonderful in SB, cloudy and cool in Chicagoland and all these crazy Cub fans, they just don’t understand me……….Jane

  5. peggy3

    Happy 4th of July to everyone….I hope we have a team of Yankee Doodle Dandies today that give George a nice Bday
    present with a BIG win against the Doc. How much more confidence could Wang get if he beat Halladay ???? It would definitely be a “sparkling” victory… :o)

    Jane …I saw your segment on Yankees Magazine….nice job!!! It was a good piece and you looked great….congrats!!!

    Enjoy the day …..

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  6. Jane Heller

    Pooh7, it never fails that when Michael Kay starts talking about an opposing player’s slump, the player will have a great game! He’s a jinx! Glad you saw the segment on TV and enjoyed it. I hope it encourages people to buy the book. Happy 4th!

    I’m blacked out here in CA, Scott (not sure if you moved already) so I’m miffed that I won’t be able to watch today’s game live unless MLB.TV is showing it. Would love to see Wang at least try to beat Halladay. As for the tennis, I’m hoping Federer will surpass Sampras’ record. Nothing against Roddick, but I’m a Roger fan. Happy 4th!

    John, you have the same weather and water right now, but how will CT look in February? Haha! Of course, CA is going bankrupt, so I’m not sure how we’ll look in February. Happy 4th!

    Jane, I wish you could fly out to Santa Barbara. It’s another beautiful day here with no fog and you wouldn’t have to deal with Cubs fans. Happy 4th to you and here’s hoping for another Yankees win today!

    Peggy, you’re so right about Wang’s confidence getting a boost if he should beat Halladay by some miracle. Well, stranger things have happened, so fingers crossed. Glad you saw the show and I didn’t embarrass myself. 🙂 Enjoy the 4th. I guess you’ll be at the Stadium?

    Jenn, I send the same wishes to you for a beautiful 4th!

  7. Jane Heller

    Happy 4th to you, Kaybee. Hope you’re enjoying this glorious weather we’re having. No fog for a change!

  8. flairforthedramatic

    Ugh, the ugly red caps are a disaster [>_
    I’m having a hard time figuring out who’s really the ace on this team between CC and A.J.. Burnett has been untouchable in his last four starts..
    *Crossing my fingers we get to Halladay today*..
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  9. Jane Heller

    We got to Halladay, V, but the game destroyed my plans for the day. How many hours was it? Off to do some July 4th stuff now!

    It’s a conspiracy, Jeff. Bud did it just to mess with you.

  10. jobrown

    Hi jane,
    only a few words to let you know that I just learned about your blog and now I know the whole story about you and your book and find it very interesting. Keep the good work.

    Jo Brown

  11. jobrown

    Hi jane,
    only a few words to let you know that I just learned about your blog and now I know the whole story about you and your book and find it very interesting. Keep the good work.

    Jo Brown

  12. crazy19canuck

    Hi Jane!
    Hope you’re having fun on the East Coast! Glad to hear that the Yanks are enjoying the series with Toronto. They love to put AJ against his old team. Today’s game was really good. Nice win…gotta love a win at home on the 4th!
    Enjoy the day!

  13. Jane Heller

    Hi, Jo. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to “meet” you and hope you’ll be back!

    Canuck, hope you’re having a good holiday too. I’m in Santa Barbara (watch the videos in this post!). I did go to NY for a week last month to visit my mother, do some media for the book and watch a game at the new Stadium, but I’m here in CA enjoying our beautiful weather. The series with Toronto has been great so far. Getting to Halladay today felt surreal!

  14. matttan7

    Wow, Jane. I love the illustrations you used here, makes a lot of sense. Mariano Rivera looking weird on a red cap? He’s a great guy when it comes to saving games, although Trevor Hoffman owns the save record. The Red caps with the American Flagged Yankee logo is a cool looking one, although at first I had the impression that not many teams red caps matched their jerseys. I’m not even sure if those red caps matched the Yankee jerseys.

    Anyways keep up the excellent blog going!

  15. Jane Heller

    Mo did look weird, Matthew, but I have to admit that by the second game today the novelty was wearing off (sort of). I still think the red caps should be scrapped next year. Thanks for the compliment!

    I hated facing AJ when he was with Toronto, moneyball. His stuff was just filthy last year, and I’m seeing signs of the same dominance this season. I’d like more consistency, but hopefully it’s coming.

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