Johnny Depp Or Joba Chamberlain?

It was a day filled with tough decisions.


I was supposed to be at a screening of the new Johnny Depp movie, “Public Enemies,” at 11 a.m. But how could I leave the house when Roger Federer and Andy Roddick were locked in a tremendous battle for the Wimbledon men’s title, with Federer finally winning?
And what about the third game in the Yankees’ July 4th holiday series against the Blue Jays?  I wanted to stay home and watch that too. But I figured I could record it and see it later. So I passed up Joba and chose Depp.
It was kind of fun to take a break from baseball on a sunny summer day and sit in a darkened theater. As for the movie? Depp stars as Depression-era bank robber/gangster John Dillinger, and he’s fantastic. If he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination, I’ll be shocked. The shoot-outs are unnecessarily long, but the cinematography is gorgeous – a must-see unless you faint at the sight of blood. Here’s the trailer.
After the movie, I had another decision to make. I’d been thinking about getting a “smart phone” and couldn’t choose between a BlackBerry or an iPhone, having heard about the pros and cons of both. But after an hour at Best Buy, I finally went home with this.
Of course, I have no clue how to use it, but there was no time to figure it out. I had to get home to see the Yanks.
I settled into a chair and watched the replay. I was hoping for a strong outing from Joba, given the weary bullpen, but was disappointed when I saw this.
Yeah, he was putrid. I mean, stinkin’. Throwing 86 pitches in just three-plus innings – and giving up nine hits and eight runs (Cody Ransom’s error aside) – doesn’t cut it. But what really bothered me were his comments after the game – a bloated, endless contest that resulted in the Yankees’ 10-8 come-from-behind win.
“That’s actually the best I’ve felt all year,” he said, according to the Daily News. “But they have a great lineup.”
Huh? Sure, the Blue Jays are a good team and a tough division rival. But did he not notice that his pitch counts were atrocious and his command not exactly sharp? He’s become a nibbler, and it’s as if he’s traded places with Phil Hughes, who used to nibble but now attacks the strike zone. Hmm.
Luckily, the Yanks had their bats in gear. Jeter had four hits, including a go-ahead two-run shot in the fifth.
Posada and Matsui were hitting stars too, and Cano, who’d been dropped down to seventh in the order, produced as long as nobody was on base. (Calling Dr. Phil?)
But the star of the game had to be Alfredo Aceves, who pitched four innings of scoreless relief. What an asset he’s turned out to be.
Taking three straight from the Jays is major. Do the Yanks have one more “W” in this series for a sweep? It would be sweet.


  1. levelboss

    Cody Ransom’s error cost the Yankees 5 runs.. had he made the play, there would have been two outs and then the next batter flew out – and thus the inning would have been over without the Blue Jays scoring a run
    then i started thinking, Why did they get send Raniro Pena back down? he had some clutch hits and spectacular plays at both third and shortstop – what was the idea behind switching Ransom and Pena?


    Jeter and Posada won that game with their timely and productive hitting. Aceves was indeed spectacular as he has pretty much been all season. Joba belongs in the bullpen – I’ve always felt that way. I agree Rasom should have made that call but obviously more runs were scored than just those on base because of the error.

    We were away for the long weekend but still got to monitor the games and were very happy with the outcomes. Most of the family are Mets fans and for the meal we were responsible for we dressed in full Yankee regalia and served Turkey Hill Yankees ice cream in the Yankee helmet cups we’ve saved from our trips to the old Stadium over the years. The Mets fans couldn’t complain too much — the ice cream is to die for.

    Also hope the Yanks close this series with a sweep and continue on – we’re only one game out of first!!!!!

  3. scofid

    Why wasn’t Eric Hinske playing third instead of Ransom? I didn’t see the game, but Hinske must feel like, “I went to New York, but all I got was this silly red hat!”. I’ve never been a fan of Ransom’s, but I thought Eric’s role was to provide coverage at the infield corner spots, with some spot duty in the outfield. I don’t know what to say about Joba. Very disappointing. What will it take to get him turned around? This is where Dave Eiland really needs to start earning his money. We were very fortunate to have Aceves. What a boon Hughes and Aceves have been to the bullpen! Hopefully, Andy Pettitte answers Joba’s stinker with a gem today!


  4. anjakj

    Ace was awesome in relief of Joba, who really did stink. If Ransom had made that play, it might have saved runs, but it is Joba’s job to get outs and the fact that he went into meltdown after that…not a sign of him having good stuff. He really needs to get real in his post-game interviews.

    In reply to levelboss
    “what was the idea behind switching Ransom and Pena?”

    1. Not stunting a younger player’s development by having him sitting on the bench so much.
    2. They needed to send someone down to put Hinske on the roster and Ransom is out of options.

  5. cheshirecat9

    Jane, enjoy your iphone! I think it will make you happy. I was also unable to watch the games over the weekend but followed the score. Has Hinske played at all yet? I am happy about wins, but I am a little concerned about our rotation. Who will take Wang’s place?? Why is Joba so inconsistant? I guess I should be happy we are only a game out, but as a Yankee fan I have to find things to worry about right up until the bottom of the 9th of game 7 of the World Series.

  6. redstatebluestate

    I look forward to seeing the new Depp film. I got to watch them film it here in the Chi for several months… one time I even saw them on the “El” tracks in an old-timey train car! Very cool. If the Yanks win again today, I think we can stick a fork in the Jays.

  7. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Public Enemies looked really good, I’m glad to hear your good review. Taking 3 so far from the Jays has really made us nervous… I’m gonna have to pray you don’t sweep them!
    Check out my blog anytime and keep making us laugh.

  8. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, Ransom’s error was a bad one, but Joba labored through that entire (well, it wasn’t very long) outing. It was indicative of his inability to be aggressive and finish off hitters. He’d get guys up 0-2 and then go to 3-2 and on and on. Not a good performance at all. And Pena would have been preferable to Ransom, I agree. But they want to develop him as opposed to having him sit on the bench. He’ll be back in September.

    Your Mets fans relatives must have been thrilled with your Yankees gear and ice cream at the gathering, Diane. LOL. Glad they didn’t take it too hard and you had a good holiday. Also glad the Yanks continued to win!

    I had the same thought about Hinske. I was sure he would be subbing for A-Rod at third. But he’s getting the start today….in right field. Uh-oh. Let’s hope he has fewer adventures out there than Swisher has lately. I read (probably on Pete Abe’s blog) that Girardi and Eiland planned to have some conversations with Joba. The question is will he be coachable and listen to what they say? And yes, thank the good lord for Aceves!

    Anjak, I agree with your comments about Ransom vs. Pena, even though I wish Pena had stayed with the club. I understand the reasoning but I really enjoyed watching him play. And yeah, Joba needs to get real in his post-game remarks. He’s starting to remind me of Ian Kennedy in that regard.

    I hope I can figure out the iPhone, Cheshirecat. I have a friend who promised to explain some things – like why I can’t seem to sync my address book and get email! Grrrrr. I wonder if Aceves can fill in for Wang, although he’s so valuable in the pen. It’s a real dilemma.

    Very cool that you got to watch the filming of “Public Enemies,” Jeff. You’ll be very impressed with how the movie turned out. For a period piece, they seemed to have gotten everything right.

  9. ladyjane303

    I guess that’s the difference between living on the East Coast and on the West Coast. No difficult choices for me – saw all 12 of Saturday’s game, caught the Johnny Depp movie in the evening (he’s great, but props to Christian Bale, too). Sunday morning breakfast at Wimbledon, followed by the Yankees. Listening to the Monday game as I type – so far, not so hot. But Joe got himself tossed in the first inning and you know what happens when Joe gets tossed……YAY for Tex getting that All-Star start.

  10. Jane Heller

    I think you’d really like the movie, Fenway Bleacher Creature, as long as you don’t mind LONG shootouts! So far the games against the Jays have been interesting. We need to win so we can gain ground on your guys! Congrats on all your All Stars.

    Johnny Depp is a good excuse for missing a ball game, Jenn. I don’t feel guilty at all!

    Thanks, John. I even got my iPhone to sync with my email contacts just now, so I’m making progress!

    Joba is a complicated young man, Kaybee. But he’s got plenty of talent. We’ll see how he adjusts in his next start.

  11. Jane Heller

    Wow. You got to do it all, ladyjane. I thought Christian Bale was good too, but Billy Crudup was amazing as Hoover. I didn’t even recognize him at first! Back to baseball. I’m not watching the game right now, but will see it later. Yay for Tex is right!

  12. flairforthedramatic

    I’ve been dying to see that movie.. sounds really good.
    Suckked about Joba.. keeps on giving more and more reasons he should be in the bullpen. The season is already half way done.. only so long everyone will be patient.
    Joba also said during the post-game when asked if the boos bothered him that no, at the end of the day he’ll still wake up with a job.. and something else I don’t remember that I didn’t think was too smart to say. Couldn’t find the video of it but Joba thinking he showed his best stuff yesterday? Doesn’t have the right mindset..
    Yanks still managed a comeback thankfully. Aceves did do an outstanding job. 12 out save. Really saved the game.
    – V [ ]

  13. metmainman

    Why do you have to see the movie on Opening Night? I would have watched the Yankee Game and go see the movie some other day. By the way, I would pick an iPhone over a BlackBerry any day. Although a bunch of those apps are just data fillers (my friend has an app called Atomic Fart. It’s literally just a picture of a gas cloud. He payed 99 cents for it. A lot of the apps are like that.)

  14. Jane Heller

    You’re right about the mindset, V. Something’s not right. But I’m loving Ace right now. What a good signing he turned out to be. Another Ramiro Mendoza, maybe.

    It wasn’t Opening Night, Bobby. It was a Sunday morning screening and it was part of a film festival I support. I figured I could skip one live game! I’m liking the iPhone as of right this second as I learn more about it. Looking forward to the MLB app for sure.

  15. contractyear

    Hi, Jane: Glad your Yankees are winning–Joba notwithstanding. I hope they beat up on the AL West–except the A’s of course–and help us out a bit. My daughter and son-in-law saw Public Enemies and said JD was awesome. Hope to see it soon. Thanks for the review.

    Am reading one of your books–the only one my local library had when I went in–“The Club.” Am enjoying it A LOT. Having grown up in the country club scene and a member of one today, I get a kick out of your witty jabs at CC people. I couldn’t agree more. Ciao, Bee

  16. Jane Heller

    Not sure why my comments are out of order, but sorry about that.

    Good attitude, Dillon. A win is a win!

    Hi, Bee. Too bad your local library doesn’t have all my novels (hopefully, they were just checked out when you were there). “The Club” was fun to write, so I’m glad to know you’re having fun reading it!

  17. popejonash

    Hi Jane – congrats on the iPhone. I’m waiting on my delivery of the iPhone 3GS too. It was out of stock when we went last Saturday grrr.I’m not sure what to make of Joba’s comments. I was following his start on (the vastly inferior Motorola Razor) Gameday, hoping he could give my fantasy team some help. In other news, I’m going to my first Yankees game at the new stadium in a few weeks with all of my fiance’s Yankee-faithful family. Wish me luck – all of the New York Met in me will need it!Ash

  18. raysrenegade

    I cast my vote for the 21 Jump Street teen idol.
    Oh, that was years ago, before he left the odd characters like Crybaby and Edward S-hands by the wayside.
    I think to see him play John Dillinger would be a better viewing than watching Joba pitch today, but then I am not a Yankee fan.
    But with the MLB.TV package you can watch Joba pitch anytime. You get to see this screening for free, minus the cost of a diet soda and the large popcorn box.
    Take a holiday breather and go see Depp. Joba will wait in extended animation for you to view him later today tonight ,or tomorrow in stereo and wide screen color.

    Rays Renegade

  19. Jane Heller

    Ash, I just downloaded the MLB app for my iPhone, so all is right with the world. I’m connected! Ha ha. I hope you get yours soon. And how exciting that you’re going to the new Stadium! I know the Yankees aren’t your team, but I think you’ll enjoy the experience. Your fiancee will in any case!

    This the beauty of the digital age, Renegade. We can see anything we want whenever we want. Lots of options. And, given the way the game went yesterday, I’m certainly not sorry I missed Joba’s live performance.

  20. travelingbballbabes

    I am sure Johnny Depp was way sexier than what I witnessed with Joba on the mound yesterday. And after their comeback, I am a little disappointed with today’s outcome. What the f is with Brian Bruney?? Every time he comes out of the bull pen, I get heart palpitations. I understand you can’t win all the time, but jeez. Do they have to lose like that?

  21. phi8008

    First of all I absolutely cannot wait to go see that movie, I’ve been waiting forever and the book was amazing. I love Johnny Depp too. And if you ask me the Blue Jays got lucky last night, way too close of a call. New blog post with some pics and videos

  22. Jane Heller

    Hard to know what’s up with Bruney, Serena. I just wrote my post about today’s game and I said that the whole “rust” excuse is getting old. He left every pitch up. Ugh. Tough loss, especially since they almost came back!

    I think you’re right, Erin. Today would have been the day to do anything but watch the game. And now it’s on to Minneapolis!

    Really good movie, phi8008. I hope you like it as much as I did.

  23. heartruss

    Jane, I am looking forward to seeing the new Johnny Dep movie too. But I actually like Michael Mann, the director. I happened to meet him when he was filming Collateral with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. I also met them. I served as an unofficial technical advisor. If you ever saw Collateral, the hospital scenes were filmed at my place of employment. Very cool.
    I love my Iphone, I am not planning on getting the new one. Be careful cuz I heard the new one tends to overheat. I listen to many of the Dodger games on my Iphone from work. It’s an awesome phone. My son was able to check in to an airlines on my Iphone. Saved a lot of grief. I also facebook and twitter from it, you will love it.

  24. Jane Heller

    Very cool that they shot scenes from “Collateral” at your hospital and you were an advisor. I loved that movie. I did read about the overheating issue with the new iPhone and have been careful not to leave it in a hot car. The first thing I did was get the MLB app so I could be up to date on the games. Next up will be Twitter and Facebook.

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