My Sentiments Exactly

Following in the Oscar-winning tradition of this clip, I encourage all Yankee fans to get up out of your BarcaLoungers, stick your heads out the window and shout to Jeter, A-Rod, Cano and anybody else who left one of tonight’s 15 runners in scoring position: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”
Yes, the Red Sox have commandeered sole possession of first place, and Wang probably made his last start in pinstripes before getting shipped off to an undisclosed location.
But this was a game the Yankees could/should have won. The relief corps of Hughes, Coke, Aceves did an admirable job. Swisher made a great diving catch after failing to make a routine one earlier. And Damon and Posada continued to hit for power.
But it was Tex’s night to shine. Win or lose, the guy can flat out hit. I know it’s only June, but I’m thinking MVP.
There were moments during the eventual 6-5 loss when I really thought we’d be celebrating a comeback. I was watching the ESPN feed (it was that or NESN here in California), and Rick Sutcliffe, who is always mind-numbingly boring, said when Wakefield was replaced by Ramirez: “It’s the bullpen that separates the Red Sox from the Yankees. This game is over.” Not quite, Sut.
Damon: homer.
Tex: homer.
Result: Yanks pull within a run.
Of course, he also came up with this gem in the second after Swisher bungled Kottaras’s ball: “Makes you appreciate all those years that Trot Nixon played right field here.”
Trot Nixon?
I know Red Sox fans will always have a place in their hearts for the Trotster and he used to kill the Yankees with the bat, but he wasn’t exactly a Gold Glover, was he?
Anyhow, the comeback didn’t materialize (why have Gardner pinch run if he doesn’t steal?). Instead, we Yankee fans suffered through another exercise in futility against Boston, and it’s downright freakish.
I’m mad as hell, yes. But mostly I’m worried. Not about the Yankees. They were on a nice roll before they hit Beantown and they’ll probably resume their winning ways as soon as they leave. My concern is for Wang. What happened to him, and why can’t somebody fix him?


  1. lenn23

    Hell, this game has me confused and sad. The Red Sox aren’t that much better than the Yanks. Seven in a row. Damn. If they can win just this one game then they’re tied for first again and they can move on till the next time. I don’t know what to do with Wang at all. If they get shut down by Penny or CC gets bombed, I’m going to need a refill on my Prozac prescription.

  2. luckylori

    Okay, Jane. That one had to hurt. I fear your sanity is at stake if there’s a sweep. Either way, it’s almost over and then we can all go beat up on the NL and feel a little bit better about ourselves.

  3. juliasrants

    Wang should never have been in the game last night. This was not the series for him to find himself in. And yes – your guys almost game back but these are not the same Red Sox that a few year’s ago would have folded. My guys are the real deal. Today’s game will be interesting; C.C. has not always been effective against the Red Sox so it will be interesting to see which C.C. shows up.


  4. ooaooa

    Tried your advice last night. Took novacane (vodka). Results were the same. PAIN!!!

    Flaherty again gave me an ear ache on top of the heart ache of the game! He and Wang and Burnett should play catch. Flaherty has the answer to their and everyones problems. A .210 lifetime hitter who had 1 important hit in his career. He and Suzyan Waldman should take their acts back to their long lost love, Boston. They could team up with Eckersley and become the new “3 Stouges”.

  5. letsgoyankees

    With all due respect Julia your guys may be the real deal but so are ours.

    If we got even five innings and 3 runs out of Wang, I’m confident we win that game.

    Our team leads the league in comebacks. Just because your bulpen pitchers are the real deal doesn’t mean our hitters are not.

    Just wait until you come to the stadium. There the Yanks are NEVER out of a game.

    Thank you. Rant over.

  6. peggy3

    The REAL deal will be the last team standing in October…till then the saying goes…it’s anybody’s ballgame. If one team an win 7 in a row …so can another so don’t count the chickens before they hatch or the “yolk” may be on you.

    Disappointing loss last night …more so than the night before because I thought there might be a comeback win in the making. Yanks gave it a good fight but fell one short …hopefully CC rights the ship tonight and puts us back on course. Thankfully it’s only June and not September ….plenty of time left to get the job done.

    As far as Wang…it’s tough to see such a good player and nice guy doing so poorly but I’d give him one more shot against the Nationals….keep him on a short leash and if he doesn’t do the job then the Yankees should figure out what to do going forward …not that they really care what I think …. :o).

    I’ve been impressed with Phil …he gave up the HR but did well afterwards not caving in. After a tough time with injuries and failures in the majors he’s definitely developing on a positive level right now. Joba and Phil in the future starting rotation could be a very good thing indeed.

    Hoping for a win tonight ..Go CC…Go Yankees !!!!


    Dear Plane Jane —
    First up, Good Luck as you wing your way eastward — may you avoid all the horrible weather we’ve had in the mid-Atlantic. Let’s see…miserable thunderstorm every night, and every night in Boston, it’s…coincidence? And BTW, Thank You Erin for that GREAT suggestion — make ’em all wear Pink Boston Hats until they get mad as hell…!! Either that, or have the Bombers read all the smarmy comments from the Carmine Hoseheads. After all, they have The Greatest Reliever Ever, he who deigns to take naps — just ask him! Remember, pride goeth before a fall — we were all laffin’ & goofin’ after Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS too…and can we PLEASE see some of Cervelli soon, at least so Jersey Bob can stop ranting in my ear every single bloody morning? Lastly, Thank You once again for having the amazing ability to find something funny/apropos that lets all of The Faithful cope with it, when otherwise we’d have no outlet but to kick the dog…grrowf…

  8. Jane Heller

    Len, don’t reach for the Prozac just yet. It ain’t over! CC will get it done!

    My sanity is always at stake when I’m watching the Yankees, Lori! But this series has been ultra frustrating, I admit.

    I don’t think that idea will fly, Erin. And I don’t think the Yankees lack motivation. I think they lack starting pitching and a big hit with RISP.

    It will be interesting, Julia. I certainly hope it’s the CC who can give the Yankees quality innings.

    They’re all human, Steve. I feel the same way when Mo gives it up. But that’s one of the reasons we love baseball, right? Anything can happen.

    John, I think we’re all feeling frustrated and taking it out on the broadcasters. It’s all their fault!

    Good to have your prediction, Jeff. I hope you’re psychic. (You must be sick of Yankees-Red Sox 24/7. I would be!)

    The Yankees are the real deal, Letsgoyankees. We may be down, but we’re like, what, one game out of first place right now? Not exactly DOWN.

    I’d be willing to give Wang another start against the Nationals, Peggy, but not if it’s the 6/17 game. I want to see a win when I’m sitting there at the new Stadium!

    There’s no magic to why the Red Sox are beating the Yankees, Kaybee. They’ve had better pitching and hitting. The Yankees need to get it together.

    Hey, Dave. Thanks for the good thoughts for my flight. I saw the forecast and I’m freaking out. Maybe the clouds will part just as my plane descends into JFK????

  9. peggy3

    Jane …if the scheduling holds true we will be seeing Sabby on the 17th. That should make for a good game with your trip across country to the new Stadium.

    Have a safe flight …see you on the 17th !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  10. Jane Heller

    That would be great if he got the start that night, Peggy. The bad news is my flight is delayed two hours because of the weather – SO FAR. I’m sitting at LAX wondering if I’ll ever get to NY!

  11. peggy3

    AWWWW …sorry to hear that Jane. Hopefully things will clear up soon if not sooner and you will be winging your way to the Big Apple in no time.

    I’m off to Florida next Friday to see the Yanks play the Marlins. My first visit at that Stadium. I hope it’s not hot as Hades because that’s an outdoor stadium unlike the Trop. The Trop might be downright ugly but it’s definitely cool when it comes to comfort.

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  12. latinyankeerebel

    Hope you have a save flight to NYC… 2hr delay?? I would recommend to start drinking now that way you doze off as soon as you sit in the plane. LOL
    Remember I gave you permission to spank a couple of ’em Yankees who have been misbehaving on the field… if you see Mo’ say hello from me.. :0p

  13. Jane Heller

    Lucky you going to see the Yanks play the Marlins, Peggy. I’ve never been to that stadium either, but it should be fun. There’s so much to do in Miami, and it shouldn’t be that hot yet.

    LOL, Latinyankeerebel. I just posted about that very subject – drinking before my flight. Go look!

  14. peggy3

    Unfortunately I’ll be with a boring friend who doesn’t like to do much in the heat …this from a guy who LIVES in Florida. He’s out of a job too so he’s also broke at the moment. He lives in Ft. Lauderdale so we will drive back and forth to the games. We have been Yankee buddies for years …we usually go to Tampa for a few games each year….either spring training or the official games. He comes up to New York during the season but not this year…the economy really took a toll on him. I’ll be treating him to some dinners …least I can do for the free room and board.

    Marlins Stadium will be my 19th Stadium that I have visited …I’m going to Toronto in September for the 20th. I’m trying to see all the Stadiums….a few different each summer.

    So Jane….how many wines have you had so far?? :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  15. heryankeefandiary

    Ohhhhh sometimes I hate it when I’m right. I was so worried about Wang. I had a BAD feeling. BAD. And when Mr. Walkem’ just kept that up I was—FUMING! He couldn’t find the strike zone with a map and flashlight. URGH. And when he did it was like he was tossing softballs. No one has a worst ERA now. NO ONE.

    You know what Jane, I don’t think there’s fixing Wang. That man is broken. If there’s any fixing him, it is not center stage-not at Yankee or Fenway parks. Or even The Nationals Ballpark! I don’t want him in the pen, I don’t care what hole they send him to-although your pick looks good to me.

    “2 nights in a row. 7 straight. 2 nights in a ROW! 7 STRAIGHT! No, no…Please don’t let this happen.” Ohhh the ache.

    “Yes, bring in Hughes. THANK GOD.” I thought to myself. Obviously the pressure was on him, and it showed a bit-but at least he didn’t look BLIND. Even when he gave a big one up.

    But then it looked like it would turn. We’ve got the best come-from-behind record in MLB after all!

    “Long-ball, long-ball! YAY! YAY! YAY! We can do this, we can shut them up. SHUT THEM UP! MAKE IT STOP!!!!”

    But no. No, no we didn’t do it! We couldn’t shut them up. DAMN IT!

    By the end of it I was in the fetal positon, my throbing head turned into a full on migraine from the ache of it all. I considered threatening to protest by fasting. THIS SUCKS!

    Yeah, it’s only June. Yeah, we still have time. Whatever. I cannot even BEGIN to fathom what will go on if we’re swept. What THEY will be saying if THAT happens. I shudder to think. But I have faith in CC. A hell of a lot more, a million times more than WANG. Wang is WONG! Grrrrrrrrr.


    PS. You’ve inspired me. I’m starting my own MLB blog, I hope you get the chance to visit. My first post is going to be about why I love baseball. I do, I love it-even when it makes me crazy.

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