Waiting For My Flight To NY

So here I am, sitting in the Delta Crown Room at LAX, wondering when my 10:20 a.m. flight to JFK will ever take off.

Apparently, this is happening on the East Coast?
They’re telling us we’ll start boarding at 11:40, but somebody else said it would be more like 12:40 – if that.
How to occupy myself? I tried reading the papers, but who wants to see this in the Post?
Or this in the Daily News?
Red Sox rough up Chien-Ming Wang, extend win streak over Yankees to 7
Too depressing.
I thought about walking around interviewing other passengers with the She-Fan Cam. But they’re all talking on their cell phones and looking very….intense.
So I ordered a glass of wine. Yeah, it’s 10:38 in the morning, but it’s free and I’m terrified of flying into the storm.
And now that I have a little buzz, I can free associate about tonight’s finale against the Red Sox. My flight was supposed to land in plenty of time for me to catch most of the game, but who knows at this point.
So here’s what I think will happen, weather permitting.
* CC will shut down the Sox hitters and throw a complete game.
* A-Rod will shock the clever “You do steroids” chanters with a blast into the seats.
* Melky will emerge from the slump he’s been in since his shoulder injury.
* Jeter will stop swinging at the first pitch and, instead, torment the Red Sox with his patented inside-out singles.
* Tex will go on another offensive tear.
* Cano will walk.
Alcohol is a beautiful thing.


  1. mikeeff

    hey–at least you’re in the crown room instead of out with the hoi -polloi . in better news your book arrived today!

  2. yankeemeg

    Hope you land safely Jane! Ugh. My head hurts from the box of wine (cheap game consitutes cheap wine) with which I held the spigot up to my mouth, consuming a CC Sabathia-sized potion of last night. At first I thought you were flying to Boston for another “pep talk”. Perhaps you could fit that into your schedule today sometime?

  3. indianslove

    Hahaha, this post made me laugh. It’s nice
    to see someone using humor to make it a little
    funnier of a post! At least Chien Ming Wang didn’t
    give up so many runs as he did in the one game, where
    he gave up 14 runs to the Indians in the second inning.
    & I admit, I was pretty mad when A-Rod hit a home run
    against us one time while I was watching the game, and
    I screamed “he does steroids!” I couldn’t help myself..
    I’m sure the Yankees will win this one – Good Luck!

  4. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Oh, Janie — hope you’re already in the air as I’m banging this out — yes, it’s nothing but thunder & lightning back east, and I don’t mean the New York Football Giants’ old running attack, either…bottle o’wine, fruit o’the vine…keep it comin’, luv (can I mix in any more song lyrix? Oh, yeah!). Yes We Can beat those SOBs (Slobs of Boston) — hey, do ya remember the INDIANS’ manager in Major League: “some day, we’ll figure out how to beat those guys” — and you know the rest of the story! Ok, so it was a movie — as if reality wasn’t a Bad Movie already? Have a pleasant flight (now, why do I think about that old propeller plane that the Indians used in that flick — oh, nevermind…) — and above all, give Mama a kiss for us, and bring us Luck!!

  5. heryankeefandiary

    Oh you poor thing. I can’t imagine the anxiety. I would be freakin’ and drinkin’ and poppin’ pills-flying to the East Coast in a storm. Ummmm…No. I hope your hubby is with you, you hadn’t mentioned it…I have a feeling that he isn’t. =(
    I hope your flight isn’t nearly as scary as we imagine. I hope you make it in time to see the game. And you know what, the game is going to go EXACTLY like you say it will. Exactly. CC needs to go 9. A-Rod needs to clunk the “steroid” cheering fans. Jeter cannot EVER swing at a pitch as though it’s a pinata EVER AGAIN & he’ll be snappin’ singles all night. Melky will not only exit his slump, he’ll do some crazy from-the-outfield double play. Etc. Etc.Please write a quick blog when you get there, not to know that you made it-of course you WILL…But that you aren’t catatonic by the time you land. =( Hugs,~V~PS You can always read my diary when you can’t bring yourself to read anything else…LOL.

  6. Yankees Reality Check

    I feel for Wang. I do. He’s probably got a lot going on inside his head. And not feeling confident in his communication with everyone around him can’t be helping. I always think about pitchers like Jose Contreras and Javier Vasquez who have had reasonable success elsewhere but just couldn’t take the pressure of New York. Maybe that’s it. If so, it would be good for him to get out and do well somewhere else.

    As far as this series goes, I don’t think alcohol would help me a bit, sadly. It’s really the media and fan overreactions I’m sick of. After the last out of last night’s game, NESN’s Don Orsillo screamed, “…AND THE RED SOX WIN!!” like it was Game Seven of the World Series. In June. That about sums up my disgust.

  7. thatbaseballguy

    It was a very disappointing loss for us. Let’s take game three!

  8. rrrt

    Jane, I’m assuming you are en route as I am writing this. The weather here the past couple days has been nothing less than sucky – today is cloudy, cool, and damp. Blech! Everything feels slightly wet. Hard to believe the Sox have won seven straight over the Yanks (though I know Julia must be loving it, with her bets with Scott). Maybe tonight they will pull out a win.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  9. Jane Heller

    Thanks to everyone for getting me through the flight from hell. It left late and was straight turbulence from the minute we hit Cleveland. I thought maybe midges were attacking the plane! My husband was with me and I think I broke his arm clutching it for dear life for the final two hours. But we made it and man, is it ever foggy and rainy here.

    We listened to John and Suzyn in the car on the way to my mother’s. It was 1-0 Boston but CC seemed to be cruising. By the time we ran inside her house, the score was the same but the Yankees were threatening. And then a miracle: we jumped ahead 3-1 and CC was all set up to win the game. I was dancing around so happy….until the 8th inning. Memo to Joe: Yes, CC was tiring but isn’t he better than ANYONE in the pen? As soon as Aceves came in, I knew we were cooked. John Sterling said, “This has been a chamber of horrors for the Yankees” right after Damon dropped that can of corn for an error. All I can say after tonight is that I never want to go back to Fenway. Ever. This loss will take me a while to get over. I’ll post about it as soon as I figure out to get my computer working. (I’m on somebody else’s.)

  10. melissam13@msn.com

    I am trying to put the whole Boston series out of my mind! Have a great time in New York!

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