Revenge of the She-Fan

OK. Enough is enough. The Red Sox have now beaten the Yankees six times in six games this season, and tonight’s 7-0 shutout at Fenway was the last straw. I’m officially angry, and if I were the Yanks I’d be afraid. Very afraid.

How dare AJ embarrass me like this? I realize that he was going on two extra days rest, but seriously. He couldn’t even get through three innings, never mind the fact that he walked five. He looked as disgusted as I was as he made his exit.
And I was worried about Wang? What a joke.
So we were stuck with Bombko, who gave up a run in the fourth, and Veras, who teed one up for Nick Green in the seventh. Nick Green! Give me a break!
So much for good pitching. And then there was our hitting – or lack thereof. Sure, Beckett was on his game, but he had bouts of wildness – and was the beneficiary of a few sweet strike calls – and yet everybody seemed to be straitjacketed.
The Yanks were up there hacking at the first pitch as if they had a plane to catch. Well, not everybody. Tex did walk twice, and A-Rod worked the counts before succumbing to mediocrity. The truth is, our hitters looked like this tonight.
I mean, two measly singles over nine innings? Did the Bombers somehow mistake this game for a little girls’ dress rehearsal?
Then there was our defense – from Posada’s passed ball in the first to A-Rod’s bobble of Green’s routine grounder in the second. And Swisher made every catch in left an adventure.
Was there a silver lining in the game – something positive to take away? Um…
Well, wait. There was levity if, like me, you were watching NESN. (The Extra Innings package didn’t offer the YES feed.)
Dennis Eckersley, the perenially-tan former pitcher who’s been filling in for Jerry Remy, enjoyed the shot of Papelbon sitting on the bench napping in the seventh inning. “It takes all kinds,” he said.
Back to the game. I feel better now that I’ve unleashed my inner She-Monster. I am no longer mad at the Yankees and am looking forward to tomorrow’s contest. Yes, I’m over it. I just hope the Yanks are over whatever was ailing them tonight.


  1. levelboss

    about a month ago the Yankees played the Rays at Tropicana Field and lost the first game badly – basically Halladay shut down the offense.. but then the Yankees went on to win the next two games – which i thought was way cool because they shrugged off the total shutdown and pressed forward – that’s what i thought of today; Beckett pitched a great game allowing only one hit with 8 K’s.. so i’m hoping the Yankees can keep their focus and get the wins for Wednesday and Thursday (assuming the weather is fair enough for play)

  2. tingler

    about the directv extra inning package thing. The broadcasting was on My9 today.

    in respond of levelboss
    I think the reason why we all take this so serious is because the Blue Jays aren’t our nemesis. This is a game between the Redsoxs and that is serious business!

    I was pissed, miserable watching the game today. No matter who was the home plate umpire, I seriously did not like his call at all today. very crappy strike zone….

  3. levelboss

    “..basically Halladay shut down the offense..”

    oh crap, did i write the Rays???? i totally meant the Blue Jays! not the Rays, the Blue Jays! the Yankees were at ROGERS CENTRE playing TORONTO. and they won the last two games after Halladay shut them down in the first gameman, tonight’s game must’ve freaked my thinking, lol

  4. lenn23

    That game really sucked! I hate the Red Sox and playing at Fenway is like traveling to the 9th circle of hell. I kind of respected the Sox team that won it in 2004. They reminded me of the Yanks of the 70’s. This team is filled with punks! They’ve got to give Wang some support or this might get ugly early again. By the way, how is The Astounding She Monster? I love sci-fi and horror movies from the fifties and I’ve never heard of this one. Would have preferred to watch it then this game!

  5. juliasrants

    Hmmm…..lenn23 seems full of anger. A team full of punks? I’ve never heard anyone call Mike Lowell, Rocco Baldelli, Jason Bay or Big Papi punks! What a game Jane! The saying is true – “The more that things change, the more they stay the same!” The Red Sox proved again last night that they deserve their spot at the top of the AL East. Funny – A.J. could beat us as a Jay, but not as a Yankee; go figure! 1912 – that is the last time the Red Sox started off a season beating the Yankees 6 straight. Fenway had just opened and the Yankees weren’t even known as the Yankees yet. Yeah – we like our history here in Boston! lol! I look forward to the next two games!


  6. ooaooa

    Watching this game was more painfull than a root canel! Listening to Flarraty made it even worse if possible.

    During pregame commericial on YES I switched to NESN and camara caught Eckersley picking his nose. He was finally in his best enviorment and looked comfortable!

  7. latinyankeerebel

    I don’t know about y’all but I have a feeling, if weather permits, that tonight the Yankees will kick some Red Suxs butt! (Or i surely hope so!)…
    I fell asleep last night after the 6th run by the Suxs. so yeah…

  8. blackhawks8819

    The bright side to me is: at least we didn’t get shutout by a team like the Nationals. As the announcers said, we were the last team to lose in a shutout this season and doing so against a pitcher who had good stuff is kind of like, well, one sprinkle of sugar in the medicine of losses? I’d have preferred a cube but, oh well. We’re still tied for best record in the AL.

    I’m very optimistic about tonight. The weather just needs to cooperate so the Yanks can get out there and dominate. And hopefully Wang is receiving the peaceful mental vibes I’ve been sending his way. 😉

  9. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – Hubby and I are still alive and well! No bruises or dinner thrown at each other. In fact, he even had a good line in the middle of that debacle of a game, a line that made me smile despite my annoyance at everything that was going on. He said, “Yeah, great, let’s go 19-0 against the Yankees and not even get into the playoffs because we can’t beat the other teams.” Sounds good to me.

  10. joejoe146

    I’m not trying to be mean, but Beckett did wonders for a few of my fantasy teams. What do you expect from a pitcher that has an ERA over 4, almost 5? The Braves hack at the first pitch all the time, so I am use to it.

  11. redstatebluestate

    Ah yes, the road to the AL East certainly goes through Boston and the Yankees are hoofin’ it. Sad, sad, indeed. Only three balls out of the infield against Beckett? I know you are close to madness, Jane. Just hold on. It’ll get better (maybe???).

  12. jboogie

    It was a very disgusting loss last night. Extra rest or not, A.J. needs to be much better than that. His 2 starts in fenway this year are beyond embarassing. Wang makes me a little nervous tonight and if I’m Girardi I have a quick hook, going to Hughes and /or Aceves to keep it close.


  13. peggy3

    Well …if anyone keeps track …the past 5 years or so the Red Sox usually beat us the first few months but we have not had a losing record the rest of the way against them. Here’s hoping we keep true to form starting with a surprisingly terrific performance by CM tonight. Also hoping the Yankee lumber awakes from it’s slumber of last night.

    Still 12 more games to go …anything can happen and usually does when it comes to Yankees/Sox…that’s what makes it such a great rivalry !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  14. Kaybee

    I’m glad you were able to have a good rant and feel better about the Yankees. But the Red Sox have been so good against you guys, I don’t see it ending soon 🙂 You never know with baseball though…


    Total. Power. Failure. Blame it on me. When I got home last nite, the house was totally dark — the latest (daily) thunderstorm knocked us out…packed the wife, boys & dog into the car, rolled by Domino’s and ate dinner at mother-in- law’s. By the time we settled in, it was already 4-0 and Big Sloppy had tatered. Glad for once we DON’T have YES, or anything else. Jersey Bob is Aflame — he claims that Posada has 5 errors since he got back, the whole D has lost its edge without Cervelli…sigh. I’m getting REAL tired of all the pink-hat green-jerseyed Bosox bandwagoneers, but they’re going to bray like donkeys until they get a good beatdown. And now: CMW? Why does the term “…like fireworks on Chinese New Year’s” come to mind? Just remember, historians…the Red Sox had 15 hot years in the LAST century too! And then, um, what happened…?!!

  16. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, I get the Jays and Rays mixed up all the time, so don’t feel bad. At least they rhyme! You’re right about that series in Toronto. The Yanks did bounce back. Let’s hope they do the same at Fenway.

    The problem with that home plate ump, Tingler, was his inconsistency. I don’t mind borderline calls as long as he calls them the same way throughout the game. Just seemed arbitrary to me.

    Len, I didn’t watch the She Monster movie. I only saw the clip, so I can’t offer much of a review. The one I did see was “The Revenge of the 50 Foot Woman.” Loved that!

    Actually, Julia, we’re sharing the top spot in the division, aren’t we? I guess tonight’s game will decide who has sole possession. And you’re right about AJ. He had such a good record against the Red Sox, but not as a Yankee. He was a total dud last night. Congrats on the win.

    More painful than a root canal, John? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it was certainly close. At least with a root canal, you get novocaine.

    I sure hope we kick butt too, Latinyankeerebel. Would love to see that, weather permitting.

    I’m glad you’ve been sending Wang your peaceful vibes, Slightlymental. He’s going to need them. He’s also going to need a good sinker! And you’re right: at least we didn’t get shut out by the Nats. I hope THAT doesn’t happen on 6/17 when I’m at that game.

    YRC, I like your husband’s line a lot. Glad you two are still speaking. Let’s hope tonight will give you something to crow about.

    The thing about the first-pitch swinging, Joe, is that the Yankees are usually so patient. I was surprised by how quickly they went down. I guess they figured their best pitches to hit off Beckett would be strike one.

    You’re right, Jonnnnn. The Red Sox do own the Yankees so far this season. And I thought the same thing when Ortiz hit the homer.

    Actually, Jeff, I’d rather lose to Beckett when he’s dealing than to some no-name guy throwing junk. But yes, I was pretty mad last night. Did it show? 🙂

    I assume it would be Hughes or Aceves, J-Boogie, if Wang gets in trouble early. But maybe CMW will surprise us and throw the game of his life. (Or least give us six strong ones.)

    I can’t have a full-scale meltdown tonight, Steve. I have to get to bed early for my flight to NY on Thurs morning. I need to go to sleep happy and calm. That means the Yanks must win!

    Peggy, it’s true that they usually beat us early in the season and we come back late in the summer. Not sure why that is, but let’s hope the same pattern holds true.

    Can’t agree with you there, Kaybee. The Sox may have the Yankees’ number for now, but things change in this rivalry.

  17. Jane Heller

    So sorry about the power failure, Dave. Must have been quite a storm. Now, of course, I’m obsessing about having to fly right into that weather tomorrow night. Ugh. But maybe it’ll clear up and there will be sunshine for the Yankees too.

  18. raysrenegade

    Wow Jane,
    Even when you guys play Boston, Yankee fans have the Rays on their mind ( levelboss comment).
    Seriously, there is an epidemic going on right now amongst the ranks in the MLB.
    It is that dreaded aliment called, the divisional meltdown loss. Every one has been victim of it this year. Boston lost to the Rays in the first series at Fenway. The Rays gave the Yankees two games in the Trop, and the Orioles beat themselves.
    It sucks that some of these losses are going to come back and jettison someone from the playoff race in late September, but sometimes the single loss can doom you to a October of watching TV instead of playing on the field.
    “To be continued….” has to be tattooed across everyone forehead right now. The season is only about 62 games in and the next 100 will be murder on the brain.

    Rays Renegade

  19. Jane Heller

    “To be continued” is right, Renegade. What a tangled web our division is and will continue to be right up until the end of September. Keep the Maalox handy.

  20. Erin Kathleen

    Oops, I guess I spoke too soon about that whole “being in first place” thing. Sorry about that. But Wakefield’s been having too good of a year so far, so he’s bound to get smacked around one of these nights. And Wang is long overdue for a quality start. Hopefully both of those things will happen tonight.-Erin

  21. phillies_phollowers

    I too am having a melt down after last night’s events…hoping my inner she-monster will morph into a foot up someone’s rear! Ugh. Phils lost, Yanks lost…what joy have I left? :O( Ok, today is a new day…I refuse to pout any longer! :O)


  22. Jane Heller

    Poor you, Jenn. I commiserate. But you’re right. Today is a new day and we will prevail – I hope!

  23. thatbaseballguy

    It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous how we can’t beat the Sox at all. I thought with Burnett on the mound, we would have a good shot at winning the game. But I guess Josh Beckett had other ideas.

  24. lenn23

    I’m full of anger? I respectfully disagree. That would be an easier critique to accept from a Marlins or Royals fan but after sitting amongst a group of Red Sox fans who chanted Yankees suck like it was the Pledge of Allegiance that’s kind of rich.

  25. Jane Heller

    Me too, Sue. Uneventful and on time. I’m trying not to dread it. I could easily turn back into a She-Fan from a She-Monster if the Yanks would just beat the Sox tonight. It’s not like I’m asking for the moon here!

    Glad the post made you laugh, Tribechick. Humor helps after a tough loss.

    AJ was just plain bad, Dillon. It was as if he had no idea where the ball was going.

    The chant is annoying and silly, Len. I tune it out at this point. Or try to.

  26. heryankeefandiary

    Oh goodness…It’s about to start. Why do I feel like an astroid is about to hit earth, will we make it out alive?

    Will A-Rod smash it up with a home run? Will he have finally listened to you-Jane? Will the other boys have a repeat of what they did just a few nights ago-long ball after long ball? Or will it be, as you so perfectly put it in word and photograph-another straight-jacket night?

    I feel dumb about being worried about CMW when AJ did what he did last night too. I take a deep breath, hoping that he doesn’t make AJ look not-so-bad. Make me a fan, CMW! Make me a FAN!

    Of course, I always have faith in the Yanks, I just can’t help but be nervous. I can’t take it, not again-not a second night in a row.

    The MUST win, and they MUST KICK ***, let it be double digits against a big ZERO for the SOX, that would make last night feel a little better…Then again, if they win by one I’d be happy.


  27. Jane Heller

    Very sad to see CMW depart so early, V. He showed signs of life, but not enough to justify another start. Now let’s see what Hughes can do.

  28. crzblue2

    I hate when I hear fans chant ” sux.” I know I hear it at Dodger Stadium but I don’t like it. i rather fans concentrate on their team. Anyway, I hope you do see a win when you go to Yankee Stadium. Are you going for more than one game? Hey, Tommy is supposed to be at Yankee Stadium, just not sure what day.

  29. Jane Heller

    I hate the chant too, Emma. It makes my blood boil. But such is life. I hope I see a win when I go to the new Stadium for the first time, especially since I’ll only be able to go once during the week I’m in NY. Lots to do when I’m there, and I’m trying to squeeze everything in!

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