Music for Lovers (of the Yankees)

Just a quick post to Yankee fans….If you’re sitting at your family’s turkey dinner and you suddenly find yourself drifting away from the conversation and yearning to be at the Stadium watching your favorite team, here’s a treat.


Just kidding. I don’t have any tix to give out. But Andrew at Scott Proctor’s Arm posted a Yankees Stadium Soundtrack featuring all the songs we love to love/hate during a game. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Jane Heller

    Not a bad idea, Scott, since I’m between books and having nothing else to do but blog. I could apply for that job. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Same to you, Julia.

    It’s funny about “New York, New York,” Jeremy. I’m not a Sinatra person at all and never liked that song. But I remember being at the Subway Series against the Mets for Game 2 and the Yankees winning it and standing forever with everyone else in that huge crowd, listening to the song over and over. It was very cool.

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