A Pitcher Scorned

It happens all the time when it comes to romance. Love is found, love is lost and somebody ends up with a broken heart.


Is that the case with Andy Pettitte? Is his passionate affair with the Yankees over forever? Are they just not that into him anymore? He’s hurt and confused, and who can blame him?
Sure, he’s trying to explore new love with the Dodgers, but it’s an act, trust me. Right now he’s sitting in a BarcaLounger in the den of his ranch and he’s asking, “Why, y’all? How did it go wrong? Things used to be so good with us.”
And they were. Never mind the relationship with Clemens. There were other bonds.
He and Wang were tight, breaking through the language barrier with a language of their own.
He and Jeter needed no words either, whether in times of laughter or tears.
And then there was all the hugging with Jorge
and the cuddling with A-Rod.
Andy’s wife Laura tried to corral her husband’s attention, even showing up in leopard-print outfits on occasion.
But how do you compete with the blissful moments Andy shared with his pinstriped teammates? I mean, he not only played baseball with them. He played dress up with them.
“Why?” he cries out into the dead of the Texas night. “I was fixin’ to take your darn pay cut, but you haven’t called. Not a ‘Hello.’ Not a ‘We miss you.’ Nothin’.”
And so Andy Pettitte, the pitcher scorned, has reached out to Joe Torre for comfort. If the Yankees don’t re-sign the lefty, perhaps he’ll make a fresh start in Los Angeles. A new town. New faces. It could work.
But it will take an attachment to
and there are no guarantees that they’ll fill the void. After all, first love is the hardest to get over.
Just ask Bernie.
He’s still waiting for this to happen.


  1. Jane Heller

    What a nice way to wake up here in California and find people wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Back at you: Happy, Steve, Kylie, Julia, Kaybee, and Jimmy. Don’t eat too much!

  2. hseely@twcny.rr.com


    If Andy goes to LA, it might be Madonna’s last chance to know the One True Lord and Savior, and to avoid eternal damnation.

    One. Last. Chance.

    el duque

  3. Jane Heller

    Shame on you, el duque. Why aren’t you at the table eating turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes with those little marshmallows on top?

  4. raysrenegade

    Tell you the perfect music for a Yankee fan during a Thanksgiving Dinner is maybe a Bernie Williams’ Jazz guitar album playing the the background.
    I have heard a few of his tunes on an album a friend gave me a few years back and I got him to sign the CD cover.

    I loved talking to the guy and know that even if he knows he can still play, would he want the stress and strife that is going on in that clubhouse right now. Of course he would because he loves the game for the game and not the money.

    As usual, a splendid piece that will echo for a while in the hall sof MLBlogs-land.

    Rays Renegade


  5. thegoodofthegame

    I have to say I have a lot of respect for Andy Pettitte and the way he handled his steroids accusations. While other home run kings – who shall remain nameless – will make excuses, Andy faced the music, explained his reasoning and accepted the consequences. He’s a class act.


  6. Elizabeth D

    I have a lot of respect for Andy Petite, he’s been with the Yankees for so much of his career. He’s a great pitcher, so maybe Hal will get around to calling him after he gets CC. CC-Wang-Petite would be a great lineup.
    That picture with him in the dress is priceless! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

  7. Jane Heller

    Wow, raysrenegade. You got to meet Bernie? I bet he’s a really nice guy. I’m sorry his baseball career ended, but how great for him that he’s got a second career with his music. Most athletes don’t have that luxury.

    Now there’s a switch, Scott. You’re defending a Yankee and I’m about to un-defend him. I agree that his accepting blame for the HGH use was commendable. But would he have come forward if he hadn’t been summoned by Congress to testify? The jury’s still out for me.

    That said, I’d like to have him back on the Yankees. He’s been a stalwart for us, as Elizabeth commented – a homegrown talent who pitched a lot of big games. I hope they can work something out with him.

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