Santa Barbara Is Burning

I was planning to blog about Nick Swisher tonight (I had a twisted post all ready to go) when a huge wildfire broke out very close to my house here in California. Santa Ana winds gusting up to 70 mph are fueling the fire, which has destroyed hundreds of acres in a few short hours. My husband and I are packed and ready to to evacuate as soon as they tell us to. Not easy to figure out what to throw in the car and what to leave, not knowing if there will be a house to come back to. A close friend’s house has already burned to the ground.
For those who’ve never been through this – and I hope that’s most of you – this is one scary situation. I can see orange flames out my window as I write this (our power has been in and out), and the white ashes are pouring down everywhere, almost as if it’s snowing. The smell is horrendous.
There are helicopters overhead, but the winds are too fierce for them to drop water on the fire.  Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency.
If anybody’s reading this, hold a good thought for us. Baseball seems very trivial at the moment, but I can’t wait to get back to caring about it.




    Leave your house merely because it might catch fire… on the night of a big Yankee trade?

    Are you metaphorically saying we gave away Betemit in a fire sale? Or are you suggesting this new guy, the wrong Texiera, will become our new bullpen fireman?

    Get back home and tell us what you mean!

    el duque


    Girl get oughtta there while you still can, we need you around, the book hasn’t been released yet.

    Sriously, I hope you and the family are all OK, can’t wait to read the Swisher piece once everyone is back to safety.


  3. Jane Heller

    Hey, everybody. I’m alive! Totally sleep-deprived but wanted to say thanks for the good wishes. Will post soon.

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