Day 8 of “Operation Cliff Lee Countdown”

Nothing. Still nothing. Maybe Cliffy and Kristen spent Sunday in church praying for guidance. “Should we go to New York?” they asked the Lord. “Or stay in Texas? Or choose the Mysterious Team Nobody Will Name?” If I were the Lord, I would whisper, “The Yankees. Always the Yankees.” But I’m just a she-fan, so I’ll wait another day like everybody else. I predict Lee will announce his decision tomorrow and I’ll be asleep here on the west coast. Somebody call me if there’s good news, OK?
No Countdown video of Cliffy tonight. Instead, I’m posting the trailer for today’s screening, which was “The Fighter,” the new Mark Walburg movie set in Lowell, MA that tells the mostly true story of welterweight Micky Ward. I love boxing movies for some reason, and this one didn’t disappoint. Amazing performance by a jittery, funny, hollowed out Christian Bale as Micky’s crack-addict half-brother Dicky. I know I keep saying stuff like this, but Bale will win the best supporting actor Oscar or I’ll eat one of my Yankees T-shirts. Take a look.
I thought our screening group was getting Bale, along with director David O. Russell, for the Q&A after the film, but Amy Adams, who is fantastic as Micky’s girlfriend, came instead (by helicopter from LA, as it turned out.)
She was adorable and interesting and answered all our questions with patience and humor. And yes, of course I raised my hand and asked a question. (It was about Sugar Ray Leonard and you have to see the movie to understand how he figures into the story). Today’s screening was the last one until March, because the Santa Barbara Film Festival will take over the town for two weeks in January/February. Very excited about that, as it’s a great event every year. Meanwhile, I hope tomorrow brings us closure in the “Cliff Lee Matter,” as I’ve taken to calling it. I would just really hate it if the announcement becomes a media circus in the tradition of LeBron’s “The Decision.” Let him simply have his agent alert reporters, schedule the press conference with whichever team he picks and be done with this.


  1. Jane Heller

    Look, Jeff. You’re the first commenter again! How about that? If Lee pulls a LeBron, I’d probably be done with sports too. I don’t understand what’s taking him so long in any case and, perhaps without meaning to, he’s created unnecessary drama.

  2. phillingintheblanks

    Ohh, Cliffy’s no LeBron in the media ***** sense. I’m not sure really in any sense, for that matter, other than the athleticism. They’ve both got some serious swagger (as I’ve mentioned before), but one is more roll-over-your-face swagger and one’s more look-at-me-or-don’t-I’m-still-who-I-am. LeBron’s decision, however ceremoniously glorified, is turning out to be OK, though the Heat have really only beaten one good team in this recent streak of theirs. I’ve pretty much given up the idea of Lee singing with the Phillies, but the decision still has me on the edge of my seat. If it’s drawn out too much longer, though, it’ll just be too much.


  3. Jane Heller

    I’m sure Lee doesn’t mean to be calling so much attention to himself during this waiting game, Christine. The problem is, he’s had so much time to consider where he wants to play – like the last six months of last season. He knew he’d be a free agent and that both the Yankees and Rangers, among others, would throw lots of money at him. Is it really that hard now to figure out which team to choose?


    “We’re gonna wait ’til the midnight hour,
    That’s when your choice comes tumblin’ down…
    We’re gonna wait ’til the midnight hour,
    When there’s no one else around…
    We’re gonna take you, Mr. Lee, or scold you…
    We’ll give you everything we’ve told you
    In the midnight hour…”
    With apologies to The Wicked Pickett, my fave soul man… we just gotta hang in there…
    I’m always reminded of something weird. Back in ’74, the Yanks were battling the O’s tooth and nail for the AL East, at a time when it was win it or go home. We weren’t as good, but were battling, battling. I went to an important September game at Memorial Stadium between them…it was a week-night, and it went extra innings…it got to the 14th, and I had work the next morning, and forgive me but at some point I just wanted the game to END. And, of course, it did, but not the way I wanted…nor did the ’74 pennant race. SO…that taught me to “Never Give Up” — aha — now I got a song for tomorrow…nevermind!
    And as for the flick — looks great — terrific cast, and even if Marky Mark is REALLY from Bahston…we’ll forgive him!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Love Wilson Pickett, Dave. I just hope you don’t post BB King’s The Thrill Is Gone tomorrow! Yes, we’ll all have to hang in for now. I read today that Lee’s camp might be waiting for Texas to up their offer so they’ll be able to sign with the Rangers without leaving money on the table. Sheesh.

  6. raysrenegade

    Been excited to see this movie. Not for the “Marky Mark” factor,but because I wanted to see what type of chemistry these two can throw onto the screen.
    Both actors go to extremes to get into their character and totally get their proverbial psyche wrapped around their onscreen persona. From the hours of weight training and boxing for Walberg to the amount of weight and pathos provided by Bale, this duo looks like cinema gold waiting to be plucked.
    Love the trailer, can’t wait to feel the energy explode off that huge screen.

    Rays Renegade

  7. Jane Heller

    Me too, Freya. Waiting is not my strong suit, but I’m trying to be patient!

    Renegade, Mark Wahlburg did make the movie as a labor of love and trained for a long, long time so that the boxing scenes would be authentic. But it’s Bale and the other actors who make magic on screen. You’ll really enjoy the movie, I have no doubt.

  8. antonella

    *sigh* so what’s the update? last I heard Lee’s agent got in contact w the Yanks this morning…… but no news.

    This is getting RIDICULOUS!

    My gut still says he’s going to Texas.. but you know my gut has been wrong a couple of times this year LOL

  9. Jane Heller

    The latest update, Antonella, is that there IS no update. Grrr. Well, supposedly Cashman did speak to the agent again and Cliffy is still pondering. Oh and the Phillies seem to be the Mystery Team. Maybe we’ll hear tomorrow? Please?

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