Day 7 of “Operation Cliff Lee Countdown”

Today was movie day and I hoped I’d emerge from the theater, power my iPhone back up and find out there was Cliff Lee news. No such luck. But the movie I saw was worth talking about. It was “Biutiful,” the new film from the director of “Babel” and “21 Grams.” Starring Javier Bardem and set on the seamy side of Barcelona, it’s the story of a man who learns he’s dying and tries to put his life in order – especially when it comes to his two young children. No, it’s not an upbeat film by any means, but Bardem is sensational – the best performance he’s given yet, which is saying something if you saw him in “The Sea Inside” – and it touches on many complex issues, from immigration to parenting. Here’s the trailer.
After the movie, there was a Q&A with Bardem. Of course I raised my hand. 
“Was it physically challenging to play a man who was dying?” I asked. 
“I didn’t play a man who was dying,” he said. “I played a man who was in denial about dying.”
O-kay. Later, I spoke to him one-on-one at a private reception, and he was so charming, not to mention gorgeous. He talked about his wife, Penelope Cruz, and the baby they’re about to have. Very personable guy.
Speaking of romance, Nick Swisher is marrying his girlfriend, Joanna Garcia, at the Breakers in Palm Beach this weekend. (Maybe they’ve already done the deed as I’m writing this.) 
No word yet on the names of Yankees attending, but the point is that Cliff Lee could have been one of them if he had decided to become a Yankee already!

Doesn’t he realize what great teammates he’d have? He already knows and likes CC and AJ. And who wouldn’t want to be on the same team as Jeter and Mo? And Swisher? Now come on. Tonight’s Countdown video is of Swish at an award dinner in his honor and I posted it because of the last part, where he talks about Joanna. So sweet. Cliffy, you’d be missing out by not joining these guys. I hope you get that.


  1. abby1306

    Oi, I wish I could have been there to meet Javier Bardem… you lucky girl. 😉 Happy you had fun!
    Oh yes, Cliffy will be missing so much if he doesn’t become a Yankee! First and foremost the great, great teammates! They all can’t wait to see him in pinstripes. Even Andy might come back. Come on Cliffy, you’ll get the years, the money, all the Yankees want to see you in pinstripes as well as the greatest fans in the world. And you’ll have a bigger chance to win a world championship! So stop thinking and sign with the Yankees already! 🙂

    Congrats to Swish! I just know that A-Rod (with Cam) was there and Johnny Damon. You can see their wedding pic and a short article here:,,20448999,00.html

    You all have a great sunday!
    – Nadine

  2. Jane Heller

    Emma, you should definitely see Biutiful when it comes to LA. You’ll actually understand it without having to read the subtitles! Congrats to Kershaw on his wedding. Very cute that they had a Dodger theme.

    I was lucky, Nadine. One of the first things we did when we moved here was join the Cinema Society and it’s been such a pleasure seeing all the great movies and hearing from the filmmakers too. Love it. Thanks for the link to the Swish wedding story in People. It made me wish Damon was still a Yankee though, sort of. I’m thinking Cliffy will make an announcement on Monday, don’t you? Today is probably his last “thinking day.”

  3. Jane Heller

    LOL, Paul. He was the complete opposite of that character – Mr. Charm, saying how much he loved coming to Santa Barbara. He and Penelope stayed over last night. I would have invited them for dinner, but I know my boundaries (sometimes).

    Many think Cliff will decide today? I’ve read the opposite, Christine, but it all goes to show that nobody knows anything! I do agree that the Yankees have a 50-50 chance of signing him.

  4. phillingintheblanks

    Javier Bardem is such a talented man! It’s good to hear he’s pleasant, too.

    Aaaand many think Cliffy will decide today! Do you agree with the Yankees exec mentioned in the mlbtraderumors post that the Yankees have a 50-50 chance at landing him?


  5. abby1306

    I really, really hope, today is his last “thinking day”, Jane. This has to end…for everybody. The thing is, your day has basically just begun and mine has almost ended. So if something happens today, I’ll be asleep. Grrrr. I hate that. But I’ll check immediately after my alarm clock wakes me up tomorrow at 5 a.m. 😉

    Have fun today with “The Fighter”. Can’t wait for your report, especially about the Q&A! Sooo envious! Lol! I should move to Cali. 😉
    – Nadine

  6. Jane Heller

    I hope it’s his last “thinking day” too, Nadine. I mean, COME ON ALREADY! Loved The Fighter and will write a blog post about it later. Yes, you should move to Cali!!!!

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