With Girardi Signed…

I thought it would be nice to take another look at his Dove commercial.
He does seem like a good guy. But is he a good manager? I think so, despite his questionable moves during the postseason. Or, to put it another way, I can’t think of another manager I’d rather have in his place. His players seem to respect and trust him. He handles the media now better than he used to. And he’ll mature each year he’s in the job, right? I mean look how much he’s evolved already.
P.S. Get well, CC! We need that knee to support your 290-pound (wink wink) bod!


  1. scofid

    I agree…I was glad to see the Yankees quickly move to sign Girardi so they could move on to more pressing matters. I think Hal Steinbrenner needs to make a few ATM advances to get ready for that Cliff Lee bid! 😉 Isn’t next year the last year before CC can opt out? Hopefully, it is an enjoyable summer for him so that the thought doesn’t cross his mind. I know that he’s already on record saying he doesn’t want to leave, but until that day is passed, I’m not going to breathe easily. Hopefully Brian Cashman is bypassing the World Series to figure out how to build the 2011 World Champions!

  2. Jane Heller

    I think Hal will need some ATM advances AND win the lottery to sign Lee plus Jeter, Mo and any other free agents Cashman is looking at, Scott. Oh. CC. I forgot about the possibility that he could opt out! I’m assuming you’re right and it’s the year after next. I can’t imagine he’d do it. He’s not getting any younger and will have more mileage on him, making him less attractive to other teams. But as always, it comes down to money. I would think he’d have plenty already but what do I know.

  3. YankeeCase

    Heh! Girardi as Spock… I had a double-take there!

    Good they took care of this so quick. And good thing Quade was given the Cubs job a few weeks ago to avoid all sorts of drama. Girardi does have the trust of his players, even if he does make some odd decisions every now and then. At least he can mold a bullpen from scraps, even if it takes a few months. Or was that all Eiland’s doing? Hmmm, guess we’ll find out sooner than we want, won’t we?

    About CC, his opt-out option is after next year. But I remember him saying sometime in the last year that it wasn’t even going to be an option for him. He said he definitely wasn’t planning on using it because he really liked it here. Now whether some horrible feud goes down in the next year, or his agent whispers greedy little words into his ear is a different matter all together…

    With the Yankee offseason pretty much officially under way now, we need to shorten the time until Spring Training. So here’s a quick little mention to any aspiring writers like myself out there (being that everyone here is either reading a blog, and/or comments on them, i’m taking a shot this might interest you). November is National Novel Writing Month, apparently. So if you click on this link, NaNoWriMo, you can sign up (for free) and join others who will attempt to write a 50,000 word novel just for kicks. There’s no big grand prize and you’re not guaranteed some publishing deal or something, just the satisfaction of knowing you wrote an original 50,000 word novel in a month. If you ever said, “One of these days…”, now you have no more excuses. And no one’s going to grade or rate what you write, the point is to get you to do it. Quantity over quality they say. It should help in all future writing endeavors. Plus, I don’t know about anybody else here, but deadlines get my fingers tapping away at the keyboard!

    And it’ll also keep you busy for a month and thus Yankee withdrawal is kept to a minimum (for November at least)! Maybe I’ll write two! (ok, enough of that! i swear i’m not a salesman of theirs! just thought this would be fun.)


  4. devilabrit

    Snapping up Girardi early was a class act on behalf of the Yankees, they could have dragged it out but acted in the best interests of the club…..
    I think this off-season is going to shape into another action packed winter to hopefully keep us all active…


    Phillies Outside

  5. Jane Heller

    YankeeCase, I think it’s fantastic that you’ll be participating in the November novel writing project. I seem to remember another Yankees blogger getting involved in that a few years ago and she really enjoyed it. So get your imagination fired up and pound the keyboard and let us know how it goes. Yes, CC did say he wouldn’t be interested in opting out, but I take nothing for granted with these guys!

    Peter, I think the Yankees figured they’d better nail down Girardi so they could move on to other matters – like finding a pitching coach and getting together to discuss free agent candidates. It really behooved them to put the manager question behind them.

  6. Jane Heller

    I agree, Paul. The binder should only be a guide. Joe needs to go with his gut more. As a former player – and especially as a catcher – he has instincts he should draw on more often.

    Melissa, I had to “approve” your comment before it appeared here, because MLBlogs picked it up as spam, given your links. No solicitations here. LOL! Actually, the necklace using the seat as a pendant is kind of cool. The pinstriped one didn’t look particularly appealing though. But it was the way they photographed it. Lots to buy our fellow she-fans for the holidays! Thanks.

  7. ooaooa

    First time I saw the Dove piece with Joe. Having spent 2 days with his father back in the 90’s at spring training, seeing Joe with his family reminds me of the stories his dad told us about Joe’s childhood. The Girardi family was and is obviously a typical American family. We also have had the opportunity to talk to Joe several times and the truth is he is a real regular guy. We are really glad he will be around for years to come.

  8. Jane Heller

    He does seem like a “regular guy,” John. Very likable. I’m glad he’s staying in the Yankee family. I just wish, as Paul said, he’d lighten up when it comes to the binder and go with his gut more. How are you coping with the Yankee-less World Series?

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