Rangers-Giants Game 3: A Win for the Antlers

Thanks to my Twitter pal @SunnySoCal for the screen grab. And because the people in the photo made me laugh, I have to bring back the laughing lady.
The Rangers’ pitching was terrific. I don’t know how a guy like Colby Lewis turns up after a stint in Japan and throws the ball like a Cy Young award winner, but that’s what he’s done in the postseason. And Feliz is just plain sick, pumping nothing but gas.
On the Giants’ side, Sanchez is obviously a talented pitcher, but he really has to learn to stop walking batters. He had even more walks this year than AJ.and that’s saying something. And then there’s Pat Burrell, who can’t buy a hit. Cody Ross, however, is a player I’d never heard of before this postseason, and he continues to make his presence felt. I like unlikely heroes like him (that’s three “likes” in one sentence) and I hope the Giants can win the whole thing. But truthfully? I still miss the Yankees and I have to blink a few times when I watch these games to make sure they’re not out there.


  1. ooaooa

    I really needed them to be in the Series this year. I am now 12 days (nov.12) from knee replacement surgery and I could really use some good Yankee baseball (the classics on YES just don’t cut it). With my medical history the risks are more than normal for me. Can’t wait till Nov. 13th!

  2. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Ah, what fans will wear!

    Happy Halloween everyone! I hate to bring up old hurts, but I was thinking about my Halloween costume from 2004. Our town is a great place to be on Halloween. Everyone dresses up and walks around town and has fun. There is a huge parade – of just people in costumes, with one small band at the front. We get about 1000 people.

    So in 2004, I printed out a picture of a heart and tore it in half. Wore my Yankee cap, and pinned the heart to my jacket. When anyone asked what I was I said “A Yankee fan whose had her heart ripped out of her chest and torn in half.”


  3. Jane Heller

    John, I know you’ve had your share of medical problems so I’m thinking good thoughts for the knee surgery. We need you in fighting shape for spring training, so keep that in mind!

    That’s so sad, Melissa. I’m picturing you in that costume and my own heart is breaking. We don’t get a single trick or treater where I live. We’re up in the hills and the only things I’ll see tonight are the rabbits, chipmunks and maybe a coyote. But if I were going to dress up in a costume I’d probably be Robinson Cano. He’s always smiling.

    Well, now I know him, Paul. But if he’s so tough why in the world did the Marlins put him on waivers?

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    This year I am going to be Madame Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. I think I’ll be a goddess every year.

  5. raysrenegade

    Starting to get the feeling of the 2010 ALDS here with the home teams taking all three games so far in this World Series.
    Great games with some unusual players coming to the forefront this postseason. Who would have even imagined Mitch Moreland up in the majors at this time of the season when Justin Smoak was in the Rangers system before the Cliff Lee trade.
    I guess this might end up being the six degrees of seperation of Cliff Lee by the end…….Yeah, Kevin Bacon would be proud of that.

    Rays Renegade


  6. Jane Heller

    So far there’s been a pattern with the home team winning, Renegade. But the thing that has struck me, as I wrote in the post, is the number of unlikely heroes and Moreland is certainly one of them. I love Kevin Bacon, btw!

    Trick or treat and happy halloween to you, Peter. I was contemplating a special blog with pictures of scary monsters, but reigned myself in.

    You went to the rally, YankeeCase? I’m so envious. I have friends here in California who drove all the way across the country to go to it. But who cares about that or the World Series or the writing project when compared to these words: “I met some great people, including a potential future Mrs. YankeeCase!” I want to hear about HER! Details, please!

  7. YankeeCase

    Well no one figured this thing would be a Giants sweep, so… But the Giants managed to fight back late in the game with two solo home runs, so we know they don’t quit.

    The Cablevision/Fox dispute is over, so the World Series is back in almost half the NYC area, but supposedly Cable paid a sum higher than they wanted just to get this over with. So Cablevision subscribers should expect a hefty rate increase in the near future thanks to Fox. I wonder what the Fox reps would say now to Cablevision subscribers?

    But I didn’t watch much of Game 3. I came back somewhat late from the John Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally in DC. It was packed! About 250,000 people I heard. It was really awesome and I met some great people, including a potential future Mrs. YankeeCase… I did see the two home runs from the Giants, and Feliz wow the Fox guys with his heat.

    Speaking of the rally, the whole event gave me an idea for the writing contest. If anyone hasn’t checked it out yet click here, NaNoWriMo, because it starts tomorrow. I’m sure you can sign up late, but you might as well take the whole month.

    Let’s see if the G-men can take a commanding 3-1 lead tonight behind their young lefty Bumgarner.


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