Nine-Run Innings Work For Me

I was hoping to go to the Stadium for today’s finale against the Tigers, but my husband Michael said he was “too tired.” So what did he do about an hour before the Yankees took the field? This.
At first, it looked like he wouldn’t make it out of the dock area, but off he went.
I walked inside the house and turned on the game. He was back by the third inning and got to see all the fun. And what fun it was. I really do love it when the boys are spanking opposing pitchers.
Nine runs in the sixth? Sweet. Huuughes? Another win. Tex? A couple of amazing defensive plays. Cano? Just plain sick at the plate. The only sour note was Mitre’s ineffectiveness. Well, and the fact that Granderson and Gardner could have had a horrible collision (scary moment). But mostly, I was just thrilled that we won a series. It’s been awhile.


  1. YankeeCase

    Hughes looks like he’s back to dominant self ever since that tough luck loss against the Rays. And Cano looks like he’s ready to go off on another hot streak any time soon. I want him to get that batting average lead again! Austin Kearns seems to come through when needed, as does Kerry Wood. Although I’m still holding my breath on Kerry Wood. I think it’s been nine innings that he’s pitched? Once he gets to a solid 20 or 25 innings, then I’ll really be convinced that the new team and new role are really fitting him. Looks like all we need now is A-Rod to hit at least another 9 home runs, Javy to get over the dead arm, Andy to come back, and for the zombie apocalypse not to come too early and mess up the rest of the season… It should be good.

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    : D
    the S.S. Michael > tell him I like his name!
    Catch you a Bass? C’mon…he said he was tired.

  3. Jane Heller

    Hughes did look good today, YankeeCase. I just worry about his innings limit and what it will mean for the rotation. I agree about Kearns and Wood so far. They seem to have been rejuvenated now that they’re in a pennant race. As for Andy and Javy, I don’t know. I still wish we had another arm and I don’t mean Mitre!

    LOL, Mike. Bass was the only lake fish I could think of. I guess I could have asked him to catch….perch?

  4. scofid

    I’m sure that Detroit was glad to see the Grandy man finally figure out how to hit while wearing pinstripes! 😉 Cano has been incredible this year. Given A-Rod’s slide, it has been huge for Cano to step up his play. I am not sure where we are going to get our starting arms in September, aside from CC, but for now, the team is holding their own against the Rays. Right now, I am pulling for some great A’s relief as Oakland holds a 4-3 lead over the Rays in the top of the 9th. Too bad Andrew Bailey is still on the DL…


    Fun to watch that slugfest! I won’t knock Mitre too much. He has been pitching really well lately and the ball was taking off to center yesterday.

    Just finished watching more video about HOPE week. What a great thing! Check out the photos on loHud.


    And I would like to send a big hug to all the Bleacher Creatures who told the Yankee PR department they would stay for the “Beautiful People” game and do roll call for the kids. How cool is that?



    i’m in yankee withdrawal. i’m back from a two week trip to yellowstone and the grand tetons. it was amazing hiking everyday in beautiful places and i must say the only thing i really missed was the yankees. there were no tvs where we stayed so fortunately my dad was willing to call each day with the yankee score and while we were mediocre while i was gone so were the others so we are about the same in the standings as when i left.
    at one place that we stayed, in addition to no tvs, there was no internet and no cell phone service so i asked to buy a newspaper and they said no papers. the yankees were playing the sox and i had no access. when i got to the next place i was able to retrieve my dad’s voice mail of what i had missed.
    one night i called for the score and got my dad’s play by play of us coming back to take the lead in our last at bat and mariano saving it despite a lead off triple. that was fun despite my sitting in the stairwell.
    my red sox fan husband wanted a two week break from baseball so when i took the calls from my dad i either couldn’t respond or went into the hallway or stair well.
    the crazy thing was when i was hiking my husband would ask every once in a while “are you here or you thinking of work stress?” if i said work, he would rapidly utter paul o’neil, paul o’neil. it would make me laugh and let go of work and notice the incredible beauty of where we were. the last day he took extreme measures and said paul oneil, paul o’neil, scott brosius, scott brosius. this from the man who has no fondness for the yankees, especially paulie!
    so all i want tonight is to listen to john sterling but it’s king felix against aj. that sounds like no hope to me and is not what i wanted to return to.


    Looks like your husband had fun. How much longer are you going to be on the east coast, Jane?

    Followed along with the game while at work yesterday. Can you please tell me why I freak out when we are hitless in just the first 2 or 3 innings??! I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t deal when the bats don’t come alive within the first three innings of play. Crazy! I caught some of the game in re-run at night; Jeter’s triple was a stand-up…not bad for the “old man”. They say he’s not having a good season but I don’t see his numbers being that bad. And Cano is still a rocket…oops, considering the other news yesterday maybe “rocket” is no longer a compliment. LOL.

    Berkman is now on the DL, he wasn’t doing much out there anyway so I guess its not a big loss. I still have hopes for him in the future. Kearns has been a pretty nice surprise, though.

    Boston lost last night and Tampa didn’t play so we made a little headway. Let’s keep it up! GO YANKEES!!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Not sure where we’d be if not for the amazing year Cano is having, Scott. He’s so much fun to watch. I’m with you on the starting pitching. Too many question marks except for CC.

    Fantastic gesture by the Bleacher Creatures, Melissa. As with the other HOPE week events, yesterday’s was special but the roll call was the icing on the cake!

    Barbara, I love the story about your trip! And I relate to it so much. I went nuts when I got to CT and discovered my iPhone wouldn’t work because there’s no AT&T service here, which means no checking scores or listening to any games when I’m out and about. Luckily I get YES here, so I can watch the games in the house. Glad you and your husband had fun and that your dad provided Yankees updates.

    I get the same way you do, Diane, when the Yanks don’t score early. It’s ridiculous, but so be it. Just part of being a crazy fan, I guess, but we should have more faith in our boys! Don’t know what to say about Clemens that hasn’t already been said. Ugh.

    Tex was amazing yesterday, Virginia. Don’t you love watching him run the bases? lol. Nice triple for Jeter too! Loved that game.


    My mistake…I said The Rays didn’t play but they were on the west coast so there was no final by the time I went to bed. I believe they lost so we are in sole possession by a full game???


    Summertime…come on down to my boat…the boat that I row…wade in the water…summer breeze…
    Where was I? Oh yeah, beisbol…! Yes, how nice it is to win a series. Don’t care who; we’ve split with the ROYALS, so you never ever know…even tonite’s matchup…not too good on paper, but hey, at least they KNOW him…!
    Tex’s catch was a thing of beauty…he musta caught the ball three times…so amazing when you have a great fielder at first base (as opposed to Cecil, Prince, or…)
    Guess that Berkman contracted Nick Johnson Disease. Hope it’s just passing virus and nothing too DebiLitating… by the time the season ends, hope that I eat every word I’ve said or posted about Austin Kearns…pass the salt…?

  11. Jane Heller

    I’d definitely say I’m the bigger handful, Paul. But life is so much more entertaining that way, according to Michael.

    We are in sole possession, Diane – at least for the moment!

    Tex’s catch – actually he made a couple of great plays – was a thing of beauty, Dave. I really have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize we have him instead of those you mentioned (including Giambino). I thought the same thing when I read that Berkman was on the DL – Nick Johnson Disease. Why do we even bother to fill that position?????

  12. Jane Heller

    You get free wings with 10 runs, Emma? Not a bad deal, although you have a point about the ice cream. Nope, never did find the Yankees ice cream but I’ll keep looking.

  13. Jane Heller

    One of Phil Hughes “Florida women,” Renegade? LOL. That makes it sound like he has a harem down there. Yeah, we’re facing King Felix right now. I’m hoping for the best.

  14. crzblue2

    So I take it that in that blank space I am looking in your post there is a bass? Nine runs in one inning? Wow! Wish the Dodgers had one one of those. You know with 10 runs we can take our tickets to Claim Jumper for free wings. One year it was Cold Stone ice cream but you know what? We never collected because the Dodgers never scored 10 runs that year. I have collected on the wings this year though. I rahter have ice cream. So did you find the Yankee ice cream?

  15. raysrenegade

    The woman who sits right next to me is one of Phil hughes Florida women. She told me about the time he came into her job ( she is a ticket broker) and parked in the “Rays Fan Only” parking spot….He lost that night to the Rays.
    Hughes has always been one of those guys who looks like he has it all figured out, and it looks like yesterday…He did.
    I know the Yankees face the Mariners this weekend, starting off with King Felix tonight.
    Good thing Cliff Lee is not there…I remember what happened last time between Hernandez and Lee boxing up the Yankees…

    Rays Renegade


    That first video is pretty funny, though I’ve never canoed either, so I shouldn’t laugh. It was nice cause as soon as I started watching it was the 6th XD. Can you believe there’s only like 5 weeks left?

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