Winning and Plunking, Plunking and Winning

The good news was that despite Moseley’s homer-happy pitches, the Yankees took it to the Tigers’ pitchers for the win. I’m not a fan of Bonderman, who always looks miserable on the mound and whines like a four-year-old, so I wasn’t surprised that he hit Gardner in the first. I knew there would be retaliation for Brett’s take out of Guillen a couple of days before. What did surprise me was that after the plunking of Cabrera and the “errant” pitch behind Jeter, we didn’t see an all out brawl.
In fact, I started to wonder: Have the Yankees been in a fight this year? I don’t think so. Maybe they’re due, and tomorrow’s game will have some fireworks. Porcello will be on the hill for Detroit and we’ve seen what he’s capable of.
I really hope there isn’t any trouble, because we can’t afford to lose anybody – not to a suspension or an injury. So behave, boys! (Well, unless the Tigers start it.)
Speaking of hostility, I went grocery shopping today at the local market here in CT and what did I see in the freezer section? cream.jpeg
I found a sales clerk and said, “Excuse me, but I don’t see any Yankees ice cream.”
Sales clerk: “That’s because we don’t have any.”
Me: “But there are Yankee fans in this town. The guy who lives two houses down has the NYY decal on the back of his car, and the woman next door to him wore a Jeter T-shirt when she was outside getting the newspaper.”
Sales clerk: “Can’t help you, lady.”
Me: “Are YOU a Red Sox fan?”
Sales clerk: “No. I hate baseball.”
Talk about getting plunked!
Oh, before I forget, here’s a link I think people will really enjoy. It’s an interview by the Collectors Weekly site with a Red Sox She-Fan who appraises Yankees memorabilia. Check it out. Very interesting stuff.


  1. mikeeff

    i just checked their website- no yankee products at all!! :

    “Hood remains committed to superior product quality and continues to be an innovator in the frozen dessert category, offering a wide selection of ice cream varieties and flavors to choose from, including Hood Ice Cream, Hood New England Creamery Ice Cream, Hood Fat Free Frozen Yogurt and Hood Red Sox Ice Cream and Red Sox Ice Cream Singles. Pick some up in your grocer’s freezer today! “

  2. YankeeCase

    Jane, the reason they didn’t have any Yankees ice cream is because they were all sold out! Who wants to buy some bootleg ‘official’ Red Sox ice cream?! Let that garbage pile up like bricks in the freezer section! Or maybe the Yankees ice cream was hidden under all the returned tubs of Red Sox ice cream, like falling blocks in an out of control game of Tetris? The returns are just never ending!
    Here you go Jane :

    Turkey Hill is the official ice cream of the New York Yankees! I should know, I am YankeeCase aren’t I? (plus they play the crap out of those commercials. hey, turkey hill! where’s my cut for being your unofficial spokesman?)


    Hi Jane!
    Try to find the Turkey Hill Yankee Ice Cream. The Pinstripe Brownie Blast is pretty good for a light ice cream.

    CT is a funny state – seems to be pretty well split between Yankees and Bosox. My son’s girlfriend works for a school district in central CT. When she went for her interview two years ago, the principal of the school turned out to be a diehard Yankee fan. As she was given a tour of the school building, the teachers (no joke) either had Yankee decorations or Bosox decorations on their doors! About 50/50. The girlfriend (a Yankee she-fan by the way!) went for her final interview with the superintendent. The super asked her in the interview if she was a Yankee fan or a Red Sox fan! Turns out the super was a diehard Bosox fan and when they won the WS in 2007, put up the Red Sox flag on the flag pole at the high school! Girlfriend got the job, so luckily no baseball snobbery! Hope that sort of explains CT!

  4. devilabrit

    Just incase you want some real ice cream you can always get the ‘Turkey Hill Graham Slam’ or even the ‘Turkey Hill Double Play’ , you know Turkey Hill is the best and it in PA, home to the best NL team…:-)


    Phillies Outside


    O.K. -Well, Jane that ice-cream isn’t so great anyway… I am that CT. Yankee fan (who now lives in Boston, but any way) and here is MY question, speaking of official products: How does Dunkin’ Donuts get away with being the official coffee of the Boston Red Sox (emblem on the cup and all) up here and then when I am in NY, they are also the official coffee of the New York Yankees (although I’m not sure I saw a logo). Any way, I’m just saying…is this possible?

  6. ooaooa

    In what municipality are you in CT? Didn’t realize you were in the State.
    Turkey Hill Yankee ice cream is only available in Fairfield County I’ve been told.
    Setting up to be a fabulous 6 weeks of baseball coming up. “I Live For This!!!

  7. Unfortunately, Anything is possible with enough $$$$. I find it funny that on TV, the “Drives of the game” are Land Rover. On radio they are Mini-cooper. Guess radio is a smaller medium.

    Jane, I love that story. Wish you had recorded it on the she-fan cam.

    My absolute favorite moment of last night’s game was when Mariano came in. There was so much tension, testosterone was running high and the mood was ugly. Mariano goes out on the mound and both teams seemed to totally relax and realize there is a high road to take and a better way to conduct yourself. He is so zen. No one wanted to misbehave with him around. He’s like a saint.



    The bullpen won that one for us, not counting Gaudin. Don’t know what’s wrong with him but they have to fix it. Obviously the bats also did their part, it was up to the relievers to nail it down and they did it. Great Job!

    With The Rays and The Red Sox continuing to play solid baseball and to come up with W’s, The Yankees have to do the same. I certainly hope the Yankees start to pull away from the rest of the field in The AL East but unfortunately I think its going to be a race to the finish. I have no doubt that Our Boys in Pinstripes will make it to the post season, but I just hope the trip there doesn’t wear them out. GO YANKEES!!!

  9. Jane Heller

    Mike, I knew that Hood is the long-time New England dairy manufacturer and that they made Red Sox ice cream. But what surprised me was that the Turkey Hill Yankees brand was nowhere in sight. Not fair! They had plenty of stuff in that freezer section, so why not?

    HAHA, YankeeCase. That’s it – they must have been sold out of Turkey Hill. I’ll go back to check, but the truth is I don’t think they carry it. I’ve seen the Turkey Hill commercials on the YES broadcasts and I would have spotted it.

    I hear you on the state of CT, Kathleen. My husband was born and raised here and always told me where the unofficial boundary was between Yankees territory and Red Sox Nation (it’s usually Fairfield County). We’re in northernmost Fairfield County now, so I figured we were in Yankeeville, judging by all the Yankees gear I see around town – but not at the supermarket, apparently!

    I didn’t know Turkey Hill came from PA, Peter, so thanks for that!

    Ellen, I think Melissa is right and the Dunkin’ Donuts thing is all about sponsorship dollars. If you spend the money, you’re the sponsor. Simple as that!

    John, I’m in Fairfield County so I should be seeing Turkey Hill here! I guess I’ll have to follow your lead and try to convert all the supermarkets around town before my stay is over.

    Good point about Mo, Melissa. He was like a human Valium in that game. LOL. So zen is right. Do you think Valverde was watching and saying, “So this is how a closer is supposed to act?”

    The bullpen was superb, Diane. Loved the offense, of course, but it was the pen that quelled the threats. I’m starting to like Wood a lot, and D-Rob has been flat out fantastic. I do wish we could pull away from the pack at the top of the division, but as you say it’ll probably go down to the wire. Gulp.

  10. Jane Heller

    I think the Tigers are pretty fired up, Jeff, so there might be some WWE stuff today. Their season is over, so they have nothing to lose by getting into it. The Yankees, on the other hand, want to avoid a brawl – as do I!

  11. YankeeCase

    Ha! I knew you’ve seen the commercials on YES, just thought maybe you’d blanked them out of your memory because they’re so annoying…
    Speaking of which, will you be getting all your office supplies and coffee from WB Mason?

  12. Jane Heller

    I can’t stand those WB Mason commercials, YankeeCase, and now you’ve just reminded me of their stupid song, which I can’t stop singing. Aaargh!


    So…you found your thrill, on TURKEY Hill? Doesn’t sound quite right…not sure Fats would get it…but then again, he’s more zen, like Mo, so no problemo…
    Yes, CT is kinda like one o’ those border states (like Maryland) was in Civil War days…half ‘n’ half…must be just GREAT fun when you’re seeking & finding decals & T-shirts & banners & bumper-stickers…I suspect the Greater Populace just roots for whoever’s winning at the time…!
    Good to beat up on another Known Quantity. Of course, I’m worried about an ex-Yank farmhand with inconsistent stuff who can be just nasty enough…and ESPN tells me that we haven’t yet won a series IN AUGUST (bow wow wow, are these EVER the Dog Daze)…we need the Luck Of The She-Fan to keep the W’s comin’ and stay outa (injury) trouble…

  14. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Dave, CT is a border state so I shouldn’t be surprised by the ice cream incident. That said, I intend to go back there and state my case! Watching today’s game now and we’re already behind, thanks to yet another Cabrera homer. Why do we bother to pitch to him? Grrrr.

    HAHA, like I’d ever buy it, Paul. Didn’t see anyone else buy it either.

  15. raysrenegade

    I am not sure, but have the Yankees left their bench at all for a two team dance segment since the Rays and Yankees tangled in Spring 2008?
    Either way, the team should of at least gotten up on the top step and berated Bonderman for an inning even if it was a retaliation for a previous wrong. We all know the Yankees have solid leaders in the clubhouse and have a sensibility about the “Unwritten Rules”, but there should of at least been a bit of physical solidarity just to show Gardner his team was behind him.

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Yup, Renegade. The Yankees had a couple of dust ups last year, including a nasty one with the Blue Jays. But this year has been quiet on that front. As for showing Bonderman he made a mistake, your friend Chad Gaudin did a nice job of plunking Miguel Cabrera, although he claimed it was a pitch that “got away from him.”


    I actually don’t like the Yankee ice cream, but that’s still terrible not to have any. You go to the Congo you’ll see a tribesman wearing a Jeter shirt. You should start a rally and boycott the supermarket!

  18. Jane Heller

    I just found out the store does have Yankees ice cream, seindsfeld! They must have been out of it the first time I went there.

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