Thanks, Sun

For the second day in a row, a Jays outfielder lost a ball in the sun and the Yankees benefitted in a big way. The official scorer ruled that Gardner’s shot to center that deflected off Wise’s glove was an inside-the-park homer, which didn’t make sense but was fine with me. What really cheered me was that we tied the score at 5-5 on a day when Huuuughes didn’t have it. Whew.
I had a feeling we’d win this one, despite the roller-coaster nature of it. Even after three Yankees were thrown out at the plate, even after Mo blew the save (I hate typing those words), even after Dave Robertson gave up a hit and two walks, I sensed victory. What I didn’t expect was that the hero would be Marcus Thames, literally fresh off the DL.
The Yankees haven’t had a lot of walkoffs this season, but Thames has seen his share of shaving cream. Don’t you love the pleasure A.J. seems to take in smearing his victims?
What I don’t love is that Posada got hurt again. I don’t remember a season when so many players either fouled a ball off their feet/legs or catchers got nailed in the hand/fingers. All I can say is get well soon, Jorge, because we already DFA-ed Chad Moeller.
P.S. Here are a couple of photos from today’s game, sent to me by Friend of the Blog John, also known as ooaooa. First up is John, his wife, his cousin and Michael Kay. Second one is a shot of the championship trophies that were on display in honor of Steinbrenner’s birthday. If anyone else is at a game and wants to contribute pics, by all means send them along.
Michael kay 10.jpg
georges  2010.jpg


  1. angelsgirl012

    happy 4th of july! Hope you’re having a good night with fireworks and bbq-ing! 😀

    Congrats on having 6 representatives for the All star game O.O Geez Louise! That’s a lot! And 7 if you’re counting Joe. Hope Joe can bring us an AL win once again! Sosh is a coach this year which is great :). I was kind of bummed to see that Torii was our only representative this year on reserve. I really though Jered Weaver deserved it this year. He leads the league in strikeouts too.. oh well I guess I really thought some people were deserving of a spot.

    Shaving cream pie to the face is a classic indeed. That only happened to us once and I missed it lol! Darn it!

  2. ooaooa

    Here’s your at the Cathedral reporter report. Traffic was light going down and great coming home. My friend in the parking garage took good care of me near Gate 2. I hit some nice scratch tickets $$$$ before the gates opened. We met Michael Kay in the garage (I will send you a picture) and had a nice talk with him. We suggested strongly that he try to dump Flaraty and get Cone back. He said Cone will be back. He remembered us talking in Tampa back in March about coming to Mohegan Sun for the baseball event in February next year. Said hello to Jose Molina as he got out of a cab near gate two. I think he must still have his own place in NY.

    Went to see the 7 championship trophies on display for George’s birthday (picture to come).
    Very hot, 100 degrees in the sun, but the ground didn’t shake! People were all over the concourses to stay out of the sun.
    Sights abound! Gardy’s inside the parker was like a bolt of lightning. Zap, he was at home. Crowd was shocked by Mo’s performance. Even a god has a bad day I guess. A win is a win is a win. As Michael Kay said to us “See Ya”!

  3. Jane Heller

    Happy 4th to you, Mimi! My husband is about to fire up the bbq as I type this. I was surprised Weaver wasn’t on the All Star roster. I thought he was a shoo-in. Well, now the pressure is on for the AL to hang on and get home field advantage again. Should be a good game.

    Ah, here you are, John. Been wondering how you enjoyed your trip to the Bronx today. So you’re sending me pics of Kay and the trophies? Will post when I get them. Interesting that Kay said Coney will be back. Maybe he’s mended fences with the YES people. Either that or they realized Tino was a mistake. Sounded like everyone was in shock when Mo blew the save. It was ver-y quiet on TV. So glad you got to see a win.

  4. raysrenegade

    Sometimes gift are delivered in unusual ways. Some say the intentions are on purpose, while other call “accidental” at the top of their lungs. This was a turning point game for the Blue Jays as they needed to find a positive note and solace before the endof the first half.
    Instead, they fell to double digits behind the Yankees, and might be in trouble with their sporadic pitching staff right now.
    But the Yankees did what good teams have to so, they squashed the chances and took the game by playing their style of game, even with a little help from a distant bright star.

    Rays Renegade

  5. Jane Heller

    So right, Renegade. Good teams have to take advantage of the opposition’s mistakes and that’s what Gardner did today, running like the wind to score the tying run. The Blue Jays have some very good young pitchers and some of those guys can hit. I mean, how about Bautista. Jeez.


    Well I’m glad you thought they’d win Jane, cause I sure didn’t. lol Actually I was worried the mark on my forehead would stay awhile from all the times I slapped myself! Not a great day for Swish or Hughes, but wow! At least it made it exciting. Second walk off win on the 4th of July against the Jays! What are the odds? Thames being the hero again, just seemed natural seeing how this wasn’t the most normal game. Right off the bench! What are the odds?? I did think once I heard Jorge was hurt and out of the game we’d win, since that seems to happen all the time! Then after the game hamburgers, french fries (freedom fries?) hot dogs and more. Hope you had a fun one too. And everyone. Great pics John! It really is amazing seeing all the trophies together like that since Steinbrenner took over. Maybe today had a little magic from #4. 😀

  7. Jane Heller

    Hot dogs, seindsfeld. After watching Joey Chesnut eat his 40+ to win the Nathan’s contest I don’t think I’ll eat another one – ever! But yes, thanks, I had a nice 4th. Very strange game today but with a happy ending. Thames is our only bench player now with any power, so I was sort of hoping he’d hit a HR. But I’ll take the bloop single, believe me. Hopefully Jorge’s injury really is a day to day thing. He looked like he was in pain though.

  8. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    Happy 4th to one and all …a little late. I hope it was happy & safe.

    I’m finally back home trying to acclimate myself from the time change and the red eye flight. Vacation was great …I even worn a few bucks in Vegas (very few) but I’m so sorry I missed meeting up with Jane, Emma & Lady Jane. I thought Yankee Stadium was strict but at least you can go to any level…just not sit in the seats. I’m sorry I missed Jane & Emma when they came up to my section. I was wandering getting something to eat because it was so warm in the sun. After witnessing that horrible game and not getting to visit with Jane & friends It would have been better if I had gone to Disneyland with my daughter, Thankfully they did win on Friday for my daughter’s bday so we did have a good night despite the Dodger fans who kept chanting all night “Yankees suck” even when their own team was batting, I found that quite silly..not cheering your own team on when they were at bat. They don’t even do that in Boston. Oh well …when they stop chanting Yankees suck that’s when I start to worry….lol. The more they chant the more they fear us .. right?

    Anyway ..who knew the Sun was such a Yankee fan helping us out two days in a row..haha. I, like Jane, thought we were going to pull it out too. I was hoping
    DJ had the walk off hit since he never got “Pied” last season. Of course …Thames getting it was fine with me
    since it led to the win.

    Congrats to the All Stars. I was quite surprised when Pettitte wasn’t announced but then I remembered that
    Joe G can subsititute for a pitcher who was elected but pitched on that Sunday. Clever Joe …getting CC & Andy on the team as I feel pretty secure that Andy will be named once CC is ineligible to play. One lefty for another seems about right., I have no problem with Alex either since he
    is 3rd in RBI’s at the moment. Phil should feel proud that his peers chose him to be on the team. Mo was a no
    brainer. DJ & Cano were a lock right from the get go, Now
    if Swish gets voted in that would be a grand total of 8 Yankees but he does have some stiff competition ..all deserving to go, I hope he does get the vote tho’…he would so LOVE it !!

    Yankees are on the West Coast again…ugh…I hate the LATE GAMES !!!!

    Jane …hopefully if you get to NYC for a game anytime this
    season we can get together, At least we both know our way around Yankee Stadium and there’s always Stan’s..where all Yankee fans go to meet at one time or another… :o).

    One more day off then it’s back to the grind..but…it will only be a four day week…yay !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  9. peggy3

    WOW …sorry for the loooooooooooong post. That’s what happens when I go on vacation and can’t type for awhile.

    Also …should have been “won” in Vegas not “worn” although I wouldn’t mind wearing an outfit made out of money….lol

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  10. peggy3


    It’s so weird …when I submit the posts the sentences are fine but when they post on the blog the sentences are all broken up. Any idea why???

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  11. lenn23

    Why isn’t Andy on the All-Star team? Marcus is a good bat off the bench. It’s nice to have someone there who is not mainly for defensive purposes.


    Missing in action for a few days again, Jane. All parties and fireworks displays and a cool thing. We went to The Today Show on Friday to see Maroon 5 (my daughter’s and my favorite music group) — we had passes but still had to be on line before 6 am to get in. Crazy waiting around but met some wonderful people. Awesome day.

    Speaking of awesome, can Gardner be any more productive?!! A funny note…when he hit the grand slam, John Sterling said, “Gardner plants on in rightfield” and then he went on to say, “Gardy goes yardy”. You can make this stuff up.

    I love walk-off’s, even though I’d much rather be in the lead throughout the whole game. And that was only Mariano’s 2nd blown save and he didn’t let them get ahead. I’m fine with him.

    Finally, everyone should make sure to go to to vote Swish in as the final player for The All-Star Game. I lost count on how many times I voted but I don’t think they limit you to 25 votes as they did with the original voting — can vote for him until 7/8 so let’s get going!!! GO YANKEES!!!


    Welcome back Thames! Yeah for Gardner (thanks to Diane for sharing the Sterlingism about Gardy goes yardy!) Here’s good thoughts to JoPo 🙂
    I voted for Swish so many times yesterday I figured the site would shut me down! I will head back there today. I am so proud of our boys who made the All Star team.
    Hey everyone, if you haven’t seen it, check out the new Geico add with Randy Johnson. Here’s the link:
    Everyone enjoy their day and Go Yankees! Kathleen


    Sorry about the spelling of add for ad – I am a math teacher and it is habit!

  15. cheshirecat9

    That was a crazy game. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but the Yankees do know how to win a game. During the game Courtney and I were talking about how much we liked Gardner. He came up to bat and Court said, “That’s it, if he hits a home run here I’m buying his t-shirt.” And then the ball bounced off the center fielder’s glove and he got the HR! We bought the t-shirt on the way out of the Stadium.


    An open letter to Rob Thomson:
    Dear Rob,
    Mark Teixiera is slow. S-L-O-W. So when he is heading towards third, think of your grandma (if she was a sprinter, think of George Steinbrenner). And ask yourself “Could grandma (or Steinbrenner) make it home on this play?” If the answer is yes, send Teixiera. If it is no, hold him up.
    Very Truly Yours,

  17. Jane Heller

    Welcome home, Peggy. Glad you landed safe and sound. So you won a little money in Vegas? Woohoo! I was so sorry not to meet up with you in LA, but I know we’ll see each other at the Stadium this summer. As for the All Star selections, there’s a lot of grumbling as to snubs and such. I, too, was surprised Andy wasn’t named, but he may substitute for CC, as we know. I thought Strasburg would get the nod, even with his limited number of appearances, simply because fans are eager to see him pitch. And Weaver deserved to be there. But what can you do? There are always conspicuous omissions. No idea why your sentences are broken up into paragraphs here. Do you use the space bar? When I’m trying to break up responses to comments I hit the space bar a bunch of times so the comments don’t run together. But this blog works in mysterious ways. Look at how often the responses to comments appear before the comments themselves! Just weird.

    See above regarding Andy, Len. Since CC is pitching Sunday, it’s possible that Andy will replace him. Yes, Thames is good off the bench – bat wise. I don’t want to see him in the outfield again!

    I know how much you love Kay, Paul. And yes, his head is still very large. LOL.

    Sounds like you had a great holiday, Diane. Hope it continues today. Speaking of which, you’re brave to hang in for that crush at the Today show! I heard Sterling’s “Gardy goes yardy” and laughed. It was a good one. I think we’ve all voted for Swisher so many times our fingers are falling off. If he doesn’t get on the team, it’ll be a miracle, although there are other deserving outfielders too.

    Thanks for the link to the Geico commercial with Johnson, Kathleen. I think it was on yesterday while I had the game on in the background and was doing laundry. LOL. Good job voting for Swish.

    You and Courtney saw a crazy game, cheshirecat. Tell Courtney to send a pic of herself in the Gardner T-shirt! I bet you guys were stunned when Mo blew the save. You said yesterday you wanted to see him pitch. Ouch.

    Oh, Melissa. Those outs at the plate were killers! Rob Thomson said later they were just the victim of perfect throws, but I agree with you. Tex is slow! And Swish is not particularly fast! Three base runners coming home and getting thrown out is not good!

    When I saw Posada get hit, Jenn, I groaned and said, “Not again!” The X-rays were negative, but they were negative when he fouled a ball off his foot and then it turned out he had a fracture. So I hope this one really is a minor injury.

    The injury bug is everywhere, Peter. The team that manages to stay healthy is the team that will come through in October.

  18. Jane Heller

    Very appropriate to mention watermelon, Jeff, since it’s such a staple of July 4th festivities!

  19. thomasox

    Sister Jane!
    Hope you had a great 4th.
    Thames walk-off. . .having flashbacks to some game earlier in the season. Why is the agida from eating too large a sausage & pepper sandwich yesterday suddenly coming back? hmmm.

  20. Jonah


    I hope you had a great 4th of July! It was another competitive series between the Bronx Bombers and the Blue Jays, but it’s a shame the Jays had someone bunt into a DP. Yikes – I can’t mention his name since I’m still steamed at him almost one day later for that sorry excuse of a bunt. But a nice play by A-Rod nonetheless. I was quite surprised the Jays touched Mo for a run, but it was all for naught with Thames’ walk-off hit. Good luck to your team, I plan on seeing them when they visit Toronto in late August!



    if you have to be on a rollercoaster ride i say bring your favorite yankee fan. so i got to watch with my dad. i felt like we would win but i also felt like mariano would blow it after being the ny times magazine cover story. and then when we didn’t score in the bottom of the 9th my optimism started to wane.
    after the walk off, yes that is my favorite kind of pie, i started dancing and couldn’t seem to stop singing new york new york and dancing and dancing. it made the flight home today even better because i got to watch the thames river of happiness over and over. i did asked to be called thames for the rest of the evening.

  22. Jane Heller

    Brother Thomas! Hope you had a good 4th too. So that sausage and pepper sandwich was backing up on you? Just think how Joey Chestnut must feel after downing 50 hot dogs!

    Sorry about that bunt yesterday, Jonah. The Yanks lucked out on that one. And the run off Mo – ouch. But yeah, the walkoff was a big relief for Yankee fans. Very cool that you’ll be going to the game(s) when the Yanks come to Toronto.

    Very happy to hear you watched the game with Harold, Barbara, and got to spend time together for the holiday. So you think the NYT article about Mo was a jinx, like Sports Illustrated usually is? Well, it’s over now and he can get back to being Mo. LOL that you asked to be called Thames. Did you make sure everybody pronounced it Timms?

  23. Jane Heller

    LOL, Virginia. His head is big all right. But he was nice to take the pic with John. Some of these guys say no and walk away. Thames? Our new Melky maybe in terms of walkoffs?

  24. southernbelle

    Jane: Aw, Marcus Thames – the hero again? I never would have thought. I hope Jorge is alright. It just isn’t fair that he keeps getting hurt. And although I love Cervelli, I still want Jorge to play.

  25. Jane Heller

    Thanks, gonzo, same to you. Yeah, every now and then this season Thames has come through for us. Sorry about the Padres’ injuries. It’s very frustrating.

  26. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Jane, that was a very interesting game, and I’m actually not so mad because Marcus Thames has always been a guy I’ve liked. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m finally back, and yours was the first blog I had to catch up on. I’m glad to see you’re still as popular as you were before, and I look forward to more great posts in the future.

    Well done!

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

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