Where Have You Been All My Life, Dustin Moseley?

The big news from today’s thrashing of the Jays was Brett Gardner’s slam, the Yankees’ 11-run third inning and Andy Pettitte’s continuing success. But what really got me going was the relief pitching by our most recent call-up, Dustin Moseley. Did you see that guy? He set the Jays down in the seventh and eighth as if he actually knew what he was doing. What a concept, given the state of our pen lately – and what a break if he can repeat his impressive performance over the second half of the season. I just had to find out more about him….

Yanks’ Moseley wants to forget 2009

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TAMPA, Fla. – All Dustin Moseley can do about 2009 is shake his head, shrug and offer a laugh.

It was more frustrating than funny, though.

“It was a tough year, man,” Moseley said, smiling through the harsher reality. “But it definitely makes you thankful for the good or bad when you do go out there, and you come off the field still healthy.”

Walking off the field healthy is something Moseley has been able to do throughout this spring training, as he hopes to earn a spot in the big leagues with the Yankees and erase the memories of a rocky 2009 with the Angels.

It started off in the big leagues, and essentially, it ended on a trainer’s table in Arizona, with the former first-round draft pick surrounded by players who didn’t speak his language, himself facing an uncertain future and hoping a new treatment would get him back on the field before he had lost too much time.

In between, he battled health problems – hip soreness that led to a sore right arm and a lost season that ended with surgery and a series of experimental Platelet Rich Plasma injections to repair a torn labrum in his hip. He also battled tragedy – the death of his friend and fellow Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart in a car accident after making his first regular season start last April.

That pain hasn’t subsided.

Luckily for Moseley, the physical pain did.

The 6-foot-4, 190-pound right-hander spent parts of the last four seasons with the Angels, posting an 8-7 record and 5.41 ERA in 64 career games. After struggling to a 6.79 ERA in 2008, last season started off like it was going to be his best: He allowed three earned runs in six innings in his season debut against Oakland on April 7, then beat the Red Sox five days later when he surrendered only two runs in 5 ²/³ innings.

He’d leave his next start against Minnesota after three innings with a sore arm, though, and that would be the extent of his season. A lingering hip problem altered his mechanics, which caused the arm soreness. And even when the arm stopped bothering him, the hip didn’t.

“I’d think I’d be over it, and then I’d get out there and start going, and it would bother me again,” Moseley said.

By August, he settled on the inevitable. Surgery was necessary. But even after the surgery – the same one Alex Rodriguez went through last spring – the pain persisted.

Never mind staying in decent shape, Moseley’s hip ached after short jogs. He could throw well enough, but th
e mere physical process of doing so caused just about every other joint in his body to ache. To make a start every five days would have been impossible.

That’s why, even as the offers rolled in from interested organizations, Moseley wouldn’t entertain them.

“I signed the day before camp started, and it was because I told my agent, ‘I can’t have you tell them I’m ready when I’m not,'” Moseley said. “I would never have someone question my honesty or integrity. I finally got healthy, and I called him and said, ‘Dude, I can run sprints. I can run bleachers. I can throw. I can do everything now – finally.'”

His hope is that he can earn a spot on the Yankees’ opening-day roster. If not, he’ll go to Triple-A “with a smile on my face.”

This spring, he says he feels as healthy as ever, looking forward to life in a new organization and facing a new start.

“After these last two years,” he said, “I’ve got to be destined for a good one soon.”


Oy.  Not wild about his injury history. Another one with a bum hip, never mind an arm? He says he’s healthy now. But that’s what Nick Johnson said. 



  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Jane, you’re a terrible car salesman. Saleswoman. Salesperson… This story is horrible! injuries and struggling?! That’s not what I want to hear. Anyway, it’s probably easier to pitch with a big lead like he had then a 1-0 game like yesterday. Brett Gardner hitting a grand slam?? Seriously? He’s the one we’ll have to rely on for the big bats? I’m just kidding. Great game. Great win for Pettitte. three pitchers with 10 wins before the all star break! We could have four if what’s his face could have pitched a bit better in June. July 16th is gonna be huge. Series against the Rays, and the real season starts! :O One game at a time though. I just wish they could spread around the runs a bit more 😛 Happy 4th of July if I’m not here everyone!

  2. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    jane, thanks for the moseley info.
    today was of course more fun. most importantly we won. also i got to listen with my dad. and i got to listen without static. he has a great station that broadcasts all the games unlike me. i listen in the day from a providence station and at night to the new york station and if i were to be totally honest, neither is really totally clear in boston. of course it’s worth it. so finally some offense. ok one innings but one big inning was enough.
    by the way, my dad thinks that aj should give his money to eiland after all he can’t pitch without him so shouldn’t the millions go to dave e?
    so tomorrow we get to watch together, tbs. hopefully we will do more of what we did in the one inning and less of what we have been doing for all of the other innings and it will be a lot of fun. here’s hoping the yankees give us all a happy 4th!

  3. Jane Heller

    LOL, seindsfeld, about the car salesperson. I’d make a bad one. Maybe Moseley’s good outing did have to do with the big lead but it’s also possible we found somebody who can get people out. Very excited that Pettitte might make the All Star team all these years after he last made it. So deserving. And yeah, Gardner should be our cleanup hitter, right? Happy 4th to you too.

    Today was more fun, Barbara. No question. You bring up a question I hadn’t thought of in terms of the broadcasts. I’ll be spending a good part of Aug and Sept in CT, so I hope I’ll get the YES network there. If not, I’ll have MLB.TV on my computer and John and Suzyn on my phone. But I sure hope I’m not stuck with NESN. Your dad has a point about AJ and Eiland. But I bet the pitching coach of the Yankees makes a pretty good living – not millions like AJ but good enough! Looking forward to a happy 4th and a Yankees win for George Steinbrenner’s birthday.

  4. raysfanboy

    Ok, so I’m in bed typing with Baseball Tonight on the flat screen and a snoring dog at my feet. I watched a few horror movies tonight with the wife and the house is quiet and dark. And then I see the picture of Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket and almost peed my shorts! Jeez! You gotta give us warning before you put pics of classic movie psychos in your post.

    I feel bad for this Moseley guy. I don’t know if I want him to come up and help you guys too much, but I surely hope that he can get things back on track.


  5. ooaooa

    Preparing to leave for the Bronx in a couple of hours. 6 of us going. The other 2 tickets could have been yours! Sold them to local people. Hope there are some runs left for today. Happy 80th George!!! Report later.

  6. cheshirecat9

    Happy Fourth of July everyone! I was listening to yesterday’s game on a transistor radio from the beach. I couldn’t believe Gardner’s grand slam! Thanks for the info on Moseley. I knew nothing about him. Let’s hope this season is a resurgence for him.

    I think I had forgotten that Nick Johnson was on the team. I STILL can’t believe we let Matsui go and signed him.

    Courtney is down for the weekend and we are also off to the Stadium in a bit to wish George a happy birthday and watch Hughes pick up his 11th win. I am always a little torn when I go see a game. I want it to be close and exciting so I can see Mo, but I also want to see the Yanks score 15 runs.

  7. cdriscol@twcny.rr.com

    Love the picture of “Nick.” I’m sure you know, but if you haven’t already done so, check out the fantastic article on Mo from the NY Times magazine. The on line video of his pitches is unbelievable.


  8. Jane Heller

    LOL, raysfanboy, about scaring you. I hope Moseley can help us too and that yesterday wasn’t a fluke.

    John, I’m watching the game now and hoping you’re having a great time. Sure wish I could have gone, because it looks like a gorgeous day in the Bronx. Will look forward to your report!

    After the way our bullpen has imploded lately, Paul, the Moseley appearance was like a mirage. I had to write about him!

    Happy 4th to you too, cheshirecat. I know you and Courtney are at the game now (too bad you couldn’t meet up with John). I know what you mean about seeing Mo versus not having to endure a tight game. I’d go for the 15 runs. Or not.

    I LOVED that article, Corinne. They posted a preview of it the other day on the Times’ web site and I was thrilled to read it. It’s great when Mo gets the recognition he deserves, isn’t it?

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