It’s Games Like This…

..that make me wish I’d done something else with those three hours. What a boring loss. The Blue Jays are a good team, but the Yankees looked hungover.
Maybe somebody needed to remind them they weren’t playing the Orioles anymore. Or maybe their traveling secretary stuck them at a bad hotel last night.
All I know is that A.J. discovered it wasn’t a good idea to pitch batting practice to Jose Bautista. Who is this guy with all the homers and where did he come from all of a sudden?
And when did Vernon Wells get good again? And Cecil? That kid can pitch. Oh well. I can’t get cranky over one game. That would be silly. Wouldn’t it? WOULDN’T IT?



    Ahhhhhrrrggghhh…. Now that that’s out of me, I can tell you I didn’t see the game. I was out with friends. But this is the first game I missed in the 5 game winning streak, so maybe I’m a lucky rabbit’s foot? 😀 Anyway, I wonder about AJ sometimes. What could he be thinking? Did he leave his banjo in his trailer home next to the camo t-shirt? Just kidding, but it’s a shame since the starters were on a great run. 5-0, 1.78 ERA, or something like that, but yeah, now it’s time for a better team. The Blue Jays, who would have guessed? Btw, I think Vernon Wells can opt out his contract this year, soes is why’s he’s playings betters. Nice guy huh? Doubt he will though, who would pay that salary? XD (Yankees).

  2. crzblue2

    Sometimes there are games like that Jane that makes us think that way of a loss.
    Dodgers won the second game but we had a tough loss in John Wooden. Vin had such a wonderful tribute to THE coach during the game.


    sometimes aj and our offense frustrate me. i was worried about this series. it makes me miss the os.


    That was not a fun game to watch, Jane. A.J. was definitely not on the mark. Maybe he needs Cervelli. I’m also sad to see Cano’s hitting streak end, but he can start a new one this afternoon. I still feel good about us taking this series. They are going to rest Granderson today, according to the newspaper, so the rest of the team has to step up – we will miss his bat and especially his glove.

    I hope things are okay for Eiland and his family. I doubt we will ever know what happened but I respect his right to privacy. I know how connected he is to all the starters and I hope his absense doesn’t cause a big hiccup.

    Change of subject — Hey Peggy! The “Music Under The Stars” concert calendar came out yesterday. Go to the Town of Oyster Bay website and you can download it. And Dave, I know its unlikely, but if you are in the Long Island area any time this summer there are many great oldies concerts planned.

    We need to win today! GO YANKEES!!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Don’t underestimate the Blue Jays, seindsfeld. They’re a good team this year, even without Halladay. They have a talented young pitching staff, and Bautista in particular is on fiyah! There’s a reason they’re in third place in the tough AL East. I hope we can step it up today.

    Yes, sad news about Wooden. He really was beloved here in CA (and throughout the country, I guess.) Very tenacious too – he made it through 99 years!

    Last night there WAS no offense, Barbara. When you see even Cano fail to smash the ball, you know the opposing pitcher is on. So we just have to tip our cap to Cecil and figure AJ had an off night and look forward to today – with fingers crossed.

    Nope, not a fun one, Diane. I never feel good when we have Thames in the starting lineup, but the Jays were on and the Yanks were flat, and the result was a loss. I hope Eiland will be back soon. I remember when Mattingly took a “leave of absence” from the Dodgers to deal with the mess with his ex-wife. Don’t know anything about Eiland’s family situation, but maybe he can resolve it quickly. When Girardi used the word “indefinitely” in connection with the leave of absence, it worried me. Glad you guys all share the oldies in common. It’s so cool that you communicate with each other on this blog!

  6. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. Court and I are down here in Atlanta so we couldn’t watch the game. I am kind of glad. I kept checking the score periodically and it only got uglier and uglier. Let’s hope Pettite shops the losing at one.

    I didn’t know anything about Eiland taking a leave of absense until I read your blog today. Entertaining and informative! That’s why I read everyday.

    We are going to see the Scranton team take on the Gwinnet Braves tonight. We’ll get to see some of the talent waiting for the call up. In particular I am excited to see Jesus Montero since I’ve read so much about the guy.

  7. Jane Heller

    They may be flawed, Paul, and I don’t see them hanging in until the end, but they put up a good fight.

    How fun that you and Courtney will get to see the Scranton Yanks, cheshirecat! Please report on Montero and all the others we keep reading about. I wonder if my boy Colin Curtis is off the DL and back to playing. Let me know. I read that Weber was cut, so that saddened me. Anyhow, should be a good time as minor league games always are. Wish I could tell you more about the Eiland thing but the Yanks aren’t talking.

  8. mikeeff

    i was worried about this series. I really hoped we’d win the first game. Javy playing the stopper tomorrow gives me the shivers. fingers crossed for andy and the bats.- no thames today.

  9. theheirloom

    This Bautista guy is an enigma. All of the sudden he’s hitting more homers this season than any individual season he’s played in the Majors. Every time I ask the same question about him, I get his home run count so far this season.

  10. Jane Heller

    I know, Randy. It’s kind of weird. I guess every player can have a break out year, but his numbers so far are just sick!

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