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We Were Robbed!

Yes, the home plate ump had a bizarre strike zone. And yes, Morrow was very good. And yes, we only lost to the Jays by a run in a game we should have won off their bullpen. But I’m talking about getting robbed by Girardi and his quick hook.
I really wanted to see more of Ivan Nova, and Joe pulled him after only 73 pitches. I felt deprived!
Not only was the kid fun to watch (after that hairy first inning), but he showed some serious attitude in the exchange with Bautista, and I would have LOVED to see what might have happened during his next at bat.
Instead, we had to witness Bow-tista taking a six-hour bow around the bases after he homered against Robertson, not to mention his fist pump in Cervelli’s face as he crossed home plate. What a creep. 


Maybe it’s the Blue Jays who should be called the Bombers, since they were the ones doing the bombing tonight. Every time I turned around, Wells or Bautista or one of those guys was hitting the ball out. Clearly, Moseley isn’t CC and Wood isn’t Mo. And Mitre? Why even bother. Just DFA him already and call up one of the kids.
Offense is still AWOL. Third loss in a row. No longer in first place. What’s a Yankee fan to do? I’ll tell you what this Yankee fan did: watched the clip of the Red Sox and Indians going at it tonight.
Josh Beckett looks really, really mad at Shelley Duncan, doesn’t he? All I can say is that their game must have been way more entertaining than ours.

It’s Games Like This…

..that make me wish I’d done something else with those three hours. What a boring loss. The Blue Jays are a good team, but the Yankees looked hungover.
Maybe somebody needed to remind them they weren’t playing the Orioles anymore. Or maybe their traveling secretary stuck them at a bad hotel last night.
All I know is that A.J. discovered it wasn’t a good idea to pitch batting practice to Jose Bautista. Who is this guy with all the homers and where did he come from all of a sudden?
And when did Vernon Wells get good again? And Cecil? That kid can pitch. Oh well. I can’t get cranky over one game. That would be silly. Wouldn’t it? WOULDN’T IT?