And The Yankees’ Opening Day Pitcher Is….

I know, I know. It’s only the Opening Day of the spring training schedule and pitchers will be limited to 30 pitches or so, but I didn’t expect to see Gaudin’s name fronting the rotation. By the way, does anyone else think his pitching face looks like a much younger version of this?
The big matchup will be coming the next day, March 4th, when CC will face off against Halladay and the Phillies in Clearwater. Now that’s one I’ll be watching, even if their appearances only last 15 minutes. My guess is Joe was saving CC for just this game. No, it doesn’t count. But it’s an exhibition between World Series contenders and the atmosphere will be charged.
Just a time out from baseball to say, “Is the world coming to an end or what?” First, Haiti. Now, Chile. What a sad state of affairs these earthquakes have wrought, only mitigated by the fact that Hawaii (and California) were spared the affects of a tsunami. But wow, it looks like complete devastation in Chile with aftershocks still coming. On top of record snowfalls in this country, it all makes me shake my head and feel grateful I have a roof over my head.


  1. Jane Heller

    Way too many natural disasters, A.J. I just heard there might be a tsunami in Japan??? Back to baseball, yeah, Gaudin. But the marquee matchup will come the next day. Can’t wait.


    Chad Gaudin and Meat-Tray as starters…with Chan Ho and Javier Vasquez in the regular rotation? Maybe the world IS coming to an end! Next thing you know, Tampa Bay will be in the World Series, and the Saints will win a Super Bowl! Oh…um…nevermind…
    You know, 3 years ago, a close friend from work insisted that I read “2012” — now it’s just one of dozens of such apocalyptic tomes out there…but it was freaky to read…the Mayans might be extinct, but they weren’t fools…do watch for sunspot activity, it’s been very very quiet (the calm before?)…y’all out west don’t need any more fires or earthquakes, fer sure…but then again, my friend who freaked on ‘2012’ in 2007 bought a house on the North Carolina coast & retired…um, nevermind…so what, me worry?


    Where were you yesterday, Dave? We were trying to come up with some good kareoke songs for the Yankees to sing. Good thing Melissa stepped up — the songs she picked were stellar. I’m not concerned about who starts which games in spring training, Jane. All in all, I’d even rather not have C.C. go against The Phillies. If the next W.S. is the Yanks against the Phillies, I’d rather they did not have much experience against our #1 starter.

  4. Elizabeth D

    I can’t wait for the Spring games to get underway, Jane. My parents put the internet on the phone just so I could watch during class LOL. It’s terrible to hear what happened in Chile, hopefully everyone will rally to help them. I need to read up on it.

  5. swanton7


    I may be one of the few, but I am glad that Gaudin will be getting the opening (spring training) day start. I mean, it’s the least they could do for him after he sat out almost the entire playoffs. Haha. C.C and Halladay will be a great match up this Thursday; one that I am much looking forward to. I am so happy that the regular season is about a month away, this off season has been way to long! As for these natural disasters, it’s ridiculous! I live about 40 miles north of the Stadium and we got like 3 feet of snow. I haven’t had power since Thursday and I have been living out of a hotel. Tree are down, phone lines are down, it really is like the end of the world or something. Hopefully with the change of baseball season and spring brings the an end to these disasters that the whole world has unfortunately received.

  6. cheshirecat9

    I always feel bad for pitchers when pictures of them in mid throw are published. They are throwing a ball 80 – 90 miles an hour while contorting their bodies in a completely unnatural motion. Of course their faces are going to have funny looks.

    My understanding of the Mayan calendar (which I admit I have not really researched so I could be completely wrong here) is it is divided up into different epochs. One epoch is coming to an end in 2012, not the world. I’m hoping the Yankees continue to be winners in the new world to come.


    Hi Jane,

    I’ve been on vacation and missed all the news including the tsunami warning in Hawaii. Unfortunately I was there walking on the beach when the alarm went off and I didn’t know what it was for, until two fireman ordered me off the beach. I had just dropped my husband off at a trailhead in the evacuated area and I had to evacuate to higher ground leaving him behind, with him not knowing what was happening and the possiblity he could be on a beach when it hit. It was a tense time to say the least but it all worked out.

    I hate seeing Damon in a Tiger uniform. I was told he was in Kauai two weeks ago filming some baseball stuff. He’s got good taste – Kauai is the best place on earth.


  8. Jane Heller

    True, Rob. I guess I’d keep Gaudin, but Girardi’s right to let them both pitch early and see which one is worth keeping.

    Dave, you should have been around yesterday. Melissa left a great comment full of song titles. Check it out!

    HAHA, Diane. I guess I spoke too soon. You were already on the Dave/Melissa/song subject! On CC vs. Doc, I don’t think exposure to the opposition is an issue. They’ll only be throwing 30 pitches. And it’s not as if the Phillies haven’t seen CC or we haven’t seen Doc. It’ll be fun!

    Uh-oh, Elizabeth. You’ll never get any school work done now. LOL. Are you going to any spring training games this year? I can’t wait to go. When I see the field with all the players on it, I bet it’ll seem as if the off-season never happened.

    You lost power and are living out of hotel, Brian? So sorry to hear that. My mother is in Westchester and she lost a tree next to the house but her power never went off. Just crazy. Terrible destruction in Chile. The only saving grace there, if there is one, is that they have an infrastructure, unlike Haiti.

    OK, you’re right, cheshirecat. It’s unfair to show pitchers in mid-throw. They always make funny faces. But Gaudin’s cracks me up. As for the Mayan calendar, I know nothing about it. But if this world ends, I agree that the Yankees should be champs when the new world begins. 🙂

    How terrifying, Laurie. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be relaxing on a beach and have sirens going off telling you to move to higher ground – and not to have access to your husband! So glad you’re safe and sound. Never been to Hawaii. When I lived back east, I went to the Caribbean all the time. I hear Hawaii is beautiful and I’d love to go. Ah, Damon. He does enjoy life.

    Makes sense to me, Paul. They’re competing with each other, Park and Aceves. Lots to prove.

  9. Jane Heller

    I did see some of their coverage, wrigleyregular. It can be so over-the-top. Unfortunately, the news these days has been so dramatic that they leave one hot spot (Haiti) and move on to the next. I wonder what happens in these places after the cameras leave.

  10. Jane Heller

    The quake in Chile (and the one in Haiti) remind me that I live in quake territory, Melissa. It’s so easy to go about your business here and forget that. Thanks for posting the link to good old Popeye. And did you read the comments about your songs? Nice job!

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