Swisher’s TV Cameo: A Review

 Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.”

If it didn’t have a laugh track, I wouldn’t know it was a comedy. (Well, OK, I would, but you know what I mean.) I tuned in strictly for the chance to hear the word “Yankees” on prime time television – and to see how Swisher would handle his acting assignment. He only had, like, three lines, and he was playing himself – not a stretch.
But he did a good job. He didn’t try to upstage anybody or “chew the scenery,” as they say. He had his usual swagger, friendly smile and goofy hair. And the plot of the episode was pretty funny with all the baseball analogies to a perfect game. I loved the whole thing about jinxing and superstition, since I’m susceptible to that stuff myself. But the guy I thought was a hoot was Jim Nantz, who played a figment of Neil Patrick Harris’ imagination. Who would have guessed Nantz had a comedian in him?
Anyhow, since I’m so Yankees starved these days, Swisher’s appearance was the highlight of my week (it’s only Monday but still). And the show had some truth to it: If a Yankee – any Yankee – walked into a New York bar, every female in the place would go berserk. 
Here, via LoHud, is a clip.


  1. wirishrose81@yahoo.com

    I’m a fan of the show but I thought this was one of the better episodes. I too, loved all the baseball analogies as they just made me really ready for the baseball season to start. Swisher did a nice job with his cameo and I totally agree about Nantz’s comedic skills. I also (as usual) loved Neil Patrick Harris as I feel he really makes the show for me.
    Glad you liked this one too Jane even if you don’t normally enjoy the show! Hope this is a sign of a great week to come!

  2. cheshirecat9

    Hey, I see my sister was up early this morning! I have never seen this show, I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms. But I am glad you posted the clip Jane, I like to stay informed of all things Yankee.

    Tonight is the season premier of Lost. I have never seen an episode, but a lot of my friends are all atwitter about it (if I may use that word in a non-Twitter related way these days). Maybe tonight would be a good night to go to the movies…

  3. ooaooa

    Didn’t know about this until Theresa (the lady with the Yankee sox on in your March 09 blog from Steinbrenner Field) called to tell me to watch. She heard about it on the radio yesterday morning. This was her first encounter with this show and the suggestive content of the storyline prompted several phone calls during the show. Theresa is an Animal Planet or Discovery Channel regular. I can’t imagine her ever watching 2 1/2 Men! The “performance enhancing drug” part went way over her head and created a big laugh on the phone.
    Theresa has a connection with Swisher. She passed out by the fence next to the side field at Steinbrenner before a game last year and Swisher came over came over to the to the fence to check out what happened. The next day, inside the Stadium, he came over to us before the game down in the front row and asked her if she was all right and he gave her a big hug. We have a picture of them together. She has loved him ever since.
    4 weeks from tomorrow for us till Tampa! I live for this!

  4. ladyjane303

    I’m not a follower of the show, either, but tuned in last night to see Swisher. It was fun to see him and makes me more excited for Spring training. Joba has been all over the media in NYC these past few days – on Mike’d Up (a local sports show hosted by Mike Francesa), ESPN radio with Michael Kaye, getting the Munson award. He’s talking like a starter but he knows he has competition for that 5th spot – feels that he and Hughes will bring out the best in each other. We can only hope……
    Glad to hear that Michael is home.

  5. enternight

    I looooove How I Met Your Mother … didn’t get to watch the episode last night, but I’m hulu-ing it tonight. I did watch the Swisher clip though… I’ve gotta say, it took me a while to warm up to Swisher, but it’s kind of impossible to deny how generally awesome he is. He’s a natural on screen. Hahaha I can’t wait for this season to start. This midwinter lack of Yankees is not good. Seriously.Later,Ana

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Greetings from the Far Side of the moon…it might as well be, relative to the rest of you gentle reader/bloggers, as I spent the last 4 days on the Carolina coast…missed the Pro Bowl, the Grammys, AND the Swish Cameo. All to say is:
    — Jane, you said it best (for me): if they didn’t have a laff track, I never would have known…
    — how apropos that somebody mentioned “Lost” in passing with this show, ’cause that’s how I felt…but Swish looked good, and I know ya gotta follow a sitcom regularly to get most/all of the true humor…soitanly! Nyuk, nyuk.
    — Yes…we must ALL be STARVING for beisbol, in ANY form — agreed, even a Meat Tray would work right now, Paul!!
    — most of all, I missed the weekend bloggings, and didn’t know that Michael is home now. THANK GOD — hope he is about 300% better. And that sentiment goes the same (and then some) for you, She-Fan!

  7. ldansky91@yahoo.com

    Last night I totally forgot about Swisher’s guest star appearance so I’ll be watching that episode on CBS.com in the near future. However, my friend had ‘Castle’ on last night and one of the characters (I’m not sure who because I’ve never seen the show before) mentioned “Yankees bullpen.” It was like music to my ears!! My roommate started laughing at me…
    Then, I saw previews for next week’s Castle episode and guess who will making a guest appearance? Joe Torre!

  8. Jane Heller

    You’ve always wanted a faux hawk, Courtney? I dare you. Go ahead and get one, take a picture and I’ll post it!

    I did enjoy the baseball analogies, wirishrose, even though the show isn’t my thing. The “perfect week,” the Nantz question about using PEDs, the jinx – it all got me into the baseball spirit, which made it fun to watch.

    I love that you and your sister can check up on each other through this blog, cheshirecat. LOL!!! I don’t watch “Lost” either. (We must be the only two people on earth who don’t.) Maybe I’ll take your advice and watch a movie. I keep meaning to rent “The Hurt Locker” now that it’s on DVD and was just nominated for a Best Picture Oscar today.

    I’ll bet Theresa wasn’t happy with the sexual references, John. I was kind of wondering about them myself and I’m no prude. I guess the censors at network television have loosened up a bit. What an amazing story about her passing out at the Stadium and Swisher coming to check on her. That makes me like him even more.

    You can probably watch it on Hulu.com, Cat. They show replays of some episodes or at least parts of them. But Swisher was only on for the very last part of the show, so you didn’t miss much.

    I’ve been reading all about Joba’s appearances, ladyjane. Didn’t he say he’s heading to Tampa early? That sounded promising. I hope he’s got his head on straight and will work hard and just THROW the ball this season!

    Too bad Swisher and Doogie didn’t have any scenes together, Jeff. Too bad Swisher didn’t have many scenes, period. I would have liked to have seen more of him and less of the actors on the show.

    Ana, I didn’t warm up to Swisher either when he first came to the Yanks. In fact, I was one of those doubters who wondered why Cashman traded for him in the first place (sort of the way I feel about the Nick Johnson and Randy Winn signings). But he won me over that night in Tampa when the Yankees were getting blown out and he had to pitch an inning. He’s not the greatest player, but he does give it up for the team.

    I’m not a Doogie fan either, Jenn. And I don’t see the appeal of him on this show either. It’s like they’re trying to be an updated version of “Friends,” and to me that show set the standard for ensemble sitcoms.

    I think if Pena and Mitre were in uniform, women would go berserk, Paul. If not, nobody would recognize them. LOL!

    Welcome back, Dave. Hope the trip to Carolina was a good one. It’s true about sitcoms. You kind of have to follow them on a regular basis to figure out who the characters are and why the jokes mean something. That said, none of the characters on this show are people I’d want to see again – except Swisher! Yes, Michael is home and totally wiped out. He’s been sleeping for two days straight. But hopefully he’ll get stronger each day. Thanks for thinking of us.

  9. Jane Heller

    I saw the promos for “Castle” last night, Leah, and wondered about it since I’ve never watched the show. How funny that they had a Yankees reference too. I guess all the comedy writers are Yankee fans. LOL. I’ll be sure to watch the episode with Torre guest starring. Could you give us a reminder as we get closer to the air date?

  10. peggy3

    Hi Jane and Fellow Baseball bloggers…

    First …great news about Michael being home from the hospital. My best to him….

    I saw the show last night…I’m not a regular viewer but have gotten a kick out of it when I did watch. Swish is a natural …he’s such a sweetheart with an infectious smile which seems to be on his face 24/7 …(well…except after strikeout). Nantz was excellent in his role too. I wish we had more Yankee appearances on TV shows. I bet the ratings were higher last night just by having Swish on the show with all those extra Yankee fans watching.

    My daughter is getting married in a few years and they are planning things at the moment. We are going to look at place for the reception that is located not too far from Mo’s restaurant. Since she informed me that they intend to enter the reception hall as husband & wife to “Enter Sandman” I told them I’d treat them to dinner at Mo’s after we check out the reception location as they have never been to his restaurant (I’ve been 3 times …I enjoy it immensely). She’s also having a groom’s cake made up in the design of the Yankees Logo. The bridal party will be wearing Navy and she will be in white to honor the Yankee colors too. She stopped at his suggestion to wear a Yankee striped tuxedo ..lol. This is going to be one fun wedding …I wonder if we can get Bob Sheppard to announce them at the wedding ..haha.

    Gotta run …luncheon appointment …have a great day all !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Your daughter is getting married “in a few years” and they’re planning the wedding now, Peggy? Wow. That’s what I call thinking ahead. I absolutely love that they want to enter the reception hall to “Enter Sandman.” How fabulous is that! And, of course, the colors are just right. So she won’t let him wear a Yankee tux? Why not? Think of the photos!!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Swisher’s “acting” was good, Emma. It was too short though. I wish he’d be on for the whole show, but then I wish every show could be about the Yankees. LOL.

  13. dschaub@gpo.gov

    First, a note to Peggy —
    That scene you describe, about your daughter’s future nuptials…amazing! Ever see the old movie “Diner”? It was set in Baltimore in the 1950s…the main characters were so Colts-krazy that they marched down the aisle to the Colts fight song, all the bridesmaids wore Colts blue…OH — and a part of the plot was that the bride had to pass a Colts Trivia Test before the groom agreed to tie the knot! Now THAT’S a bit much…but hey, if you can find that flick, it might give ya some more ideas!?!
    One tidbit from the Carolina beach area where we’ll have our retirement getaway…maybe 5 miles away, there’s a li’l bitty touristy town called Surf City (I’m SERIOUS — it’s been there since the FORTIES). Our friends drove us there, on the way to Topsail Beach, and drove by a seasonal pizza parlor called Long Island Pizza. They mentioned, oh yeah, they have the best pizza anywhere around, and the owners are BIG Yankee fans — the whole restaurant is covered in Yankee souvenirs!! I was JACKED — too bad it’s closed for the winter, but come springtime, I am SO there…will take pictures too…so y’all come on down…”We’re goin’ to Surf City, gonna have some fun…”

  14. Jane Heller

    Dave, your getaway sounds like a fantastic destination. I’ve never explored the Carolina coast, but Michael has – sailing, of course – and he says it’s beautiful. And of course I love that there’s a Long Island Pizza and its owners are Yankee fans. Maybe when they open for the season we can get them to display the book. I’ll send them a copy!

  15. dschaub@gpo.gov

    You’re thinking like I’m thinking, Jane…now THAT’s scary…I was planning on walking in there all bedecked in Yankee stuff, carrying a copy of The Book, order up a pizza or two etc., and take it from there. This’ll be GREAT…and I guarantee some good pix outa this from my Better Half, the Shutterbug…!!
    We’ll be goin’ back in a few months to check out progress on the house-building…plus a planned stay in early June… now that Sailor-Man is recovering, what we wouldn’t do to get you-all to come on down to that neck o’ the woods someday…via the Intracoastal Waterway (right next to us)?…unlikely, I’m sure, but life is long, and yanevaknow…

  16. Jane Heller

    How exciting that you’re building a house, Dave. Such a wonderful project. When will it be finished and are you planning to spend summers there until you live there full time? That Intracoastal Waterway sounds awfully tempting.

  17. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Swisher was adorable.

    Jane and cheshirecat, get the first season of Lost and start from there. I thought the whole idea of it was dumb when my kids started watching it. I kept saying it was Gilligan’s Island crossed with the Twilight Zone. Then we started watching it on DVD and watched about three seasons in two weeks, we were so hooked. It’s very clever and different! Yeah, sometimes it’s lame, but overall very good.

    Dave, where is your house being built? We’ve been to Kiawah Island 13 or 14 times. What a great place!


  18. Jane Heller

    If you say “Lost” is worth a look, Melissa, I’ll have to check it out. I think my problem with continuing series is that I always miss one or two episodes and then have to catch up, so I avoid them altogether. I used to be addicted to “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” but now I don’t know what’s going on!

  19. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    We usually DVR “How I Met Your Mother” — Mondays are usually busy nights. So we didn’t get to see this new episode until just now. Hysterical! We’re big HIMYM fans anyway but adding Swish to the mix was heavenly.

    Grey’s Anatomy and Lost have both gone by the wayside for us. In all honesty I’m enjoying the 30 minute sitcoms better than the hour long shows. 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Community are really funny.

    Hope your husband is feeling better his first full day home – are you still serving him Jello everyday, Jane?

    Good luck with the building, Dave…and good luck with the wedding planning, Peggy.

  20. Jane Heller

    I’ll have to give some of the half hour sitcoms a try, Diane. I was such a big fan of “Friends,” “Will and Grace” and “Frazer” in NBC’s heyday of comedy shows, but never got into the newer ones. Michael is getting a little stronger each day but is still very knocked out. No Jell-O though. In fact, tonight he’s having his first burger in awhile and he’s salivating.

  21. raysrenegade

    I remember once in college my attempt at the “perfect week”.
    Missed it by that much…. or maybe it was the Taco Thursday celebration and the bean tacos and after effects of…..well, bodily gases that made me rethink my conquest and end it at 4.
    But seriosuly, I thought Barney played it right and that friends like that should be drinking goldslager for life after that hitting display to keep Swisher from letting Barney ” swing and miss out” on his blond trophy.
    I do not know why I was watching it, but Anthony Bourdain was a re-run episode.
    Still Nick reminded me of his fellow MLB’er who have graced soap opera sets and movie scenes and was a classic jock-in-the-booth.
    Actually loved seeing him not from a rightfield angle for a change.
    The whole thing made me want to date again. Well, maybe in 16 days after pitchers’ and catchers’ report…Always good to have back-up.

    Rays Renegade


  22. Jane Heller

    Ooooh, Renegade. Thanks for sharing about your almost perfect week and your bodily gases. LOL! Yes, it was fun seeing Swisher outside of his right field position. So the show made you want to date again? Do tell!

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