The Perfect Yankees Wedding

Commenting on my last post, good friend of the blog, Peggy, wrote that her daughter is getting married and there are plans in the works to put some Yankee-ness into the proceedings. She mentioned that the bride and groom are thinking of entering the reception hall after the ceremony to “Enter Sandman.” Excellent choice, in my opinion.
She also said the bride doesn’t want the groom to wear a Yankees tuxedo. But what about tuxedo studs?
Or, at the very least, he could wear Yankees cufflinks depicting vintage maps of the area around Yankee Stadium. They’d make great gifts for his groomsmen too.
yankees cufflinks.jpg
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Peggy’s daughter and son-in-law-to-be need an appropriate invitation. May I suggest stationery featuring the interlocking N-Y?
It goes without saying that the food should be served in Yankees containers, even if the menu items are more elaborate than French fries.
Speaking of food, there must be a Yankee Stadium wedding cake. I mean, come on.
As for the bride herself, she should definitely wear Yankees garter belts.
And if money is no object, I’d go straight to Vera Wang and have a dress designed with the Yankees logo covering the dress and the veil. But since most people are on a budget these days, what about a simple look like this?
Just a few ideas for you, Peggy. Use them as you see fit. 


  1. levelboss

    Jane, you should really, REALLY show your blog entries to a New York area newspaper, website, or something associated with the Yankees.. you write super-consistently; you’re very funny; you have different angles every time; and for every day in the off-season you’ve managed to keep a solid interest in the Yankees.. i could really see your writing in a national periodical.. seriously


    how lovely a yankee wedding. my ceremony had all sort of talk about a “mixed marriage” with a cake that had a yankee car and a red sox car on top. after years of fighting about it, we’re mostly ok. barbara

  3. pinstripepride3

    My brother is getting married this year and, as best man, I plan on working the Yankees into my toast. I will specifically be mentioning Don Mattingly. I may have to talk to him about the Yankee Stadium cake, though. Great idea!


    Don’t forget the flowers – white roses and orchids with navy blue carnations and forget-me-nots! I agree that the rings should be recreated WS rings and the toasting glasses should have the interlocking NY etched on them! How about Sinatra’s New York, New York played as the couple leaves the ceremony? Thank you for having us think about this during the baseball doldrums. I’m having fun!!


    …and to bring the feeling of the stadium to the wedding, let’s serve wine in shot glass-sized glasses and charge the guests $20 to park. Sorry, really just trying to be funny; not pick on our team. My daughter’s only 18 so I’m sure wedding plans are a loooooong time away but I have to believe that her wedding will have nothing but Yankee theme to it, unless God Forbid she marries a Red Sux fan. LOL.

  6. peggy3

    Hey Jane …

    WOW !!!!! You can be the wedding planner with all the great ideas and I think you should only charge $27.00 for your services in honor of the winning the 27th World Series :o) (Sure would beat thousands that regular wedding planners charge).

    I love some of the above ideas too …like the cuff links for the guys to wear with their Tux. Believe it or not …I LOVE the idea of the fries in a Yankee cup along with hot dogs for the cocktail hour and I think my daughter will too…something cute and different to add to the festivities. Also ..the Yankee garter …terrific idea. Kathleen also had some nice ideas re: flowers and toasting glasses with the NY on it. New York, New York was already in the plans so great minds think alike .. :o). Truly…I LOVE the suggestions and I am going to pass them on to my daughter …THANKS !!!! It should be a fun wedding. Naturally anything our Yanks are involved in is special…

    Keep the suggestions coming …have a great day all …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    My entrance song as hubby and wife was Enter Sandman and my ice sculptures were the NY. I even tried to get my wedding to take place at Yankee Stadium – but they told me it would cost $10,000 just to have myself, future hubby, bridesmaids and groomsmen stand at home plate for the ceremony so that idea was scratched. My husband had no say in the matter with any of my Yankee-antics. It was 7/18/04… I had the DJ keep announcing the score over his microphone and sad to say the Yanks lost 4-2 to Detroit…Boo but Yay to my wedding day!



    A woman on the Oprah show who works for Seven Eleven was given two season tickets by the head of her company. It was a great show about a new show starting after the Super Bowl called something like CEOs Undercover. She is from some town in NY that I have never heard of and sells over 2000 cups of coffee a day and it is because people lover her. And, she talks about the Yankees all the time. She only has one kidney and is on dialysis. The head of the company went undercover to find out why this store sold so much coffee and she was difference.

    Yankee fans are such great people!


    Jane give my best to Michael.

  9. peggy3

    I forgot to mention that they are getting married in November of 2012….AFTER the Yankees win the World Series that year !!! That would make it a double celebration …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  10. crzblue2

    Wow Jane! Super ideas! Do they rent Yankee Stadium in the offseason for events just like Dodger Stadium? I was at the Cathedral one night and there was a wedding there that afterwards went to Dodger Stadium for the wedding party.
    Like Mike, I’d like to hear your suggestions for the honeymoon!


    What a fabulous, fun posting today!! Methinx we’re just getting started, too…WHERE did you find those cufflinks?!? Not to mention all the rest…I could throw my two cents in, and suggest to the wedding deejay that they be sure to include “Centerfield” by Fogerty, “Talkin’ Baseball” by Terry Cashman (you know: Willie, MICKEY and The Duke — now how New York can you get?)…this love train keeps a-rollin’!
    And yes, I bet there’s more than one or two of us who had an experience like mine: just days before my wedding, a few old Greeks came up to me (my wife is Greek), and asked me privately, quietly, but VERY seriously: what is your favorite football team? No dummy me — I told them that I moved down from New York, but had become a Redskin fan. The relief was PALPABLE (FYI, my wife’s had ‘Skins season tix in her family since the cradle)…Barbara, I don’t know how you manage(d) to do it…my Bomber hat’s off to ya!!

  12. ooaooa

    I went to a Yankee wedding at Foxwoods Casino (actually at their golf course) a few years back. When you entered, you checked the “ROSTER” for your table assignment. Every table was named for a different Yankee player. We were at the A-Rod table. Before we left I made waiver deals to get several table name cards. I got Jeter, Posada, and Rivera as well as A-Rod. They were really printed nicely on cards with the NY and pinstripes. I still have them somewhere. Yankee items were on each table. On the buffet, a huge watermellon had the Yankee symbol carved in its side and an ice sculpture of the interlocking NY was by the shrimp. The bride and groom danced to New York, New York. Bride and Grooms families both are big Yankee fans. Coincidentally, the groom (my wife cousin) is the media cordinator for the Conn. Sports Foundation Dinner coming up honoring Don Zimmer that I’m going to Feb. 12th.

  13. Jane Heller

    I’m just glad you’re consistently entertained, levelboss. It would be fun to write for a NY area newspaper, but since they’re all cutting back it’s a tough gig these days. If you pass the word along about the blog and it reaches more people, that’ll be satisfying enough. The more commenters we get, the more festive the party.

    Great idea, Mike. I can just picture that part of the ceremony. “With this ring, I thee wed…” only the ring is a giant, diamond studded replica of a WS bauble.

    Your wedding cake had a Yankees car and a Red Sox car on it, Barbara? That must have been quite an attention grabber. Very good to know you and your hubby have made peace with your divided loyalties – mostly. 🙂

    How cool that you’ll get to make the best man toast, pinstripe! Yes, do a whole song-and-dance about Mattingly and make it LONG; you’ll be speaking to a captive audience. LOL. And by all means, tell them they must have a Yankee Stadium cake or at least one with the logo on top.

    HAHA, John. I’m sorry. I do keep posting pics of cakes. I’ll try not to tempt you any more!

    You’re so right about the flowers, Kathleen. They’re a very important part of the wedding and should represent Yankees colors. The toasting glasses are a good idea too – especially if the logo is etched on champagne flutes! I’m liking this a lot!

    Yeah, Diane. They should charge people to park and have security drag them away in handcuffs if they run onto the dance floor. LOL! Since your daughter is only 18, you have a few years to plan the perfect Yankees wedding. Get busy!

    I looked for a Yankees tux, but couldn’t find a pic of one, cheshirecat. Maybe there’s an untapped market and we should start manufacturing them. Anyone in the garment business?

    Just trying to help, Peggy. Feel free to use any of our ideas. Of course, if you’d like to send us all invitations, that would be fine too!

    Hmm. The honeymoon. That’s easy, Mike. I would send the happy couple around the country following the Yankees to every game in every city for an entire season. OK, maybe that’s not feasible. Maybe they could just go to Yankees fantasy camp in Tampa for a week.

    Abbey, the ice sculpture idea is genius. Too bad you couldn’t have the ceremony at home plate at the Stadium, but $10,000 is a little steep. Sounds like you had a great wedding anyway – even if the Yankees did lose the game that day. I love that you had the DJ announce the score. HAHAHA!

    Interesting story about the Seven Eleven lady, Laurie. She sounds like a wonderful ambassador for the team and is very deserving of the season tickets. I wish I had an Undercover Boss who would bestow season tickets on me!

    Emma, according to Abbey (see above) you can rent Yankee Stadium for parties, including weddings, but it’s not cheap. It would be cool to get married at the Stadium, no doubt, but a lot more economical to create the atmosphere in another venue.

    I found the cufflinks on google images, Dave. Aren’t they unusual? Who would think of putting vintage maps of the Bronx in a piece of jewelry? And leave it to you to suggest musical selections for the DJ. I’m sure Peggy’s listening.

    John, I’m sitting here reading your comment about the Foxwoods wedding and literally wishing I could get married all over again and do it exactly that way. What a hoot! I love that you were at the “A-Rod Table.” LOL. The watermelon, the ice sculptures, the whole deal sounds like a lot of fun. Good for your cousin and all the family members who put it together.

    Paul, I thought you were anti-stats! Come on. Where’s your sense of romance? Forget the numbers and go with the flow. Who cares if the marriage doesn’t last, as long as the wedding is Yankees themed? 🙂


    Now, here’s an idea for that special honeymoon spot…let’s fast-forward to 11/12, hoping that we’re all healthy(er) and wealthy(er) — well, except for Peggy3, temporarily…by then, our retirement place near Wilmington, NC (but not near Kiawah Island, SC, unfortunately, Melissa) will be built…it’s kinda remote (not the worst thing for honeymooners), but 10 minutes from Topsail Beach…26 miles of mostly unspoiled, romantic walks…it ain’t what you’d call cold in November…in the 60s, sometimes 70s…lotsa golf if you want, too…and sailing on the Intercoastal Waterway (with Captain Michael, perhaps?)…and you’ll be next to Surf City, NC — home of Long Island Pizza, owned by YANKEE fans!! By then, as Jane Heller fans too, they’ll stick around for the offseason, at least once. Ah, well…as they used to say, “…take another puff…”

  15. Jane Heller

    Very generous of you to offer your still-to-be-built house for a Yankees honeymoon, Dave. Be careful or we’ll all show up.

    Maybe the letters stand for someone’s initials, Sue? No clue. It does seem like they’re trying to have their cake and eat it too (sorry for the pun).


    Hey, Sue —
    Another two cents from me. I noticed the OU cupcakes too — no idea why — but they are definitely for Oklahoma. That’s the Sooners’ colors (red & white), the Sooners’ logo, and NOT to be cornfused with Ohio State or anyone else’s. Whazzup with OU & the Yankees? Don’t know. But…hey…at least Bobby Murcer and MICKEY MANTLE came outa Oklahoma, so maybe there’s compelling tales to tell…
    While I have the (blogging) floor…Jane, here’s another bedside anecdote to quote for Michael…back to the Babe…it’s now 1924…the defending Champs (our boys) had a game in Philly…Babe wanted to party a bit too hearty in Delaware at the DuPonts on an off day, so…
    “A Philly fight promoter came to the rescue. He convinced Ruth that there was a much better party with many more women…on Broad Street back in town…They arrived at the establishment at 1:00AM. At 5AM, the other Yankees decided it was time to head back to the hotel for at least a little sleep before meeting the A’s that afternoon. They found the Sultan of Swat in a big chair, a girl sitting on each knee. The girls were pouring champagne on his head and giving him a shampoo. Everybody was singing.
    “Anybody who doesn’t like this life is crazy,” Ruth said.
    That afternoon Fred Merkel of the A’s asked him before the game how he felt. Ruth said he felt fine. Merkle said, “You don’t look fine.” Ruth hit two HRs in a Yankees win. He felt fine.”

  17. Jane Heller

    Thanks for clearing up the OU mystery, Dave. I guess Sue was right and there were divided loyalties after all. Love the anecdote about the Babe. I wonder if all these stories about him are true. Even if they’re not, they’re very entertaining.

  18. kaiserthegreat

    Even if you don’t go crazy with a theme, it’s nice to pepper in some hobby love in a wedding, just to make it unique, or at least to give some props to the groom, who often is not necessarily represented otherwise.

    As a huge nerd, I grew up collecting comics and loving anyone who fights crime in spandex, so the wife had a great idea of naming all our tables after superheroes of my choice. So I got to design placecards and a table map that represented a bit of me. And it was a huge hit, too.

    So even if they didn’t want to do a Yankee cake or decorations, (though we did have a Superman/Wonder Woman cake topper too!) they could designate each table as a favorite player or something. That’s subtle enough while still giving a nod.

  19. Jane Heller

    You’ve got a very cool wife, kaiser. I love the idea of naming the tables after your favorite comic superheroes. I bet people thought it was a great idea. And you’re right about the way the bride often runs the show. It’s nice for the groom to have a lot of input too. (Peggy, if you’re reading this, take note. Your daughter should name the tables after her fiance’s favorite Yankees!) As for Ace of Cakes, I watch it on the Food Network. Those folks are incredibly creative.

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